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    I was just hacked... AGAIN! For the THIRD time!

    Yesterday, I had just sold a +9 axe for quite a bit of gems and somehow, this person knew, and this morning, hacked into my account to steal the gems.

    And get this... they somehow also knew that I had "hidden" (as well as you can hide money in this game, that is) at my archer's guild, so when I managed to log back in (because as usual, they had changed the password so I had to reset the password) I found my archer at the guild master. I also logged into my other characters and found 4 of my 6 characters all standing at the guild master. This is significant because in the previous two hacks, they did not check my characters' guilds. And I had only recently started storing my money there, after the second hack.

    Yes, I think I'm being targeted. And no, I don't care if you don't believe me.

    No, I don't play on private servers because Fiesta is the only online game I play. What are private servers anyway? And no I don't click on e-mails or links or pictures or whatever from people I don't know. I don't even open them... I delete them right away. Not a noob, guys.

    darksafka… thanks for the tip. I didn't know I had to change my account password as well. Why are there two passwords I have to change now? I thought the only password I had to be concerned about was the game password. Anyway, thanks for the helpful tip. I appreciate it.

    Edited to add: Oh by the way, the hacker also stole my +10 blue bow. Just found out after going through my inventory.

    My account was just hacked... AGAIN!!! Exactly a month after I was first hacked!!! And my new Permanent Tradable Mounts in my premium inventory are gone, as are my hard earned gems... AGAIN! I was first hacked on August 17th... and now it's September 17th... exactly one month!

    And don't tell me it's my fault, that I shared my login info, because I've never shared my login info ANYWHERE on the internet OR off the net, with ANYONE, or that I had a keylogger, that I bought gems from someone shady etc etc etc. I had JUST scanned my computer yesterday, AND changed my password to one of those gibberishy passwords with mixed letters and numbers and uppercase and lowercase and all that, AND I've been changing my password EVERY WEEK... in fact this latest password was a brand new one I had just made up... LAST NIGHT!!!

    I am beginning to sense an inside job on this. Tell me I'm wrong, Gamigo. Just tell me. After all, you've made it perfectly clear the first time that I won't get back my Permanent Tradable Mounts, or my gems, so there is all the incentive in the world for someone on the inside to either be doing this, or getting their outside hacker friend to do it. Because Gamigo's policy is they won't compensate those who've been hacked, and there is no investigation in these cases that I can see, they keep hacking my and other accounts, and keep getting away with it,

    How does someone figure out a gibberish password I had just made up just last night?

    I have the regular permanent mounts. I also like the permanent tradable mounts, which I would like to see come with some optional security features like the ones I suggested. After the loss of all my permanent tradable mounts, I don't think my suggestions are out of hand or unreasonable.

    As I mentioned in my post, I suggested that "each permanent tradable mount comes with the ability for us to set a password for it, so that it changes from tradable to a regular mount, and if we want to sell it, we use the password the change it back to a tradable mount". "Comes with the ability" means you have the option to password protect it or not. If you don't want to, then don't.

    I also edited my post to mention I wouldn't mind binding my Permanent Tradable Mounts either. That would be another option. Again, if you don't want to do that, then don't. Although I do think it should be an account bind and not a character bind, so the mounts can still be exchanged between the characters we have.

    And I don't do any of those things you mentioned in your last paragraph, aside from changing my passwords. I also scan my computer once a week.


    Yeah I got another response back from support, again saying that they're not responsible since their site did not disclose any data. It doesn't matter if they did not disclose any data... my account still got hacked. I've given them some leads on who to look at, they said they will forward the info to "the necessary department". I don't even know if they will continue investigating or not.

    This thing about not owning up to the fact that the hack happened (not just to me, but to other people too), I suspect is to minimize their financial losses. It's a corporation after all. Which is why I suspect they try to shift the blame to the players (oh you must have done this, or that, which was why you got hacked and YET, they tell me they can't find any evidence of a hack on their end), and refuse to reimburse our losses.

    So HoneyTeddy and Zao, understand it's not you we're frustrated at. We know you guys are trying to help. It's the roadblocks we keep bumping in to while we're trying to get some help, whether by reimbursement, or investigation into the actual guilty parties, or both. Right now, I feel like no one at support even cares about our losses, or are interested in keeping us on as customers, which is what us players actually are. It's like... whether you continue to play and support us by buying SC or not is up to you, we don't really care, because we've already given you an answer... you're not getting anything back, and we're not likely to investigate who's actually doing it either.

    So the hacks will keep happening, and nothing will continue to be done.

    I earned those gems honestly. I've never bought gold and never gifted anyone. It was all through years of vending. And they wouldn't even reimburse that, even though it costs them nothing to do so. What does that tell you?

    Yea like expected the response of gamigo was- it's your own fault, you must have either shared your account (which I didn't do) or you used a weak password (I work myself as IT specialist- I know very well how to create a password). So you don't get anything back and you don't get help.

    To be honest I didn't expect anything else, was always like that actually.

    So yea pretty much wasting of time to write those tickets.

    Hi HoneyTeddy,

    Thanks so much for trying to help. How would I forward my ticket ID to [CM]Zao? Do I PM him?

    Sorry that has happened, but to solve it you still need to use the support system. Have you replied the support email to contest your ticket decision? Would you be able to forward your ticket ID to [CM]Zao on the forums?

    It might be possible to implement a password/pin system for the mounts. Perhaps other players might like the idea as well.

    My account got hacked a few days ago too. All my gems and Permanent Tradable Mounts were stolen. I sent a ticket to Gamigo/Trion and got the reply back that I might have shared my account info somehow, opened an e-mail attachment from someone I didn't know, or had some sort of keylogger or spyware, or got free credit (money) from someone, or bought gold. I've never done any of these things. In fact, these are all filed under "DUH" for me. As for keyloggers or spyware or whatnot, I scan my computer every week..., because scanning every day would be insane. I've never been irresponsible when it comes to my Fiesta account info, so when I say no one knows my Fiesta login, I mean NO ONE.

    Anyway support said they couldn't find any evidence of a hack on their end. That doesn't mean the hack didn't happen. IT DID. Because I've been staring at "0" where my gems should be, and my Permanent Tradable Mounts are gone, from my premium inventories and my characters' inventories. It's not my fault either because I don't do any of the things listed above.

    I could use a super strong password with complicated gibberish that only my dog can understand, but if they have password cracking generators, then what else can we do? Gamigo needs to secure all Permanent Tradable Mounts with some security, like passwords or binds. And maybe an NPC to act as a "bank" where players can store their gems. I did start a thread under the Suggestions section with these suggestions. The binding thing I didn't include in that suggestion thread, because I got it from reading another thread a few minutes ago.

    To be frank, I wouldn't mind binding my Permanent Tradable Mounts. It should be an account bind, rather than a character bind though, so I can still share them among my other characters.

    My account got hacked before the weekend. The person who did it stole all of my gems, and permanent tradable mounts from both my premium and character inventories... 18 mounts in all.

    I have a suggestion on how to secure each permanent tradable mount, How about each permanent tradable mount comes with the ability for us to set a password for it, so that it changes from tradable to a regular mount, and if we want to sell it, we use the password the change it back to a tradable mount. Each password for each mount can be unique, or the same for every one, although that is much more risky.

    The same goes for securing our gems. Each account has a "bank" that all that account's characters can access with a password.

    It took me years to build up my gems... years, and someone comes along and hacks my account and takes all of it because it's not secured. The permanent tradable mounts represent real money for me too, because I +5 about half of them. Those permanent mounts I didn't manage to get via the purchase of $49.99 of SC because I missed the announcements, I bought from other players using my hard-earned gems.

    Something has to be done to beef up the security in this game. It's a common sense thing to do, especially with vulnerable items like gems, permanent tradable mounts, enhanced weapons, armor, jewelry etc

    I'm doing the Gamigo Party quests:

    1. Dancing Yeti - need 10 Teacups - Reward: Permanent Gamigo Party Yeti

    2. A practical dance floor for your home - need 10 Pictures of Corgys - Reward: Permanent Gamigo Dance Party Floor

    The thing is, I've searched everywhere I can think of, but I can't find the monsters I need to kill to get the Teacups and Pictures of Corgy. Can someone here point me in the right direction? Thank you in advance!

    Philzey, the path for me, on my computer, was:


    and I only saw two files in there:



    And during one of my e-mail exchanges with Fiesta Support, they did ask for the DxDiag thingy from this very same directory, but at the time, for that particular install (forgot which number install it was, since I had uninstalled and reinstalled Fiesta so many times already), that FiestaOnline directory under Roaming wasn't even there... it simply didn't exist.

    In Wellbia support's automated responses whenever I sent them an e-mail, they said to delete the xmag.xem file from Fiesta's XIGNCODE directory, reboot my computer and launch Fiesta, but I couldn't find that file during one of my uninstall/reinstalls either. (Now I can find xmag.xem. I've tried deleting it, rebooting my computer and launching Fiesta but that file simply comes right back.)

    So I'm missing files here and there for some reason.

    Philzey, thanks for your response.

    Could you point me to which directory/filename that error report would be?

    but even then, i have them tagged for a routine thorough scan. any questionable ports get closed and or re routed with quasi encryption automatically.

    I wouldn't even know how to do that. I know my way around computers, the basic stuff, like scanning for viruses, installing and uninstalling programs, adding programs to my antivirus Exceptions List, but for what you just said, I'd need someone to show me how LOL

    Hi HoneyTeddy,

    Thanks for responding and for your suggestions.

    1. I've done like...14? uninstalls and reinstalls by now, the last few to different folder names, like C;\Fiesta Gamigo or C:\Gamigo or the current one, C:\Gamigo Fiesta NA

    2. I'm using IOBit's Malware scanner, SuperAnti-Spyware and Avast Free Antivirus. Where possible, I've added Fiesta to their Exception Lists. When I've uninstalled Fiesta, I've deleted any remaining Fiesta folders that the uninstall programs did not get (I'm using IOBit Uninstaller), if there were any.

    3. I've used all three programs mentioned in #2, one after the other, to deep scan my computer, before rebooting my computer, then reinstalling Fiesta, then adding Fiesta to the Exception Lists. I still get error messages.

    4. I'm not using SandBoxie and Fiesta is the only MMORPG I play because I've tried other MMORPGs and Fiesta is always the one I return to because I love the game.

    5. I've tried running Fiesta without other programs running. Even with Fiesta being the only thing running on my computer, I still get error messages, whether it's from XignCode or from Fiesta itself.

    The latest error message? I manage to get all the way to the character selection part, click to select my character, and it looks like it's loading and then I get this error message right now:


    Sorry, an unexpected error has occured.

    Do you want to send the current error report to the Fiesta developer team?

    The following message will be transmitted.

    "Comparing the client logs and circumstances of the error moment

    User operating system, hardware and network environment information"

    Other personal information will not be delivered or used for any purpose other than error recovery.

    Thank you for your cooperation to make Fiesta better. We will do our best to fix this error.

    Thanks again!

    "Report an error" "Do not send"

    Then when I click to report the error, it pauses for some time, then this error message pops up:

    Error: can't send error report to the server.

    A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host...

    (couldn't read the rest because of the weird resolution Fiesta sometimes uses when you try to launch the game).

    And I'm disappointed that this week it's only going to be a restart instead of a maintenance, I haven't been able to play Fiesta ever since the 6/5/2019 maintenance so does this mean I have to go another week without playing Fiesta? I'm not the only one encountering problems either... other players are. I was hoping the programmers, on seeing how problematic last week's update was, would resolve the issues this week. But nope... just a server restart. :(

    p/s: For the error messages related to XignCode, I've e-mailed Wellbia support twice, and attached the files they've asked for in their automated responses, but so far, zero response. At least you guys are responding. Very disappointing there as well.

    OK I uninstalled the game, then ran all my antivirus, malware and spyware programs. Rebooted my PC, then reinstalled (for like the 11th time) Fiesta.

    When it finally finished downloading the game and the launcher was up to date, I crossed my fingers and launched the game. I saw the XignCode3 Kebing loading, then, of course, the error message:

    XignCode Error : Enter : e0191009

    That error means:

    0xE0191009 error occurrences

    This error code occurs when XIGNCODE has an issue during the update process. If the problem consists, please contact with your xigncode.log file attachment. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

    So I clicked "OK" after I got that error message, exited the launcher, restarted it again, and ran as administrator. Then this error message popped up:

    The client has been illegally manipulated. Please reinstall the client.

    I'm like... Whaaat? Running as an administrator means I've illegally manipulated the client??? Huh? :huh:

    So I used the Fiesta Repair Tool, went back 10 updates, and let it run until my client was up to date. I clicked to launch the game, and guess what? It made it all the way past the XignCode3 Kebing, to the "Now Loading" screen, on to the "Server Selection" screen and finally... FINALLY to the "Select Character" screen! So I clicked on my character and guess what? Got the message yet again:

    The client has been illegally manipulated. Please reinstall the client.

    I kept trying to log in, but that message kept popping up. In no way did I manipulate the client... all I did was an uninstall and reinstall, that's it, so I don't know why I keep getting that message. So I used the Fiesta Repair Tool again and went back 15 updates, waited until it was done updating and STILL... got that message.

    If someone knows why I'm getting that message, please let me know. This is the closest I've been to getting back in the game... I'm at the character selection page for goodness sake! So why the error message?

    Wow... this time I went 20 updates back and tried your method again.

    When it finally finished all the downloads of the updates, and said my client was up to date, I clicked to launch the game.

    It loaded fine, I finally saw the XignCode3 Kebing with the magnifying glass being loaded. It even made it all the way to the "Now Loading" screen, Then TWO error messages popped up:

    Application Initialize Error!

    MobCoordinate.shn InitError!!

    I hit "OK" and the second one pops up:

    Application Initialize Error!

    Game Data Initialize Fail!

    Welp… at least the XignCode error messages are gone. If anyone has any idea what these error messages mean, could you please let me know?