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    I say leave the shiny mobs as is until we know what they drop. I think after you kill one a chest spawns for an sc item like 7day ext, 1 hob, 1 50% charm, 100% rant or something that's worthy or equivalent to how op the shiny mob is. Maybe like shiny kkp in kkp kq, you can spawn chests for a better chance for blue weps etc etc. Just a thought :)

    60mage setup +10
    56hat: 21end/dex
    Spark top: 30dex,29end
    Spark pants: 29dex,26end Sun boots: 22dex,27end
    Goc wand +12: 28dex,27end,22spr

    S>blue xbow:13str,28dex,29end in (xx), 2 open sockets +0
    Blue staff:25dex,30end in (xx), 1 open socket +0
    Blue wand:29dex,31end,34spr in (xx), 2 open sockets +0 offer on all
    Gaea pants: 28dex,30end,19spr +0 offer
    Goc staff: 28dex,27end,16int in (xx), 1 open socket +0 offer

    Find me ingame on Heavens_Sky or Hmong_Boy

    or find me on discord hmongboy#5384

    B>shaman pants 33+ end/dex paying a ton
    70F green shield 33+ end/dex paying 5G
    sun boots 26+ dex/int paying 15G at +0
    66T hat 33dex,31+ end paying 35G or 31+ dex/end 25G
    Safe boots 41+ end/dex paying 35G
    Lv80/85 ds godly stats +0/12 or cheap fail +10-12 ds 70 blue cleric hammer 29+ str/spr, 42 dex, 35+ end paying 40G +0, including base stats
    70 blue cleric mace 4x str/dex, 32+ end, 29+ spr paying 25G +0, including base stats Godly 75C gears close to cap dex with 4 points or less end 70 blue Archer bow +0/12, preferably str,dex,end,spr Lv80 iry set with 15+ dex, 1x end on ear/neck and 2x dex, 4x end on rings paying 13G each
    1day tradable rants in bulks for a cheaper price ;)

    Find me ingame on Heavens_Sky or Hmong_Boy

    or contact me on discord hmongboy#5384

    Buddy, buddy, buddy. You said 2009/10. You're still in the past. Come to the present 2019 and trying farming, slap on a 100% rant please. TK and GH drops I've sold plenty years ago, last week, etc. People still do buy TK weps and GH weps including cg rings. Make a 50F perm and farm ggk with a 100% rant. I guarantee you that you will get at the very least 1 blue if you can kill all ggks in 10mins and since the maximum of blues dropping per ggk is probably 4-5 if you're lucky. It's 2019 bud and you still farming in 2009? Things have changed, try to maximize of what you can do in 10mins. In my experiences of farming, it all depends on what lvl you are when killing these dungeon bosses. Once you get the clue, boy you'll have a blast farming. Trust me, I still loving farming!

    I've been farming for a while now...probably since sever merge and a little before that. I don't have an issue with drop rate at all. Here are 2 questions though...what lvl are you when farming dungeon bosses and which rant are you using?

    You have to remember that majority of the community are players that have been playing fiesta for years now. Another thing to remember is that lvling 1-60 is super without having blues.

    •Add more bosses to TK, GH, and GM?

    I dont see an issue with this. TK drops only 55 gears. GGK and GOC also drops 55 gears so you can pick which place you wanna farm. Same goes with GH and GM. GH only drops 75 gears but GOC and GM also drops 75 gears. GM drop 75 and 95 gears. GC and Magritte also drops 95 gears.

    Izyel tower can be farmed quite easily on a 60 mage or archer.

    CC can be farmed easily with either 70 or 90 perms

    DT...yea not many people farm that

    95 blue jewels

    Drop rate seems fine to me on a 110 mage

    So my question at the end of the day is...what are you doing wrong?

    This goes along with Yeng's comment. I would also like to see respawn times be cut in half...for an event. Nothing more. You just don't want to see a surplus of gears in vendors for weeks and no one buying. So a weekend event would be a great idea!

    This is a very minor issue but I think it can be fixed quite fast. While farming I picking sockets and since they can now be stacked to 20 I keep a lot of them to use during kqs or to sell them to other players aka t3 sockets. This has happened in the past and a couple weeks ago to me. I would go to a Weapon Title npc to put the sockets on my wep. From the stack of 20 that I've gotten I would enhant the t3 dmg and t3 speed sockets to my axe. Later on, I would dc and log back in. My 19 sockets are gone! Just a heads up. So now I have to take 1 socket from the stack of 20 and place the 1 in a different spot in my inventory and then enchant my axe. Just wondering if this can be fixed. very minor issue



    Epinoia I thought about what I said about specs OD glads and you right. And looking at Charizard77 comment about

    Using agro as a test doesn't work well since agro is highly dependent on dmg over a brief period of time and crits, both of which Trix are good at.

    Which I should have double checked before commenting saying specs OD glads so I take it back. I saw a guy on discording saying something like glads' passive is less hp = more dmg and trix more of a burst class which I do agree. So from this point, specs take aggro but not OD glads. hope that makes sense. :)

    I still do believe Trix OD any class. PVE wise my 60T can OD any class in md hc. My spec can OD at DQ and COC. I did ML normal last week and a spec OD 4 glads. Others kqs, Trix would be more of a support class just to help stun/ice the mobs like HRW kq.

    Animations. I don't see a problem with animations. First off y'all complained about harsh blow and soul trap doing m.dmg now y'all saying animations too long. I think they're fine as is. I collect souls just fine w.o harsh blow

    As for buffs, they all need a cd reduction. 7mins for nimble defense is EW.


    soul trap shouldnt require slow to use, it already requires souls and has a 20 second cooldown souls should be enough

    If there is no slow, make it a stun then? Pointless to have enfeeblement with slow debuff.

    Just as the title says xD it is a lot of junk!

    Lv20 Woes top: 5str, 4dex, 6spr +0 1g

    Lv20 Woes top: 2dex,6end +0 2g

    Lv20 Woes pants: 4str, 8dex, 5end +0 10g

    Lv20 ice top: 8end, 9int +0 5g

    Lv25 KM ring: 7dex, 13end, 5int, 6spr +0 3g

    Lv25 KM ring: 6dex, 4end, 9int, 6spr +0 1g

    Lv25 KM ring: 1str, 5dex, 14int, 9spr +0 2g

    Lv25 KM ring 6str, 14end, 1int, 13spr +0 5g

    Lv25 KM ring 19str, 15dex, 5end, 5int +3 10g

    Lv28 ZK staff: 17int, +18aim, +19eva +0 offer

    Lv35 Fire Shirt: 19dex, 8end +0 6g

    Lv35 mighty top: 8str, 20spr +0 25g

    Lv35 mighty boots: 3end, 4spr +3 25g

    Lv35 slash top: 14dex, 13end, 15spr +3 offer

    Lv40 Fighter Shield 11str, 10dex, 14end +10 5G

    Lv40 GGK F 1h: 19str,18dex,13end +0 3g

    Lv40 F shield +22aim, +2.0% block-crit rate +0 5g

    Lv40 GGK hammer: +3 m.def, +14aim, +19eva +0 2g

    Lv40 ROC ring: 12str, 12dex, 7dex, 16int, 3spr +0 15g

    Lv50 TK claws 45str, 24end +0 10g

    Lv50 CG mace 19str, 21end, 6spr +0 2g

    Lv50 CG xbow: 14end, +14 dmg, +19aim, +23eva +0 20g

    Lv55 Compelling Top: 17end +0 2g

    Lv55 Compelling Top: 30str +0 5g

    Lv55 CG ring: 6dex, 28end, 13int, 23spr +0 30g

    Lv55 CG ring: 11str,28dex, 28end, 4int +9 3G

    Lv60 GOC 2h: 2str, 25dex, 48end +0 15g

    Lv60 GOC 2h: 24str, 46end, 26spr +0 15g

    Lv60 GOC DS: 43dex, 29end +0 15g

    Lv60 GOC DS: 38dex, 4end, 22spr +0 5g

    Lv60 green claws: 22str, 27end, 22spr +0 3g

    Lv65 Beast Top: 32str, 27dex +0 15g

    Lv65 Beast top: 16end +0 3g

    Lv65 Beast pants: 18str, 21dex +0 10g

    Lv65 Beast boots: 31dex, 7spr +0 8g

    Lv65 Firmanent top: 27dex, 27end +0 2G

    Lv65 Firmanent pants: 9dex, 14end +0 3g

    Lv65 Firmanent pants: 33spr +0 2g

    Lv65 Firmanent boots: 26dex, 25end +0 2G

    Lv65 Firmanent boots: 18str, 30end +0 25g

    Lv65 Firmanent boots: 23dex +0 3g

    Lv65 Leafy top: 11str, 25dex, 18spr +0 5g

    Lv65 Leafy Pants: 25dex,32end,5int +0 2G

    Lv65 Leafy pants: 30str, 26end +0 15g

    Lv65 Shaman top: 25end, 14spr +0 6g

    Lv65 Shaman pants: 5dex, 18end +0 3g

    Lv65 Gaea Top: 21str, 18end, 22end +0 20g

    Lv65 Gaea pants: 17str, 18end +0 3g

    Lv65 Gaea pants: 25dex, 12spr +0 5g

    Lv65 Gaea pants: 15str, 27dex +0 4g

    Lv65 Gaea pants: 19dex, 8spr +0 2g

    Lv65 Gaea pants: 31dex, 13end, 6spr +0 12g

    Lv65 Shaman boots: 29spr +0 2g

    Lv65 Shaman boots: 24dex, 18int +0 10g

    Lv65 Oukalidin top: 27end, 24spr +0 12g

    Lv65 GOC ring: 16str, 30dex, 18end +0 7g

    Lv65 GOC ring: 7str, 36dex, 40end, 6int, 14spr +9 10G

    Lv66 C hat: 21spr +0 2g

    Lv66 T hat: 30dex, 10end +0 1G

    Lv66 Fighter hat 23dex, 22end +0 2G

    Lv67 green neck: 5dex, 5end, 4int +0 5g

    Lv68 green A pants: 30str, 33dex +3 2g

    Lv70 green C mace: 29dex, 35end +0 5g

    Lv70 green F 1h: 33dex, 27end +0 5g

    Lv70 green A bow: 13dex, 20end, 22spr +0 2g

    Lv70 GH DS: 26dex,26end, 17spr +0 2g

    Lv70 GH DS: 42dex, 20end +0 10g

    Lv70 GH DS: 47dex, 34end +0 25g

    Lv70 GH DS: 55dex, 35end +0 OFFER

    Lv70 GH staff: 28end, 55int +0 20g

    Lv70 green xbow: 16str,31dex,14end +0 3g

    Lv70 GH bow: 43str, 27dex, 20spr +0 7g

    Lv70 green staff: 21dex, 25end, 5spr +0 3g

    Lv70 GH F 1h: 25str, 21dex, 14end +0 2g

    Lv75 Life pants: 21dex, 31end +0 2G

    Lv75 Chaos pants: 26dex,34end +0 2G

    Lv75 Defect top 32dex,20end +0 3G

    Lv75 Defect boots: 37dex +10 15G

    Lv75 Korin Pants: 2dex, 3end, 35spr +0 5g

    Lv75 Korin pants: 32str +0 3g

    Lv75 Medusa boots: 9dex, 33spr +0 4g

    Lv75 Medusa pants: 16end, 32spr +0 4g

    Lv75 Intellect top: 27end, 3spr +0 10g

    Lv75 Intellect top: 23dex, 11end, 7spr +0 10g

    Lv75 Jade Owl Top: 24int +0 2g

    Lv75 Jade Owl Top: 21dex, 29spr +0 3g

    Lv75 Jade Owl pants: 33dex, 37end +0 offer

    Lv75 Violet Hawk Pants: 28dex, 32end +0 offer

    Lv75 Violet Hawk Pants: 27dex, 36end, 2int +0 offer

    Lv75 Arctic top: 27dex, 33end, 11spr +0 offer

    Lv75 Arctic top: 22dex, 24end +0 30g

    Lv75 Arctic top: 37dex, 16end +4 Offer

    Lv75 Arctic top: 38dex, 36end +10 Offer (as set)

    Lv75 Arctic pants: 36dex, 39end +0 Offer (as set)

    Lv75 Arctic boots: 34dex, 32end +0 Offer (as set)

    Lv80 green ears: 12dex, 3end, 5spr +2 5g

    Lv80 Iry ear: 9dex, 4end, 3spr +3 25g

    Lv80 Iry 9str, 4dex, 5end +0 20g

    Lv80 GM wand: 36end, 2int, 48spr +10 10G

    Lv85 Shot pants: 41dex, 4end, 6spr +3 6g

    Lv85 Ivy Pants: 44dex, 30int +5 10g

    Lv85 BK hammer: 54dex, 21end +0 10g

    Lv85 Blow top: 30dex, 41end +0 offer

    Lv85 BK M wand: 11dex, 30end,30int, 32spr +0 offer

    Lv85 BK M wand: 45dex, 9int, 37spr +0 10g

    Lv85 BK M wand: 38end, 62spr +0 offer

    Lv85 BK M wand: 18dex, 20end, 32spr +0 offer

    Lv90 BK 1h: 41str, 47end +0 5g

    Lv95 Wind Pants: 39dex, 4end, 15spr +0 3g

    Lv95 Wild Rose Pants: 35dex, 28end +3 30g

    Lv95 Wild Rose boots: 34dex, 27end +0 30g

    Lv95 Shackle boots: 44int +0 10g

    Lv95 Salem Boots: 29end +0 5g

    Lv95 Cross top: 42str, 20dex, 50end +9 offer (as set)

    Lv95 Cross pants: 48str, 32dex, 41end +9 offer (as set)

    Lv95 Cross boots: 44dex, 46end +0 offer (as set)

    Lv96 C hat: 44dex, 45end +0 offer (as set)

    Lv96 F hat: 25end +0 2g

    The Beast of Thunder II C card: 2g

    The Guardian of the Sky B card: 5g

    DDT #2 soldier of Storm B card: 20g [2]

    DDT #2 soldier of Ice B card: 20g [2]

    DDT #2 soldier of Flash B card: 20g

    DDT #2 soldier of fire B card: 20g

    Stonie A card: 2g [3]

    The Path of Sin A card: 5g

    Marlone A card: 20g

    DDT #1 soldier of Flash A card: 50g [3]

    DDT #1 soldier of storm A card: 50g

    DDT #1 soldier of fire A card: 50g

    DDT #1 Soldier of ice A card: 50g

    Jewel Keeper A card: 10g

    Focalor of Fire S card: 10G

    MD S card 1-SA01-0098: 10G

    Marlone, King of Thieves S card: 20g [2]

    Dungeon Cornelius S card: 1G

    Thanks for checking it out!

    Message me here if you would like to buy or offer on anything here! I just want it gone :D

    Ign: Hmong_Boy