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    never mind the cost of enhanced items on this stupid idea either... you are seriously suggesting people should have to shell out gems for a +0 terrible statted green with that same logic?

    This isn't really about the roars... It's more about the fact that the block list can't seem to handle the fact each person can have 18 characters. This isn't such an issue on the other servers(mostly because they are dead) but the simple fact of the matter is than on Isya that list might fill faster than you can empty it to make room for more people to block.

    Though an easy solution could be this:

    greatly expand the limit on the block list(idk, maybe 1500?), and make it so that blocking one character in turn blocks all of their chars on all of your chars. This can be either server wide(i.e. the block only affects Isya and not Pagel) or game wide.

    And in case anyone is confused:

    The current way- If I wanted to block Mada on Mellara; Mada would only be blocked by Mellara and I would have to also block her on Mellori and Melli

    The suggested way- If i want to block Mada on Mellara; the block would include Mada, Luxu, Invi, and Xemnas from Mada's account, and the block would also affect Mellori and Melli on top of Mellara

    I guess this could stop people from creating new characters/going on alts to harass players:/

    I'm not sure if there's an easy fix for this situation though.

    I remember from the old US forum these types of spam would occur from one user that you could easily block and the mods could then ban. But the last couple of days of this spam I've noticed it coming from multiple forum accounts, which is why its also exploded in number the last couple of days as well, the first couple days I saw this it was only 1-2 bots, its now like 10-20 going off at once.

    And the old forum rule of English Only cant apply here as it is an international/multi-server forum with multiple languages spoken.