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    Sorry to hear that you have lost faith. I would like to ask you the same question: how have we ruined.... what has happened that made you lose interest and/or hope? Is it "just" the glad thing, or is it more?

    Nothing has happened, that's the thing. We gave you so many ideas and so much time to rebalance the game and it is still the same thing.

    The imbalance of this game is crazy. It makes everyone that's not playing the gladiator want to quit. All the high level raids revolve around glads. Everyone else is cast aside.

    So apparently my reply got decided because I decided to call out gamigo for not responding.

    Right now I've pretty much given up on the game and the team. Haven't charged SC in months and lost basically all motivation to play. I have a capped char but who cares? It's not a glad, I'm not wanted, no fun in that.

    I will still be watching and replying to this thread though, I hope this thread will serve as a deterrent for anyone who wants to play the game and cap any other class.

    I agree with Josh. If glads has the highest damage, it'll make spectres obsolete. Spectres gave up the PvP aspect to become great damage dealers but right now they're not even a good damage dealer.

    If glads have number 1 damage + tanking ability + PvP skills, why even play any trickster?

    Balance is not everyone doing the same damage

    ^ Why not biff a knights damage to match a glad then? That's not balance. Spectres give up crowd control to have more damage, but if a Reaper matches or beats a spectre in damage then whats the point of playing a spectre? That't not balance.

    Specs only do noticeably (not an exaggerated "noticeably mind you") more dmg when they can freely use BotS, but that rarely happens in real-time.

    This. Most of the time I just see reapers outdamaging Spectres.

    Charms are like one of their biggest money makers though. And I do agree that charms seriously throws the game balance out of whack. So does SC items, making reapers OD spectres for example, that should never happen.

    I think that we would need to do both increasing the damage of weaker classes and lowering the damage of Gladiators.

    Yo gamigo, please reply. I bet y'all are like waiting for this thread to die but didn't expect this to be alive for over 2 months lol.

    Specs have more base and skill damage than reapers, yes.

    But when a reaper crits, it will deal more damage than a Spectre because their passive gives them 250% - 300% (I don't know the exact numbers, someone tell me please) damage instead of the typical 200%.

    This passive gives reapers the extra damage needed to compete with the Spectre.

    Anyways, josh is right. Spectres should way outdamage reapers because they have given up the pvp skills to do more damage in pve. But if they're the same in pve, why play spectre?

    It is unfortunately too late for any improvement, just make your own glad. gamigo would never take the risk to frustrate their dear cash cows that still play the game by nerfing the class that is generating the highest part of their income.

    However, this game would need a nerf on EVERYTHING to see any upgrade. Nerf Eya's monsters, nerf raids, nerf CS (like charms lol, when did one thought that being able to boost their stats to +100% or even more would be a good idea), nerf +12, nerf +10 gears, just nerf everything. Having to buy an extender even to play in fbz is bland, completely BLAND. This is no f2p anymore. I'm not even going to mention raids and their need of +10 gears AND cash shop.

    I'm sure the gap between gladiators and other classes wouldn't have been that frightful if CS, +12 weapons and +10 gears did not exacerbate it.

    Which is why our community needs to stand up to this. 135 Cap is literally the most OP a glad has felt compared to the others. All the other classes are cast aside to make way for more and more gladiators. Its incredibly demoralising to play every other class. This legit makes people want to quit the game and in fact, I've seen a few quit because they cannot find a farming party just because they're not a glad. I mean seriously, why would anyone want a Ranger or SS in their farming party?

    I believe the community is sick and tired of this and that's why this thread is the most viewed and active thread for at least a month now. Gamigo still has no balls to at least acknowledge the OPness of glads or even say that they'll look into it.

    I am saying, as long as gladiators can tank the boss with clerics, everything will be the same. Think a 30% defense cut to Gladiators will bring other classes to the scene? No friggin way. Glads can easily tank anything even with 70% charms. A defense cut will not be enough to bring other classes to the table. They need a cut to literally everything.

    Damage - They need to have worse single target damage compared to a Spectre while being better than a Reaper. It should also be better than a Templar at single target but worse than templar at AoEs.

    Defense - They will need a cut to their defense to bring it more in line with tricksters and crusaders.

    Aim / Evasion - Gladiators need a massive cut to their DEX. The main weakness of using an axe is bad aim but Glads can hit world bosses 100% of the time, doesn't sound like bad aim to me.

    Skills - As mentioned by Yeng, they legit have a buff or debuff for everything. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT. All this talk from gamigo about giving other classes utility but then they give glads ALL THE UTILITY.

    Sets - It is OP AF. Especially mighty set + highest tier vit. That's like 70% extra damage.

    Passive - We can all agree their passive is OP AF too. I propose we put a stop to the effect whenever their hp goes to a certain amount. For example, the effect would stop working at 60% hp.

    Reducing a gladiators defence will do absolutely nothing for the other classes. As long as a glad can tank, there is no need for a knight.

    I agree with the nerfing if their buffs and debuffs.

    I would definitely suggest nerfing their passive or Vitality as a first step. These things gives glads way too much damage.

    Reapers have less damage on their weapons but when fully crit or dmg sced, their passive gives them more damage than a spectre. Just go and compare a spectre's 7 soul claw lunge VS a reaper's 7 soul claw lunge.

    The recent buff to claw lunge gave reapers a skill that has more base damage than a spectres flame slash.

    Spectres are in a really bad place right now along with guardians, knights and wizs imo. All these "PvE" classes ironically suck at PvE. I guess we could take this to the other thread. Just wanted to give my 2 cents on spectres.

    Yes it is sad that glads dominate the other classes, but lets not push for dmg buffs yet until the problem(Glads) gets a balance check.

    Gamigo doesn't have the guts to do it. Just look at this thread, over 9 pages of people complaining that glads are too OP and ruining the fun for other classes and we have 1 rubbish response from Zao

    We suggested so many ways to tame glads, are they even gonna consider one?

    This is the only MMO I've played where the mage class is so underpowered in terms of single target damage that mages in fiesta are almost a joke in raids. Just go over to MLHC, HGHC, SQ, SK, ToG, etc and you can see that mages are not wanted at all. I leveled a wizard up to 105 and stopped playing it because the game just encourages everyone to play a gladiator. Mages are considered leeches in most raids.

    Inreases damage by 10% for each soul consumed to enemy Monster.

    So a 7 soul would be 420% damage instead of the current 350%? That would be nice but an increase to their soul collecting damage would be nicer imo.

    And then you would still have something else as an option for their passive that could be more helpful in their utility, rather than just dmg buffs to everything cuz we falling behind on glad

    Spectre's are not just losing to glads, they might even be losing to reapers because reapers have additional damage when they crit. That extra damage makes up for the damage disparity between dual swords and claws.

    I wouldn't worry too much about blade of the sky being too powerful because that's kind of the point of that skill, to deal a lot of damage but also at a great cost. Also, spectres have the worst CC in the game imo, so if you get iced by a spectre, you should deserve the death.

    The evasion passive sounds great for reapers! Reapers are meant to PvP and the increased evasion really goes well with their playstyle. We should then move the current reaper's passive to spectres so that spectres could do better damage in PvE too!

    That might work too. It'll definitely give this underdog class a use in raids or something. Anything that'll make gladiators less OP in PvE.

    We should also take a look at wizards passive. Currently mages are considered leechers in bosses and that shouldn't be the case. We could possibly give mages more damage by boosting the effectiveness of the current Wiz passive.

    Zao Please give this poor class a new passive.

    I was just talking to Josh on my "Glads ruins game" thread and realised how bad the current spectre passive is.

    Here's an idea that no one has mentioned but I think is amazing.

    Give Spectres the Reaper passive. Give Reapers a more PvP oriented passive.

    Think about it, a Spectre is the damage prestige. They're supposed to deal a lot of damage while they trade off mobility and dexterity. Meanwhile, a reaper is the PvP prestige, they have a lot more mobility and crowd control compared to a Spectre, but what they trade for that is damage.

    So, a passive that gives more damage when crit should fit better with the description of a Spectre.

    Also, when a Reaper crits, I think they do more damage than a Spectre because their passive makes up for the lost damage going from duals to claws.

    Which is why I'm suggesting what I'm suggesting. Move Reaper's passive to Spectre and give Reaper another passive that's more FBZ oriented.

    I agree. Specs especially would love a dex debuff considering their average aim through duals.

    The more important thing for Spectres now is really their passive. I think most of us can agree that the Spectre passive is utterly useless. Giving Spectres a dex debuff would make the passive even harder to trigger. (Although I seriously don't see how it can be worse) So before giving this to Spectres, I would highly suggest gamigo rework Spectre passive. Something to do more damage or gather souls quicker will be nice. Would help with the whole Glad superiority thing.

    This thread has always been about PvE. Gladiators are way too overpowered in PvE especially at 135 cap and you cannot deny that.

    I share your sentiment on how this game should be balanced PvE first. But some balance should also be considered when it comes to PvP. Which is why I am not advocating for nerfs to a Gladiator's defense like a few have suggested in this thread. It would make PvP even worse and it would not improve the PvE imbalance that I am talking about.

    That would be fine if glads were terrible at PvE but yet again they are the very best at it. How they never got nerfed in past balance patches is beyond me.

    My sentiments exactly! It gets worse every cap raise too. Vitality gets upgraded with higher percentages and the gap between a gladiator's damage and all other pdmg classes just gets wider and wider. Its absolutely ridiculous.

    Mighty set really is really powerful. So is capped vit to be honest. With every cap raise, Vitality gets stronger and stronger. 50% increase in damage is just way too much. Especially if you can perm vit with mighty set.

    Nerf the sets! You could argue that it'll destroy PvP because glads won't be able to kill. So nerf their defence as well! They shouldn't even have the same base defence as a knight.

    To be honest, any nerf is a step in the right direction at this point. Look at how far this thread has come. So many people acknowledging that gladiators are too overpowered and making other classes irrelevant. But the GMs and CMs still doesn't have the guts to even come out and say anything about it.

    Do a ToG run without gladiators and come talk.

    Exactly. Their damage paired with the crazy amount of debuffs they have makes them essential for doing these runs. And that is what spoils the fun, ruining the game for everyone. There's literally no place for an archer, mage, knight or guardian in ToG. Imagine if you were one of these classes, how would you feel if no one wants you for their farming party?

    Make the defense cut debuff a knight thing only. Or even spectre seeing that they have that one skill that requires a defense cut. Gladiators already have the highest damage, why the heck should they get this debuff?

    Give tricksters or archers the DEX debuff. Tricksters have such trashy debuffs, even a HK has better debuff than tricksters. Then, give bosses much higher evasion so that gladiators need to rely on other classes' buffs and debuffs to be effective.

    Lower the mdef or bosses. Give them a chance to be good in raids for heaven's sake. Mages are considered leechers in raids such as SK, ML, HG, ToG, etc. That feeling really sucks when you're trying just as hard as the next guy but then you're considered a leecher just because your class doesn't do good single target damage.