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    character Jalysa

    Class cleric

    server Isya

    Still cannot connect to server stuck on character select page wont load.

    Na server for me

    why cannot this be fixed properly this is the second no third time this has happened please fix it properly for once ;(

    well to add to this i have been patient :D i have been able to pick the quests up finally on my chara Manaiah but now cannot hand them in to either Maxuter or Julian this is getting very frustrating i appreciate that things can take time but for bugs that are known im not sure why they havent been fixed properly ?? i am trying to be patient its just getting frustrating when you are trying to lvl up but held back by not having the quests to do to actually lvl up and the rep at this lvl is worthless doing really as has very low exp for that lvl so yeah hope you can understand why it is frustrating for me to not have the exp from those quests its taking longer to lvl and is harder too thank you for listening and hopefully getting these issues fixed asap :D

    how long till its fixed though as it seems you guys have been aware of this problem for a while what is taking so long as we are missing out on alot of exp from those quests which makes it harder to level. This is unfair that it has not been fixed sooner

    i have an issue with the lvl 83 quest from Maxuter and julian one i cant hand in the other i cant accept it the Maxuter one i cannot get the box to come up when clicking on him at all which means i am missing around four further quests after that one the Julian one is compensatable but cannot complete it it just wont do it

    i have asked in game if anyone else is having this issue and everyone who responded said they had same issue. Please can this be fixed..

    apparently they all asleep surely they should have shifts of people who work while the others sleep makes sense to me for that to happen then we would not have to wait up to four hours to be able to play :( they need to get their act together really and compensate us all for the inconvienience

    Yet again gamingo not fixing what is broken getting a bit beyond a joke really. why does it take up to three or four hours to fix it so beyond frustrated right now