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    Good day, HoneyTeddy!

    Thank you for your reply! According to the lua-scripts, the question arose because Often there are merchants, "drop-down" for 10-15 seconds on all 4 lines. This is especially noticeable after the restart in Elderine. Otherwise, as a process automation, I simply cannot explain this speed, so I clarified.

    Due to the time difference, the reboot takes about a lunch break at my work. Therefore, this observation happened.

    Regarding the texts within the game, I’ve already figured it out completely, this question is almost completely removed. Additionally turned to the PM to one of your employees.

    Regarding problems with dll - writing a .bat file is not a third-party program, it is a script inside Windows itself (fully open to inspection programs). I did not manage to find the exact reasons for the disappearance of the file, so it turned out to be easier to restore it before running the client from the archive. The search for a solution was based on the Discussions in Steam, where many players have a problem with this file.

    For other questions, I hope BertIsHere will respond to my clarification on the game moments and the topic can be closed. Unfortunately, very little information about the game on the Internet and have a lot to collect questions.

    In addition, if you are interested, my dialogue number with technical support is 786604.

    Sincerely, Alexander "Gray Wolf" journalist.





    Good day, Kuroneko!

    Unfortunately, technical support is clearly not sufficiently competent in the questions I have clarified, which has become clear in the last couple of months. Most likely, its task is solely to solve problems with commercial services and allow users to express their emotions, without affecting the overall gaming world.

    The answers to the tickets clearly saw the inaccessibility of the main GM mechanism to the technical support staff, so these questions are hardly within their competence. For example, when asked about the keel_xt_l problem instead of a link to a file and recommendations to write a .bat file under a shortcut, they sent me a completely unnecessary and, most likely, outdated, instruction on recovery tools. Although the problem is solved because it is much simpler, 5 minutes of work is total.

    According to the general rules - I got acquainted with them and consulted including. with a lawyer. A change in the texts within the game (localization) in the rules is noted only for commercial purposes, which are not provided for by this type of change (clause 14.2). Also, these actions are not prohibited or mentioned in the main clause of prohibitions No. 8. A partially illiterate lawyer may consider clause 8.4 here, but any programmer will confirm that the main functionality of the game project is performed on the server, which means making changes to files that cannot be sent, but only displaying the general game information to the end user cannot influence the continuity of the game, since It concerns only the work of the client part of one end user.

    The ability to create content based on the game, including, is partially regulated by clause 14.5. Although there are described exclusively video work, but the general algorithm is suitable for any, not contrary to the rules of user work using non-main part of the game.

    This game is a part of the memories of my youth and a number of my friends and it still has good potential, despite the very solid life span and the absence of serious updates.

    In general, many thanks to those who read it. I apologize for the use of translate. Unfortunately, such a large amount of text alone with a minimum of errors I can not master.

    Sincerely, Alexander "Gray Wolf", journalist.


    I apologize, I did not immediately see your message (or it appeared as something strange on the forum).

    On all points, I can only express the problem of your application that is clear to any professional in the software field - supporting the Discord system, which has been boycotted for several years by all the communities with which I am familiar.

    The reasons are aggressive advertising, non-transparent code with attempts to access private information of users and support for pirated and cheating communities when promoting the program.

    I sincerely hope that even their cooperation with Microsoft will not distract the real fans of the gaming industry from these facts and will allow them to get rid of this malicious software as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Sincerely, Alexander "Gray Wolf" journalist.


    I hope this answers your questions.

    If you have more questions, you can always contact me on Discord: ID: BertIsHere#4405

    BertIsHere, thank you very much for the desire to help!

    Some clarifications:

    2) I know these databases, unfortunately they are absolutely not suitable for analytics. He worked with the database for one Asian MMO, which was sent to the CIS market - there were even differences in the versions of objects based on a localization attribute. Calling the name of the project, I think, would be a violation of game rules.

    4) This refers to the priority at the entrance to the server. By what principle people disconnect in what order. I often noticed that I was throwing out a large part of online, but 10-15% of players remained online and were active. It seemed that perhaps the ping was too short for them and the system did not consider them a problem, leaving it online.

    5) I did not mean the event plan, but the sales plan - as inventory now, as enchantment stones. To somehow plan finance) The game is still far from new, to take everything at full price.

    9) Ie also selling loot npc? Like the same soul gem dust?

    10) -Removed-

    11) That's for this special, thank you so much!

    13) Ie to improve the bike (double) you can use single mounts?

    16) Does the idea of a dowry dealer come out and lost to a stunner? (

    17) Apparently not the accuracy of the translation. Had in mind the resources for the professions. Like the same soul gem dust.

    20) I forgot about the button in the actions ... It will be necessary to add it to the mouse ...

    22) I meant damage gain. Just comparing the old screenshots and I see that the increase of +9 for the GGK crossbow is about +11 now. And the current +9 is somewhere at the level of +7 old. Although, perhaps, this change in the growth rate of the type. For example, one-handed sword gain was significantly less.

    In the rest - I am extremely grateful for the answers. I would be happy to further clarify, but, in view of certain beliefs in relation to Discord, I do not use this service. I consider it wrecking. But there are any old messengers. Skype is always active in the phone, for example. werewolf_ussr nickname

    Regards to the Fiesta NA community, Alexander "Gray Wolf", journalist.

    Good day to all!

    Once again, with the hope of viewing the forum or doing a search on the Internet, but nowhere is even a little detailed information about the game. For 10 years, nothing has changed (

    With a friend, like many, played here about 13 years ago. There was a desire to return. But ... On items that came out after 2010, it is almost impossible to find information. There are no databases or actually checked and confirmed guides. I have been doing gaming themes for more than 10 years (mostly from, yes, we are from Russia) and have never seen a game where the information support of the community was so weak.

    Direct questions to Tech support are answered frankly childishly - "this is our secret." As a result, as I understand it, the servers were transferred to frankly weak equipment and simply let people play to the death of the game. But I do not understand why! In countries outside the United States, such as the CIS, the game still has a good potential. Indeed, family-owned PvE-oriented games are extremely small. And if there is, then the donation system is disproportionately worse than that available here.

    But this is rather a personal reasoning. I also offered to the administration assistance with localization (there is relevant experience) and with informational advancement, moreover, without compensation. As I understand it - the development of this game is not included in any plans, which I regret.

    Therefore, I would like to ask questions to the players, because I don’t have to wait for activity from anyone else here.

    1) Where do Ramy / Samy come from? They are so actively selling that obviously the source is quite affordable.

    2) Why is there no database for the game? Gamigo refuse to share information and support such projects?

    3) Do you write somewhere information about technical work or server restarts? Or is the equipment so old that the employees of the company cannot foresee this?

    4) The principle of filling the server - the priority is placed on the distance?

    5) Is there an annual or seasonal sales plan?

    6) Tell us how it was necessary to attack monsters in the last event at Easter? Not found with a friend (((

    7) The formula of crit, as I was told, is a big secret here. According to the costumes, one gets the feeling that this is% of innate crit, and not general or absolute. Am i wrong

    8) Did the administration respond to the topic of the need to correct outdated hint texts in the game? For example, about what to open a guild is only 1 gold?

    9) On the high-leveled what source of income? On the low, unfortunately, this is exclusively an academy. Are those packs on sale high or are there more civilized ways? The question is about game mechanics, not social ways of earning.

    10) How vulnerable is the game -Removed-? -Edited-

    11) -Edited-

    12) In the launcher hangs announcement of a set of GMs. Are there any in the game?

    13) Combining sled - according to what formula? Do we need the same, or can we mix different ones?

    14) Bracelets. I saw them on sale, but I didn’t fully understand where they are taken from and on what basis they improve. Information on the network could not be found.

    15) T3 recipes scrolls vitality and shield - taken from blue capsules in the casino?

    16) Is the Trickster an absolutely dead class?

    17) Are resources above green sold by the NPC? If so, in which city?

    18) Are there any teams in the game? Streamers, guide writers, bloggers, moder? If so, can I ask for a link?

    19) I saw the section "guides". Is there a reward for writing articles in this section?

    20) Is there a hot key to select an asist target? And how deep? For example, I treat a team mate who hits a boss. Boss in Target. Can I, in 2 steps, first select the target of my ally, and then its target (for treatment) without using the mouse?

    21) Are permanent costumes always without stats?

    22) The formula for sharpening weapons has clearly changed. There was an impression that the old +9 has now become new +12. As a result, the classic +9 has become like the old +7. This is true?

    In general, many thanks to those who read it. I apologize for the use of translate. Unfortunately, such a large amount of text alone with a minimum of errors I can not master.

    I would appreciate detailed answers to at least some questions. Also I will be glad to join any guild where there are Russian-speaking players.

    Regards to the Fiesta NA community, Alexander "Gray Wolf", journalist.