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    I have explained how to help this issue. If you wish to quit, you are free to do so. If you need help getting off forums, I'm happy to oblige, let me know.

    Ticket support has a lot of tickets to go through. Each case is verified for ownership then investigated. Unfortunately proof is not always clear cut. If there is evidence of account sharing, this is obviously against TOS and the case will be put aside. If there is no 'suspicious' activity involving hacking, it is likely to be seen as the account was shared. Of course this doesn't mean your detailed were compromised elsewhere, for example, keylogging, or spoofing, but if such is the case, your other information is likely to be compromised as well, so you should think about your own digital safety.

    Again, if you feel that your ticket was dealt with unfairly, please contact [CM]Veralya. She has a lot of PMs, but she will get back to you, even if it takes some time.

    you annoy me so much

    Let's face it - unless actual money (NOT in-game items or in-game cash like gems) or PI is getting stolen from the alleged account hacks, filing any kind of police report isn't going to do anything. Even cyber police will ignore something as petty as an MMO in-game theft of 'property' even if the in-game items were once paid for with real money.

    Sadly I think that unless you've actually got some proof for Gamigo's investigations or if you've actually had real money/PI stolen, no one will be interested or able to help really. And if you aren't a victim yet, look at all of the great advice above and get yourself some extremely secure passwords and be aware of your digital surroundings. And of course never res-use the same password twice ANYWHERE.

    I mean I quit this poo poo game along time ago just said staff doesn't care this kinda thing has lost gamigo playing players

    Unfortunately, the GM team can't help you. You still need to go through ticket support. If you have issues with their support, please contact CM Veralya by a forum private message about your ticket number so we can investigate these inappropriate responses.

    As I have said, there are some legit cases, but there are also some not so legit cases. If your Fiesta account is compromised, your other sensitive information may be too. In this case, you should contact your country's cyber police to investigate as this is a cyber crime.

    why wont you just tell them that Gamigo wont even try unless you contact the police

    To be fair Gamigo's active staff are at an all time low, Mostly it's just HoneyTeddy, Seryn and Veralya (who seems temporary until they find a new CM)

    I don't think they'll be able to post anything about these issues aside from the 5% chance they'll say they forwarded it all to the team.

    I'm hoping for a road map of their priorities but I doubt they'll post that even if they had one.

    to befair gamigo doesn't care anyways

    I've actually been around since 2008 :sleeping: In any case, it's obvious Fiesta isn't about to have any major overhauls so holding on to hope that it will is a bit naive. But people keep coming back anyway so it's easy to talk big and say you'd quit, but in the end you're still here and you clearly still enjoy the game to some degree to even bother checking in.

    Which is good because we actually need the players~

    YA your wrong lolol

    We all know the story about ppls accounts being so called back bla bla bla.

    Norm this is just account sharing 99% of the time.

    but Lately past 8-12 months accounts have been being hacked who never account share and its always the same vender selling the items.

    Currently in Uruga over the past week a vender has been up with gear from what I see as 3+ accounts and gamigo does nothing.

    At this point I think gamigo is just ignoring the issue.

    looking at the poll right now less pay to win is supported by the most people.
    It would be more beneficial if we can all agree on that than to push our own agenda. Also more likely for gamigo to listen if we can all agree on one thing for once.

    So could you agree with voting for less pay to win for now?

    In the future other topics could still be chosen.

    It would send quite the strong message if we could all support eachother for once.

    LOLOL no poll is gonna make gamigo do anything they dont care about you

    This game is barely holding on so the less pay to win isnt happening

    Enhancement rates go into this so not happening

    class balance idk maybe not sure Gamigo can figure it out

    135 cap is not happening

    fixing KQ's and such seems to be something they have been doing just to give you some insight higher lvl players who spend money get first at this I am pretty sure HM kq has had some work done cuz its been months since I Dced from it.

    Server merge is most likely of all of these its gonna gamigos last push to take ya money <3

    I voted for the first poll option, "I trust Gamigo to pick GM", although I find this definition incorrect as Gamigo does not pick any GM/MOD, but selects the most suitable among those who volunteer for these roles.

    I believe that this community (seen globally), has in no way the maturity to take part in a delicate decision such as judge the work of a GM/MOD - it would not only be impossible as part of the their work is not publicly known for reasons dictated by their NDA, but it would be also extremely rude to judge the work of those who offer their time for free just to help and support this game and its community.

    I am gonna tell you right now rude or not the current GM's are not quality players they know next to nothing about the games current state Kuro could barely lvl his knight on pegal and Honey isnt much better the they police the forums and discord is petty the GM's are nothing but lap dogs for gamigo with no voice of their own.

    If you saw some of the reasons we got you would know why some people were not picked XD

    I don't believe I have a massive bias, I do ban certain few people off forums more than others, but that's simply because they break the rules more than the others. I try to ignore such things the first few times no matter the person, unfortunately such actions did not stop leading to a ban. I'm sure many others, and you too, would agree with my decisions if you were in my position, under the same circumstances :)


    Don't worry, we are not blind. We know who the people nominated are. And their general contribution and attitudes.

    Having someone who's expecting to be nominated ruins the purpose of the player spotlight. It is easy to boast about yourself, but not so easy to appropriately and in detail explain other's abilities.

    You have massive Bias honestly