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    so apparently the latest patch said they fix the visual bug where mounts without riders would be seen in game and this was the 2nd time they fix it but just after a day of maintenance it seems like the bug is not fixed yet the bug is still there alive n kicking saw few of it today and it also happened to me and as a cleric its really a a bad thing cause i cant heal the person on mount

    There's quite a few players selling dungeon runs for gold and it's causing there to be less players actually doing the dungeons. This is a big problem because these people level up others super fast and these are players who would normally be doing the dungeons with other players like it was originally intended. Rich players who can afford to pay these boosters are usually the people who carry the "less fortunate" through dungeons, and now they do not exist because all of them are getting boosted to save time.

    I have managed to find a party for crystal castle only one single time in the past two weeks, and we failed because none of us have our gears enhanced. I'm level 64, and there are only a handful of quests that I can do outside of the ones related to crystal castle currently. Even if I enhanced my gears (already have +10 weapon), I still won't be capable of solo'ing the dungeon, so I'm pretty much screwed unless I pay one of these boosters like everyone else. I don't agree with that, nor do I think it's fair since it defeats the purpose of playing the game.

    Boosting others through dungeons for gold shouldn't be allowed. I personally wish the level requirements were taken back down to what they used to be now that the servers have been merged. There are way more players than there was before the merge, and the level limits were only increased back then due to the lack of active players that were in the game. It makes no sense to keep Tower at 70, CC at 90, and LN at 110 anymore. This is only making it more difficult on people who need the dungeon but do not have a million gems laying around to pay someone else to boost them.

    i totally agree with you, the cap increase on all the dungeon really broke the purpose of the dungeon. I start played the game since the 2nd year of the released of the game. I have play all the dungeon countless time before the cap increase and it was fun n challenging. Some said they dont have the enhanced equipment to managed the dungeon solo, thats why to enter the dungeon you require a party member because it was never meant to be soloed. I play with my friends from lvl 1 and we can do everything even without good enchanted gear sometimes we even just used npc gear n enhanced it till point we dont want to risk it broke so most of time we only using npc gear +5-7 we we can do tower n crystal castle without abbusing the glitch in the CC. yeah it well known sometimes even booster using the glitch. miss the old times when people flocking outside tower, CC, DT, LN and all other dungeon and matchmaking their party for the dungeon, now they added the party matchmaking and people used it for only to warp.

    I’m on my phone but it seems like you didn’t fully uninstall the game and some files were left over.

    When you reinstalled the bugged file was still there. There are programs that can entirely clear an installed file from your directories will add more info later.

    This is just conjecture atm

    what program is that. mind if u share?