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    Welcome to Fiesta! As mentioned before, don't plvl - it will ruin the game for you, try to learn what class works best for you and enjoy! If you ever need help, TheRebellion is a family guild that loves to help out when we can! You can always message me on here or in game or another admin if you would like ^^ Happy Questing!!~

    This also happened to me when I went to go create a guild. I thought it was just the name wasn't allowed (wasn't anything bad). I had to get a friend to create the guild for me with a different name.

    TheRebellion is a small guild that treats everyone like family <3 We try our very best to help out and we are soon to make some fun changes within the guild! A lot of guild members are also looking for people to start fresh and level together! You can always PM me here or talk to an admin from the guild as well if you would like to know more :) Happy playing though!

    Listen, it's a sensitive topic and you have your right to believe in any faith, but a lot of people would get upset from people using their religious beliefs, words that mean a lot to them as a swear word. The word being censored is the best option to make it comfortable for a lot of people. If it really bothers you than just work around the system by like saying J e sus C hrist. It works that way and people still understand the message.

    Also the clam one isn't censored for me? :| Am I the Chosen one?

    Paid to be in school - I might learn how to help my kids with their homework! honeyroflhoneyrofl

    Would you rather read a book or see the film?

    I am a visual person so for me - see the film

    Would you rather be compelled to high five everyone you meet or be compelled to give wedgies to anyone in a green shirt?

    I'd rather be a kid. Never really had a childhood so would be nice to experience it XD adult life just means bills.

    Would you rather have a dog or a cat follow you around all day?

    Ohh I love both. But probably a cat, that way I can pick it up if needed.

    Cat - not a dog person at all lol.

    Would you rather be able to see stars or fireworks every time you look at the night sky?


    Stars.............. would be nice to see them without my glasses on -O-O-

    Would you rather sleep only on your right or left side for rest of your life?

    Left side. Just more comfortable I find

    Would you rather get paid to be in school for the rest of your life or actually work at a job to be paid?

    well technically i'm living a horror movie, so a romcom might be a nice change of pace, as long as i'm not the rom.

    would you rather ride a jetpack or a flying car (not the meme)?

    Flying car. I would feel a bit more safe in a car ^^

    Would you rather be a kid for the rest of your life or an adult for the rest of your life? (No death for both)

    By myself - I don't deal well with other people's noise when I'm having a bad mental health day. Unfortunately I have kids, so it'll be quite some time before this becomes reality! honeyrofl

    Would you rather play cards or play a board game?

    Hmm that's hard. I think a card game

    Would you rather be in a horror movie or a romcom for the rest of your life?

    coke all the way!

    would you rather be a bear or a falcon?


    A falcon for sure - I'd love to be able to fly!

    Would you rather drive the same car every day for the rest of your life (i.e. never having a new car), or be driven around by a chauffeur in a fancy car?

    Driven by someone else

    Drive the same car for the remaining days of life. Not a fancy person to begin with and I don't trust many drivers.

    Would you rather see a Pegasus or a Unicorn if they were real?


    Live the life I want and be free

    Would you rather live by yourself or live with people (roommates, family, etc)?

    Free wi fi.

    Would you rather have allergies to plants/flora (so like seasonal allergies) or be allergic to your favorite food (or something that is a main ingredient to your favorite food)?

    Allergies to plans/flora

    Would you rather have Pepsi or Coke?

    Again neither. I am fine with my skin and I really don't like tattoos ( though i dont care if others have them, its your body do what you want! :thumbup:) but i supposed id go with the skin color changing thing.

    would you rather have a date night at the movies or at a restaurant?

    Movies. That way I can see if they're a talker or not through movies (I hate movie talkers ;()

    Would you rather never run out of battery power for whatever phone and tablet you own or always have free wifi where you go?

    ummm neither i quite enjoy being me, so id do the 1 day a week.

    Would you rather walk your dog in the evening or the morning? (or cat or horse, or dragon, or tiger, or whatever animal you prefer)

    ohhhh a tiger! :D At night though. I like the peace and quiet at night cause everyone is at home.

    well then cover it all and walk a chimera, i'd say night because that's when i'm most active, and tinkles could get some real exercise

    would you rather listen to good karaoke or a really bad live band?

    Good Karaoke

    Would you rather have skin that changes colour based on your emotions or tattoos appear all over your body depicting what you did yesterday?

    My archer is perm 70 and I go to AR and just go to BB's to die. Spawn is basically right next to there, otherwise - what Oppa said :)