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    We should totally have this in the sc shop. Ofc an item to remove that perm exp hold should be available in the store also.

    I'm getting tired of killing myself for 30min-1hour everyday to lose exp. I mean i work everyday so i don't have much time to play and wasting this time to lose exp is time that i can't enjoy playing.

    So i did my homework...

    To me it doesn't make sense but lets see what you guys think.

    Things to know before i show you some numbers:

    -Both Cleric and knight can use DQ (130) shield

    -135 shield are separate for both class

    To make it easier to follow lets just talk about the basic numbers with their +.

    DQ Shield +10:

    Def=2813 (+3979)=6792


    *Remember both class can share this shield

    COC Cleric Shield +10:

    Def=2404 (+3917)=6321


    Basicly going from DQ shield to COC shield, cleric lose 471Def and gain 199M.Def

    Lets see how knight does now...

    COC Knight Shield +10:

    Def=3219 (+4812)=8031


    So +1239Def and +100M.Def

    The fact that cleric are losing almost 500 def going from DQ to COC is not ok. Also did you notice how the enchantement and the base def on the COC Cleric shield is lower then the one on the DQ. Tho when you compare weapons DQ have the lowest enchantement number. Now ik some ppl are gonna complain about the fact that cleric have buff and all but i mean base stat is base stat shouldn't even consider abilities when it come to stats.

    I personally think that:

    -Base Def on COC Cleric shield should be increase to +/- 27xxDef

    -Base Def on DQ shield should be decrease to +/-26xxDef

    -Enchantement on DQ shield should be decrease to 38xx... I went with decrease this one instead of upgrading COC since SK enchantement for cleric shield is +4020

    Here some other stats if you want to compare:

    SK Cleric shield +10:

    Def=2819 (+4020)=6839


    SK Knight Shield +10:

    Def=3464 (+4939)=8403


    That it for shield! Now lets see some dmg or should i say m.dmg ^^ and Aim


    (lets take the highest M.Dmg)

    DQ Staff +12:

    M.Dmg=6254-9550 (+18970)=28520


    Temple Staff +12:

    M.Dmg=6335-9746 (+21682)=31428


    COC Staff +12:

    M.Dmg=7285-11208 (+22113)=33321


    SK Staff +12:

    M.Dmg=7602-11696 (+22764)=34460


    As you can see the enchantement is always higher with COC compared to DQ. Thats why i got a lil confused with DQ shield compared to COC shield in the section above.

    The difference between sk and coc m.dmg should be higher i believe something around 35xxx total m.dmg for SK. But what is interesting here is the aim... I mean look at the DQ staff aim compared to the 135's. Basicly you'll get 4801 more M.Dmg with COC staff compared to DQ staff but you'll lose 205Aim. SK compared to DQ you have 114 aim difference and +/-6k M.Dmg. What im trying to say here is i think the Aim on DQ is way too high if you compare it to the best weapon in the game (SK).

    Mighty Chop [06] is it a mistake or its really lvl 139? If so why is it even in shop atm?

    I think its a mistake and it should be lvl 134!


    No need to uninstall or turning off antivirus. Just don't update it yet.

    and your welcome :)

    In a few days/week Xcode will probably update to fix this problem and when this is done then we should be able to update Avast.

    After i updated Avast yesterday and restart my PC i had this problem also.

    I fix the problem by restoring windows to an earlier date.

    And i did not update Avast.

    Hope that help you guys :)

    p.s it was exactly the same error code. the only one that finish with B

    You guys fix this last maintenance...

    • A bug where the quest item “Sound receiver” from the gamigo party quest was still dropping ingame has been fixed.

    Well its the same problem with the things that were dropping from ore in the mines (for the same event). Maybe you guys can fix this one too :)

    Also i was wondering why there no Bug/glitch section on the forum?

    I think it would make it easier to put all those things that ppl reported on forum at the same place.

    Selling Stuff

    ➨55 Fighter set with hat b/o= c/o=

    56 Fighter Hat

    21dex, 21end

    +10, 10 HOB

    Diminish Top

    23dex, 27end, 24spr

    +10, 10 HOB

    Diminish Pants

    27dex, 23end, 26spr

    +10, 10 HOB

    Diminish Boots

    20dex, 23end

    +10, 10 HOB


    ~SQ Shield SOLD

    5str, 42dex, 65end, 48int, 59spr

    +10 , 0 HOB

    ~105 HK Set SOLD

    ML Hat

    46str, 53dex, 43end, 40spr

    +10, 10 HOB

    Lab Top

    26str, 56dex, 47end

    +10, 10 HOB

    Ml Pants

    47str, 53dex, 44end, 6spr

    +10, 10 HOB

    ML Boots

    54str, 40end, 51int, 41spr

    +10, 10 HOB

    ML Mace

    67dex, 76end, 5int

    +11, 10 HOB, No License, 1 Used socket=p.dmg

    Lab Shield

    78str, 77dex, 60end, 49int, 100spr

    +10, 10 HOB

    Yeah yeah give them time to fix it....

    Like when we give them time to fix the tcp they removed? and we got stuck with the new enchant charm that you can only purchase 1 time every 7 days..

    Its been about 45 days now that i can't even recharge Sc via my credit card cauz idk wtf they change in their system. (my credit card work fine everywhere else)

    i contacted support like 10 times already and all they saying is pls wait 14 days befofre trying to charge sc and after that 14 days, please wait 30 days to charge sc... Like wtf mine as well i just don't spend anymore on that game.

    Yesterday i saw 8 vendor in uruga.

    Today 14 vendor.

    Last week we had at least 50 Vendor in uruga ... all week long

    Everyone use sandboxie why do you think there so many vendor in uru usully.

    Personally i think Fiesta NA will die eventually.


    Dev don't listen to their costumer (us) We ask for things, we say the way it should be. They go totally the opposite dirrection just take the TCP as example. Everyone complain about the new charms. Did you see them doing anything about it? Beside taking our money and keeping us unhappy?

    I know that they probably gonna delete my post cauz that what they always do when i try to open their eyes.

    I mean Gamigo look at your bank account and im pretty sure your not making as much profit as you use to cauz of those stoopid decision. Keep your costumer happy and you should make money! Thats how i run my business and its working great :D

    Now i have a 2 question.

    Since the begining of 2018 name what do you guys find improve your fiesta experience.

    and well the 2nd question..

    Since the begining of 2018 name any change that you guys don't approve.

    Lets see now if gamigo doing a great job at keeping their costumer happy!

    To be honest (if you didn't notice already) i'm really disapointed in the way the game turning atm. Been thinking about quiting the game for several month now.

    Fiesta is the 1st game i really like playing on pc. Been playing it for about 8-10 years now and its hard to get away from it cauz .... well i simply like the game...well use to like it i guess.

    Edited: oh and yeah today after work i was looking at sorah kq 125-135 on Isya... Usully they fill up really quick. It only required 10 ppl to start. Sorah B didn't even fill up till Sorah A was over lol.