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    yea you can easily walk out of someone using Advent even after the animation spd increase. it is still a little too slow

    i played a pserver where they changed it to stun instantly, so basically when u crouch, but that was a little too good, so my suggestion to stun, when you are in the air will still give some time to react, but not enough time to just walk away

    templars need a new passive definitely. Idk why anyone defends LP increase

    Like imagine glad passive being SP increase or old warlock passive cuz they run out of sp so fast.:D:D:D:D

    New passive:

    Your attacks deal an additional 4% +2% per tier upgrade of your max hp as dmg, to the enemy(ignores dex and cannot crit)

    It will show as a 2nd number when doing dmg, and not be added to the attack you do

    Pre 100~~~~


    1) base hp 3% increase. Their base hp is very close to trix hp, which should be increased slightly to utilize their hp scaling skills a little better

    2) weapon base dmg 5% increase.
    3) enhanced weapon dmg 5%increase
    they're only slightly stronger than clerics

    4) blue blades(as far as i know, 70 blue, SL blue has 1% less crit than it should, could be all Blue blades tho) 1% critical rate increase
    5) base stat Dex and Spr +20, with +2 dex and spr additionally buffed increase per level
    Their base stats are basically a copy paste of a fighters with increased int and spr. this increase would still leave them far off from tricksters and archer dex, but decent amount better than fighter and the spr to be slightly more tanky to magic damage

    Solid Light Shield:
    Change to: a 5 minute target cast buff. At the moment of death, prevents you from falling below 1hp for 5 seconds
    Currently this skill prevents you from dropping below 1hp for the next 5 seconds, which on paper sounds decent, but the animation spd makes it hard to use very well, then on top of that, most crowd control last for more than 5 seconds, and you will never use it at 5% hp or less because most things do like 15% or more of your hp, when you actually need/want to use this skill, which means you'll have to use this skill a few seconds prior, which MEANS you really only get like 2 seconds of actual usage

    Additional effect> also makes you immune to debuffs and crowd control effects once(same activation time as when you take 0 dmg)
    Basically a copy paste of cross counter, in a defensive form, so i feel it should be able to block the dmg of the attack AND its effects, like cross counter, but not reflect any dmg. And its harder to time anyway because different animation than cross counter.

    Light Touch:
    Additional effect> When the timer ends or the shield breaks, create an explosion, dealing dmg in a radius equal to Half the Total amount of hp blocked(True dmg/Flat dmg)
    an idea to help with their lack of aoe dmg, and also because the shield breaks way too fast

    Light Blast:
    animation: change the animation to heroic strike animation, to make it as if shooting a ball of light from their blade,
    would make their skill flow a lot better, because light blast currently is meeeh

    Light explosion:
    animation: Speed doubled
    Animation a little slow. increase it so you can flow with your other skills a little more smoothly

    Light jump And Advent:
    animation: fix bug where you are unable to cast skill immediately after casting these skills
    Bugged ever since animation change several months ago

    animation: Make the stun apply the stun as soon as the character is in the air, not as it is currently where he HAS to finish the land, "Properly"
    The animation speed was increased, but its still so slow to where the enemy can just walk out and back in, if they dont have a dead cats reaction. Also the stun will never stun, unless you LAND( not touch the ground, but LAND) correctly.

    i wasnt trying to point out a difference o.o

    but there could be, if it stopped being stock limited

    Aside from knowing the sales, because its 10~12 hours long, still a lot of people unable to be there, exactly when it goes on sale, for a specific time
    And checking eu shops too, still gotta check every hour, just like 6 hours sooner, which could still be a hassle

    Super happy hour sales :P

    But its not extremely hard to think of a new replacement for mystery sales

    Happy hours isnt as bad, at least its not limited stock, and it doesnt last 12 hours

    id rather they not make us have to constantly check every hour randomly, because as said by a lot of people, we arent able to always do that.

    Having it be limited stock and making us have to check constantly, the entire day, because it goes on for like 12 hours is annoying,

    sometimes being unable to Be ready right before an item goes on sale to buy, because even being 1 minute late from the item means, it has been sold out,
    Again, not knowing what it is in the first place

    They should just put a variety of things for sale, without limited abundance, and change it every 2-3 hours

    Bye bye game. Was nice meeting you.

    Just hit level 70 (higher character), but doing only rep quests is to booring. And the quests for Crystal Castle, Devildoms no one wants to help... I shout on the chat, but players wanted 3-4 golds to join them and help me with my quests. Really ? I should pay for help ?

    The quests should level you up, not rep ones. Like at level 70, all 5-10 quests will help me reach level 71. At level 71, same thing. With all new quests I should reach level 72. At 72 level, the new 5-10 quests should level me up. Not doing reps, to booring.

    So, I'm out from here. Maybe I'll come after 3-4 months. Or never.

    i understand your frustration, but these 2000s mmorpgs are built on tedious repeatable questing, and long grinding.

    They do not HAVE to continue in this way, but no point in overhauling a dying game

    And to that, Rip you and many others who leave for this reason, but in this day n age, its understandable