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    thanks for letting me know!

    i tried using discord so hopefully that works

    also added a link to the drawing in case it decides not to work again ; - ;

    ooh and thanks everyone, i'm glad u like it qwq

    finally done !

    lunie2.png link <

    had so much fun drawing Vel qwq hopefully the drawing depicts her personality well !

    it's kinda messy but i hope u like it ( ˙꒳˙ )

    @ MintyGreens

    thanks for voicing that out, ur right qwq

    totally didn't forget it was the 2nd already...

    bUT thanks to everyone who participated !

    here's the list:


    i used to pick the winner

    and the





    congrats, i'll get started on ur prize soon ( ˙꒳˙ )

    i'm gonna try and hold more of these in the future so please don't feel bad if u didn't win q.q'

    thank u again <3

    totally forgot to update this...


    ty all

    ur too nice


    oh and there's a raffle going on rn !

    read the top post (?is that whats it called oOF) for more info !

    hi, i'm ryu and i returned to fiesta just a few days ago! starting over on isya rn bc pagel is so dead :( sad yeehaw hours

    but that aside ! i'm gonna place this doodle of my small hk here



    i can't take lots of requests at one time so i'm gonna hold a raffle instead

    the winner would get a digital art of their in-game character (can be chibi/halfbody/headshot; depends on me :c)

    there's gonna be one winner for now ! but might increase the number if a lot of ppl join

    if u wanna join, just comment with ur in-game character reference

    and u'll automatically enter !

    im gonna use to pick the winner on 2nd August !

    that's all, good luck c: