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    Yawn Thanks Yawn! I really appreciate it!


    This features killed the Korean version of the game and may result in the game looking inactive due to its lowered traffic as discussed in the thread below

    Link to relevant thread:

    Auction House

    I meant to say "Gambling House", but I used the wrong wording. Have them compete against each other for more gems and gold from them betting. However, if the gambling aspect is what also killed the KV besides the auction house, then I don't want it then.


    Funny you outline sacrifice I get the skill but i don't like it at all. It rewards bad play imo if you die you shouldn't be rewarded but i get why its in game

    I mean, I don't see the reason why the skill would reward bad plays. If the cleric dies, then the party gets more healing in an attempt to stay alive. Would actually be helpful when there's 2 clerics in the party and if there's only a cleric and a Crusader, then the Crusader will be the one ending up doing the main healing in an attempt to keep everyone alive.



    NGL I have a capped reaper and spec this isn't a problem for them at all and most of your suggestions do miss the mark. Would need its own thread to discuss indepth. The tl'dr of it is they can gather souls just fine. Reapers are in a good spot tbh i'd just love specs to get a new passive entirely.

    Quick overview: shame needs a rework i don't think you its a good passive. I dislike game play that encourages/rewards you for doing something negative i.e dying or in this case forcing a miss. I can see the skill behind it but it just doesn't sit right with me.

    I was thinking of the same thing. However, my other alternate thinking is what if they really do not want to take the "Shame" away, so I was thinking of it doing the opposite. I want the passive to do a complete rework, but this is an alternative in case it never happens.


    So yes overall some ideas are good however just from reading certain points eg suggesting mages have no cast time on AOEs really does show what Rei is outlining. Im not saying the game doesn't need some improvements etc but my top tip would be get to cap join a guild/band some friends together and go raid, farm etc just so you understand the 'wider picture' since parts of what you're saying shows you don't.

    I did not hit the 135 cap, so I already know I have to go back to do it all over again for it. The mages AoE with no cast time was my own thought of "spice" but if that would become too much, I am all fine of it not being in there. I still will refuse to do fighter ever again and I may not go back to playing Trix. It is very helpful and this is the type of feedback I am looking for.

    Then do 2 seconds instead of 1 second off for the whole 7. I honestly think 5 more souls generated is still a good thing.


    More Trickster stuff oh well let's get to it.

    I'm not even gonna begin with the passive change to Spectre as I believe both ideas are ludicrous. I believe an entirely different idea would be a better proposal rather than an increase in critical probability as this gets completely negated by having a Deadly Blessing buff on you. (therefor making the passive completely useless).

    I don't disagree with you about it being completely changed.

    I know how the game works; I completely forgot about the set as I was thinking about it.

    The Warlock changes you suggested regarding Inferno, Fire Ball, Mesmerize, and Metamorphosis, would've been easily known if you just played Warlock.

    The Wizard changes you suggested regarding Frost Nova, Ice Blast, Summon, and Deep Fear would've been easily known if you just played Wizard.

    You would've known that the limit to Frost Nova and Inferno is more than 10 if you played a Mage and just AOE'd more than 10 mobs.

    How the heck can one know if also in-game as well in the new wiki it states that the max limit is 10? I play Warlock and Wizard and me returning reading it would make me think the max limit is 10 instead of 64 and I would legit think about getting 10 together to mob. It is not a play or knowledge issue. It is a text issue that needs to be fixed and addressed. This will also confuse players getting new to the skill as well.


    Failing to proof read your own suggestions is another reason why you shouldn't be making suggestions.

    Failing to allocate the skill under the Warlock suggestions just shows your limited knowledge on the game.

    Me making a mistake of putting the skill underneath a different prestige when I meant to put it under something the correct prestige does not has anything to do about my knowledge of the game (Especially while I was cutting and pasting to fit the 10k character limit).


    You would've known Flourish is only melee-range if you played a Gladiator or Knight.

    You would've known how Force Slash works if you played Spectre or Reaper.

    I already know it is melee range. Flourish is 1.5m. I can understand that me putting down long range means I was attempting to make it long range, which is not the intention and is something I myself have to clarify and fix. As for Force Slash, I already know what it does with the knockback. I put it down due to the casting distance. I know how it works.


    Because you assumed you knew how these classes/jobs/skills etc work, without actually playing the classes.

    I did play all of the classes and the only ones where I have not been feeling it has been the fighters (Because that is not my preference) and tricksters (Got rid of it after leveling it high and realized it is not for me).


    The definition of an "Auction House" is buying and selling items. What you're referring to is a Gambling House, in which there is already the Lucky House, just not against other players.

    Used the wrong name for it but you get what I mean.


    The reason why they're only to be equipped on one side is to encourage players to purchase SC pets therefore gaining revenue for the game.

    Increasing stats or adding other pets to add stats also detaches the players/community from purchasing SC pets.

    You're trying to give more benefits for free-to-play players, but this is a pay-to-win game. There's a difference between the two.

    Would honestly allowing a +1 pet to be equipped on the left shoulders really going to change things drastically? A +1 vs a +10 or +20 SC pet? I understand about the business aspect, but allowing that to happen, I highly doubt it . would stop players from buying SC just like that. Even having a +4 would encourage players to buy more wedding apps to get married and other wedding-related sc items and getting married has nothing to do with F2P players at all.


    The Pet system in this game is useless because the AI behind it is trash. Reducing the Cooldown, increasing their movement speed and attack rate, and increasing the casting range won't make them any better.

    It will make them just as useless, but more powerful.

    The aim behind it is to make it useful. Then what would be the better idea? To allow the two summons be able to attack whoever the wizard is attacking or have an icon where the player can direct the summons (This thought is from me playing Aion).

    Makes sense. I still think them being able to reduce curse resistance is a nice touch.


    Metamorphosis: This is a unique skill given to Warlock's which has made it EXCEPTIONAL in Guild Tournament's. Changing this to add a speed boost will make them OVERPOWERED. IDK why you think making them targeted by Flourish, and Force Slash? Do you know how these skills work.

    Flourish is a melee-range single target powerful hit.

    I remember back then some complaints about this but it may have been changed. I listed those two skills because of the casting distance.


    Inferno: The maximum number of mobs this skill can hit is 64. The maximum number of mobs an Archer AOE can hit is 15. There is no reason to change it to immediate cast, as Mages will be overpowered. Especially considering it's an extremely powerful AOE.

    The new wiki only states it only hits the max of 10, so I assumed it never did changed at all and I can't find any server maintenance thread that stated the change (I could've overlooked it on accident).


    Ice Blast: This skill is a Warlock only upgrade after Lvl 100, and becomes kiteable after a certain Tier. there is zero reason to provide this to Wizard's.

    Accidentally put that one down under Wizards while I was researching.


    Fireball: This skill becomes kiteable after a certain Tier already. The cast time is added for it's immense damage power. Removing this would make it extremely overpowered.

    I couldn't find the info about it being kiteable while I was looking to see what has been changed.


    Frost Nova: Changing this skill to immediate cast would make Wizard's broken in PVP and PVE as you can slow anyone immediately with no cost. Same as Inferno, the maximum number of enemies the skill can hit is 64.

    Same thing with Inferno. Doesn't say so in the new wiki and I couldn't find the thread stating any changes.


    Deep Fear: Radius has already been fixed, please go find a patch which mentions this change. :)

    I know that they changed it. I was able to find this one (Can't remember if it was the one for February). I was stating if it can maybe be extended to a flat range for all tiers instead of it increasing gradually with each tier. It is not about PvP but also for PvE purposes since they have to be closer to the target than intended anyway for this to have effect, especially in groups.


    Summons: Again with the Flame Walker suggestion, the Pet AI system is useless in this game, and also your War Rant does not work on your summons, so if you use them and they get last hit, you don't get boost in drop rate. :)

    I knew there was something else with the skill but I couldn't even remember. I don't even know why they still have yet to allow the skill to allow the boost in drop rate. Even so, the same statement with the Fire Walkers.

    I know that Warlock's are ST and Wizards are MT. I was just putting it out as two mages who is also strong in 2 different elements as well for more flavor to it. It can be taken out. Just a thought.

    You admitted in another forum post you've been back a week or so now.

    There has been countless changes to how the game works, mechanics, skills, mobs, stats, etc.

    But you wouldn't know that, because you've only been back for 2 weeks.

    This is where your ignorance kept on showing. I haven't been playing the game for over a year and a few months due to the fact I got tired of it. That doesn't mean I wouldn't know at all, especially if I were to check in every now and then. I knew back in March that there is a new wiki created and that made me glad. Once again, me stating I came back to the game does not mean I do not know what has been happening. I can go through and test things just like everyone else and go through server maintenance threads to see what has happened.

    It was never to cater towards a specific play style I would like to play. I call the thread "Ultimate" as it will be something that, with feedback, it can be changed and it will have something everyone can make up together. And once again, your ignorance shows again, believing I do not know how the game works at all. I suggest you look at yourself. You claim I do not have a cap character or even claims I do not know how the game even works at all. I don't care about whether players play like me. That is not even the point of this thread at all, which you desire to make it out to be. It is all about getting something for everyone to enjoy and if not, then why not. I do not know everything, so it is good to get stuff from other people point of view, unlike you, who can't even share one and instead would rather insult and tell them they don't know what they're doing or talking as you would in any thread (I only know you for a day and you have done this in 2 threads, and I do believe you do it to others as well).

    Oh wow. I do believe it is more about you and your personal endeavors, seeing as to how you love to talk about yourself. You think I too am not a theory-crafter for game optimization? What you doing is more disrespectful and more harmful than it is doing good with the way you're going. I left before you came back to the game. Me personally, I don't care whether you are a hardcore player. If you do not give any reasons, suggestions, and advice and guidance on what is needed or what you believe the game can improve, whatever you did is irrelevant. Yes. You are big-headed and prideful. Stop claiming things as if you know me and be useful in giving input, especially since you claim you do "theory-crafting". If you think it would break the community or market, explain why. Stop holding back info, yet state you know the game so well while attempting to have a superior ego.

    Once again, stop assuming stuff about me and actually get to know me. Right now, you are misrepresenting your own self while you going around trying to act like a Fiestan police/lawyer. If you have no input to give, then shut up and not say anything at all in this thread. I have nothing else to say to you.

    You speak of Hitomi Uri...the Battle Cleric, solo-king/queen.

    Frankly...its all about Glads right now since they're the cash cows of the game for this cap...gonna laugh when knights get the boosts their seriously deserve, and mages are REQUIRED in the next cap raise to deal any real damage...and archers too since HEY...DoT's stop heals lmao!

    Lets be real...the game is what it is now. Make it, and bake it for what it is...or...well, do what others have - *poof*

    YEP! I miss Hitomi. Sadly, the reality is the game is where and what it is right now. It should never be all about one prestige over another. I honestly do not believe that was the intent when we was under Outspark... and I miss Outspark. I always did those ads for those free sc items. Clerics and Guards would enjoy those during these times for soloing.

    I'll be completely honest. I completely forgotten everything that was even promised ever since the switch and when I left. It has been too much. That on top of everything from the old forum never transferring and the old players who left from the forums are gone, it's can be difficult to have hope. It has always been a problem with transparency from Gamigo staff to players. The only thing that was blessed were the archers and GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Archers needed it! I may give my hands on tricksters again but I wanted my best friend whenever he wants to come back to the game to play it. My whole heart though has always been clerics and mages and it hurts me more to see clerics to even suffer like this. The two most talked topics has always been clerics and archers (used to). There was this one person (completely forgot his/her name) who argue so much about the clerics on the forum that the person became so famous on the forums and in-game. Not sure if he is still on the forums.

    The fact you believe I am new COMPLETELY shows how arrogant, prideful, and how much you truly do not know what you actually think you know. I've been playing this game since Outspark used to be in charge of the game. You don't see me doubting about how new you are regardless of me EVER seeing you around on the forums with Outspark, nor do I want to. What in the world do you contribute besides downgrading and being a big-head? The best thing for you to do is actually having some respect and integrity.

    Kali wrote:
    • Ugly? The Archeologist suit is the best looking suit in game in my opinion (Devil Armor also looks pretty nice), but I wouldn't mind some stats on all the suits/pets you get from the card collection.

    I didn't think it is ugly too. I do not mind what Minty said about having stats on the suits since it does takes a lot to even get to it.

    One of the best players in the game, and you're calling him wrong. :/

    You did not even put your own rating and too busy attempting to go after someone without even giving a valid reason. So yes, "In-game best player of Fiesta". You are wrong. :thumbdown:

    :( The European fiesta lives on in me. RIP Fiesta EU EN

    but my list is p on point overall, eh?

    Spectres were actually called lunatics in the EU version? :D;(

    I'm sorry, didn't I just read on another forum post that you've been back what, a week or so?

    And you believe you know the game better than most people in order to recommend these 'ultimate changes'?

    Not every good, or great player uses the forums, and asking these people usually nets you in diminishing returns in responses and comments.

    Me coming back a week ago has nothing to do about me having suggestions and asking for input. Also, not once did I state I know better (Then again, you go around prideful self-acclaiming yourself as one of the best players). It doesn't matter about whether or not "good" or "great" player uses the forum. It's all about all of the players coming together to give something to Gamigo because a lot of us grew up with the game since the era of Outspark. If you can't even see that, then why in the world are you even commenting? It's one thing to feel as though the staff ignores our responses but it's another thing when people like you do not even contribute anything beneficial.


    1) You do not play every class to it's maximum potential. (which includes set switches and point allocation on skills).

    2) You are requesting changes which make zero difference in the game.

    1. The only 2 classes I did not play to the max is fighters and trix (And I completely refuse to touch fighters. I can't stand it). I understand the point allocations and set switches but I highly doubt that has anything to do with the problems players are facing at all.

    2. At least state why you believe the changes would make 0 difference instead of saying nothing at all like you did in the rating thread saying everything people are saying is wrong without your own input and the whole thread is base on perspective.


    I personally would not go questing in abyss. Do you not remember when people used to grind in there and then the pvpers would wake up and come in there and not kill you, no no no, they would leave you near dead and let the mobs you were grinding on kill you so you lost all your exp. Then they would spawn kill you at the gate so you could not get out or away to grind some more and make up the exp lost.

    The days of Outspark. Seeing as to how things are completely different (Especially on the other servers not Isya), I would say to give the person getting killed to have a 30% buff to everything against the person to fight off the PvPer.


    NO. I will always be against forced 2 step verification as it is only an effective means of protection for lazy players/members. Real hackers can work around this and as long as you are diligent basic hackers/scammers won't get your information.

    They shouldn't even get anyone's info in the first place unless you just have it just laying around somewhere on the internet out in the open and not caring. THAT is being lazy. I do not see it as protection for lazy players and members and with threads stating about getting scammed or hacked, this would honestly be a good thing for them.


    I agree, when I got my pets from the card collection I was expecting something... better than a statless world boss minipet. On top of this, I would say add minor stat boosts on the ugly explorers card collection suit like +1 to all stats for every piece you get. Maybe people will actually wear them. xD

    The only reason I didn't say anything about the suit is because Gamigo will state that they sell perm SC clothes that has no stats whatsoever. xD


    No, guild wars are between guilds. I have been in instances such as Dragon Tomb with tanks suddenly having their guild go into a guild war and me healing them. Why should I then be vulnerable to being attacked (I assume you mean by the opposing guild of the one i healed) when I go to turn in quests, just because I was questing with someone from a guild that went into a guild war? This is one of the most ridiculous suggestions i have ever seen.

    It is not ridiculous. Not sure if it is still happening but back then, clerics who is not part of a guild war between 2 guilds who were duking it out were healing whoever they want to win when they're not even a part of the guild war, making it uneven and the other guild can't do anything about it. I stated any cleric who heals the person DURING A GUILD WAR. You as a cleric would not get attacked in any way if this is before the guild war between 2 guilds even started and it wouldn't even have any effect on you before or after the guild war. If stuff like that doesn't happen any more, then this can get thrown away.


    At this point you might as well say all pets be modded to be allowed to both shoulders, no reason to exclude any. So I would say either leave as is, or include all old SC(Because the older pets are not both shoulders either), new SC, non-sc, wedding, card pets be bother shoulders.

    I thought the older pets now can be placed on both shoulders.


    Overall, my impression is you want guardians to have all the heal skills, but you don't want to take anything from them except mace specific attacks.... you would be unbalancing the two classes to be able to support.

    Because most of the threads complains about Guardians hit the hardest and the Holy Knights capable of doing anything. Even so, I did take away stuff from Guardians in term of not hitting high in damage.


    I noticed you did not say to remove the ability of guardians to cast resist, immune, stoneskin you know the buffs....

    Due to character restraints (And I did not want to make a 3rd post), but yes. I wouldn't even mind if that actually happened. Stoneskin I would disagree with you since that one can't even be casted on other players.


    If your highest concern is over whether or not the GM going to dip, then I would say you should find a new guild. And if you are more concerned about a guild keeping its name/rank or whatever instead of just moving everyone to a new guild, than for something tragic happening to the GM, I would question whether or not you SHOULD be in a guild.

    That's inconsiderate. Why should a player go and join a different guild when they enjoy the guild in the first place and having someone spend 50g to create a new guild when all that has to happen is to allow someone the GM trusts to be able to lead it so that the guild can keep living? I would honestly question the validity of whether you or any person who thinks like that even cares for the guild or the guild members in general.


    It should be healing less than Heal, as this skill is supposed to like you are splitting up heal among more people.

    ... No... I played games where AoE cures heals a bit more than an ST cure. If Rejuvenate is to be the stronger version of Heal, then Awaken should be a stronger version of Recover (And now that I made that statement...). I don't see how AoE heals should be weaker than ST but that's just my perspective.


    The split is not "healer ONLY and buffer ONLY" the split is more like "single target support" and "multiple target support" though even that is not very accurate. Clerics are both supporters and the split between them is not easily defined.

    But that's the thing. The two prestiges needs to be defined and many complained about HK doing them all (Even though it is true). There is no such thing as ST and MT support because the skills and makeup of the two does not even show or match at all. HK extend buffs and get more STR while Guards are to get more power in their heals and more DEF and SPR. So why not cater to those two to make them stand out more? Clerics has the most problems out of the 6 classes, more so than the Archers and Trix. No. I am not stating that "HK don't heal and Guards heals". It is more about one does something better than the other. I mean, unless you're ok with HK being able to do everything and Guards just continue being left behind. HK have a crit buff and can make an SS super happy and just crit away with their attack speed. HK gets to remove buffs. And what do Guards get? Remove debuffs and a auto-revive buff that does not last long anyway even if one wants to keep it longer.

    Just admit it. The skills for HK has always been to make them offensive-oriented and Guards defense-oriented. The ST-oriented and defense-oriented aspect you talk about just doesn't exist (And you need a very good valid evidence to even state otherwise). If there the two classes are not refined into what they are actually supposed to be doing, then how can you even give some popularity to Guards and not have HK being favored all the time? Also the fact that if they do increase the cap, they may throw out even more skills that still does not solve anything for Guards at all (Or in general).


    You do know that some skills have to be shared for cleric right?

    Still didn't stop them from restricting Guards and HKs from being able to hit higher tiers in specific skills. Ok. I completely understand with skills like Invigorate but when it comes down to something that does not have anything to do with the prestige, that's different.

    The chances of them "balancing" classes could be higher if the whole playerbase would stop paying and playing glads, The chances of them closing the game would be equally high.

    Yes. That can be true. However, the chance of balancing can also be higher if players can also get together to talk more than just throwing out new skills on top of talking about things that needs to be changed but also not being able to state about the reasons and how some things can be changed. The one reason why I made my thread for players to come together and talk about it.


    If there were no Limit how you wanted it first, you would be able to create Posts with Million of e.g. Chinese Characters or just khazul and would crash the Forum

    I did say this.

    At least expand it to 30,000 characters.

    Hence, expanding. Also, not every person is going to go and straight up blow millions of characters on a post or forum and I NEVER saw that happened at all. I'm not the one to cry over things like this. Whether they up the limit or take it off. If they do it: Great; not going to get upset if they don't do it.