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    yeah theres statless skins in store and most holiday events also give statless skins varying from 5k to 25k dura, which is honestly not fair to expect people to recharge a statless/cosmetic skin but yeah

    My point was that skins with stats like NB and DB should temporarily lose their stats when at 0 durability, until you repair them. Then they regain their stats.

    Back in the days, mounts used to need maintenance, but at 0 durability they just didn't function properly. Items breaking should not be something that should be in the game, especially when it can happen by accident! Weapon skins cost a lot of money. People pay over $200 to get the skin of their choice and in some rare cases they pay over $3000! This by itself is expensive enough, but it's understandable. What I don't understand is why should skins break?! Why should someone have to pay double the amount if their skin breaks by accident?! Skins should be rendered unusable at 0 durability until repaired and not broken! Please everyone. Support this motion, because no-one should have to spend so much money for being a human and making mistakes. People that have screenshots of their skin before it broke, should be able to supply them and be returned the skin.