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    While that may be true in some cases, I personally don't farm much but have quite the collection of godly gear for almost every class up to level 115. I enjoy farming when I have the time though. I think spending time or money both benefit the game

    Time spent of people should be the only thing that can benefit the game. I personally don't care about how Gamigo could earn money or so, this is not my job to work on. Also, i rarely see ads about fiesta on facebook, on instagram, on youtube. Noone can always be on charge to farm all the things around, and that's why differences exists. Just don't rely on paying real money for your power.

    If gears weren't easily dropped, you wouldn't have like 15 accs for storages. Also you can throw some away. My point of view to this "trash" gears could be , for example, another system were you could recycle things, or turn them into crystals or something else that might be really good for crafting. Also, in my opinion, the best gears should come from craft, with a % of failure while crafting. Weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, handicrafting etc etc etc... The KQ's system is something that i found only in Fiesta, and not in other mmorpgs, and can't say that is good or not. Also it's really bad that you can make scrolls/pots/stones from lucky house,attendance and KQ...cuz that makes the game REALLY easy, and really downgrades the effort put of all these crafters (including myself too). Vending is good, because you just trade things, which exists in every mmorpg and it's fine, and you can do it when you're not active.

    You must think everyone has tons of time to spare farming... I barely have time to get on for 10 minutes per day. Hammers or no hammers, I do not farm. Do you understand now?

    Well, mmorpg's is all about farming and spending time on those. Also, since you can't spend time to farm, you shouldn't have high expectations or better things than someone else that farms. I guess that's the rule. No pain, no gain. Cuz if you go full p2w, then the people that farmed a lot will get bored and eventually leave. You can't skip or haste the farming process, just because you're paying for this...

    That's the problem now epinoia. Noone in this game that is a gladiator loves group farming for gears because IT COSTS time ofc. So someone like glad, that gamigo already OVERBUFFED, will be able to farm gears solo and get the whole profit for them. The problem for everyone here is that NOONE wants farming in groups, just because they feel they don't have the profit they would love to. If things were a bit slower on that, then not many people would actually leave.

    Why would be a problem for a super godly to cost like 100G unhammered??? Im pretty sure that without hammers the prices of REAL godly would be like colossal, but why is that a problem for a 10+ years game? You also said "you don't wanna spend your life farming for good items", then why playing an mmorpg? It's really nice to have fun with friends trying to find something good, and grinding is something that mmorpgs have, i guess. Also the demand for the Item changes...check for example SK weapons...with 10 hammer it?

    You also told it by yourself, if you farm you can prevent pay-to-win people. By the way the chances ARE NOT the same, cause you can find a godly item FASTER. But time in games, AND LIFE GENERALLY, is money. So you're extremely speeding your evolution up, while there people out there with a huge gap and they can't compete (and even reach) the really tough ones, so they leave. Are you really willing to pay for game and then watching its population to leave? You have simply wasted both money and time.

    I, personally, talk as a someone that loves fiesta that much (10 years on this game and paid NOTHING) but i did SOOO much work to make all this. Why someone that pays THAT hard should be able to do more than me in like 3 months? I mean, okey gamigo should have an income! But when you 100% have +12 weaps, have hammers to fix stats, have Gems bought from people that quit, why a new person would come to this game? For the lack of pvp? For the lack of farming? Or for these whales with 2kG+ that wouldn't even talk to you in the same guild cause they are...uhhh..busy and not willing to help you. And to be honest i don't really care about the income of Gamigo, she can get money from ads or other simply a player that supports the game by my attendance.

    Just to sum up, Hammers are destroying the farming system just because they are speeding up the process of finding something good. And yes, that's NOT GOOD. Greens are trash atm, and even blues are 50% trash too. If hammers didn't exist, many of those would be useful. And much more people would join the farm (no matter how well-geared they are)

    You must be one of those slow to understand type of people. No problem. I can explain again. Hammers are good because you can fix the stats on bad statted gear. However, it is not guaranteed that you will have good stats on the gear you hammer even after 10 tries. So more hammers is good, better chance to get good stats with hammers is better. Farm away, my friend, and leave the buying cheap bad-statted gear, hammering, and reselling for higher price to me.

    It seems that YOU didn't understand what Sephiroth wants to say. If you buy a cheap bad-statted gear, hammering and reselling, YOU ARE NOT this? Means that even the bad-statted ones will turn into good ones, and that's why people will eventually stop farming, because there will be an easy way to have more godly items. Got this at least? If farming was the only way to get really nice (or even godly) gears, then EVERYONE would farm for those. Hammers provide a really passive gameplay, that makes many people to avoid the farm and to simply try their luck, just by paying for sc. Sephiroth wants to clarify the meaning of hard work and hard grinding JUST to have high chances of a really nice weapon/gear. Did you understand that now?

    Today, i opened my discord and found like 8 messages of friends, begging me to come back for scrolls/stuff/buffs and generally to return. Idk why since scrolls are being sold cheaper, there are people that need only my scrolls :) ;)

    There are 2 categories of people in Fiesta: those that love paying to win, cause they don't have the time to play the game much, and those that have many hours to play and love grinding etc. The bad is, that nearly every mmorpg works great, when people are active and farming gears/consumables etc, which actually means that those who paying that much on this game, forces others to leave. If you think that paying to win is a healthy style of gameplay, you'll find yourself wrong. Not because you shouldn't be allowed to do this, but because you'll end up with like 20-30 other people in empty maps. I totally agree with Sephiroth!!! And i can consider myself as a player that have grinded SOOO MUCH IN THIS GAME. I have like 40 million of points of crafting (comp/scrolls), i collected so many times mushes/saps/herbs... but there are people already having SOO much more money from me, just because they bought it. If only gamigo knew that there are people inside selling/buying Gems!!!! Just that!!! I wish fiesta would be alive again, i would totally love it. But with new players, new blood in the game...not simply others that are bored with their lives, plvling new chars just to somehow kill their boredom.

    Actually there are plenty of games where support is just that.

    Doing any form of pvp with a support is just asking to be beaten, unless it is group pvp.

    Here's what fiesta's missing though. Even as a support, they should do just as well in PvE solo.

    Other than that, clerics are fine.9

    Give us some examples please (of these games, and i mean names), i would love to know. But i would love you to compare the games too. (For example, in lineage 2 there are like 10 support classes, with different buffs each one and ofc usefull, that stay on you for 19 mins -- while in fiesta endure/immune stay for like 74 mins, which can easily turn clerics into buff bots). I also enjoyed the fact you answered yourself already ( here's what fiesta's missing though). You mean the group pvp right? Another reason is that cleric slots are being filled from glads, especially after SK when are charms are still on, and that's a fact! Guess why though...!!!

    That's a problem with the perception of the people and/or the kind of player base, not the game itself. In every other game, support classes are support classes, meaning the fighting classes are more powerful while support classes have other advantages to the team. We can not influence whether they are revered by the players or not though 💛

    Im seriously happy watching Zao answering my posts ,BUT,Im still sure that Zao have never played other mmorpgs to check how supports work. I'd love to hear that CLERIC'S BUILD (the one in Fiesta game) is something you can find ONLY in this game. Have you ever played AION? Have you ever seen real pvp clerics? With spells/stuns/roots etc. Have you ever seen true healers, with powerful mass ressurections, mass heals in great distances etc... Well i think you haven't!!! All im trying to say in this particular post is that this unbalance (which is created from overbuffing these champs + charms) makes other classes really secondary and maybe forcing them to extinct! Im not talking as someone that wants to spread hate inside fiesta community. Im just acting in such a sad way while watching my class and the gameplay around her being ruined cuz of an unfair and class-aimed overbuff. As an example, i can use the gameplay at 100- lvl where LN/CC runners use stones/pots/magic pots (with 0 cd) to greatly bypass the need of a healer,

    By the way, you spoke about advantages. You mean endure/immune??? Or some basic def/m.def/dmg/mdmg buff? Okey, make another afk follower cleric for those. When a glad shows off his 300k dmg with charms-sets etc, okey...lemme give him like 2k dmg more... What else???? Oh, you mean heal??? For what actually? Oh yeah, i reduce dmg to enemy gladiators at SK...

    Just saying, i don't need someone to "influence" me while being a 10-years-old player. I need someone who knows about how mmorpgs work, to balance the game.:*:*:saint::saint:<3<3

    I don't actually get what you didn't understand in what i said. :) The AoE heal you know, has REALLY short range (talking for Awaken/Recover, especially Awaken). Int will be a very tricky and nice stat for Clerics too. Finally what didn't you understand about MASS REZ? Yeah, a mass ressurection spell, it's a not a big deal. Knight doesn't have root, but HAS a ton of other cc, am i right? Plus ,tbh, i don't see many active knights around and i think you're clever enough to guess why. Why someone to build a knight with over 25+k hp? The only reason that atm clerics exist at SK is to HEAL ENEMY GLADIATORS (!) to reduce their dmg. REALLY PEOPLE?? World bosses in other mmorpg need like 1-2hours to die, need POWERFUL tanks and great heals. Here just put a bunch of charmed glads, some extenders and everything is okey. It needs like 10 mins or less for SK to die, and 2-3 hours of a weird drama for the "losers" or "winners". Did you know atm that even in ToG, 90% of people are redeeming their points for glad gears only. Guess why...they are more expensive than others...why? Because glads are the most buffed class atm for NO REASON.

    Some other suggestions:

    1) Atk speed buff to Hk : friendly/self

    2) Evasion buff to Hk: friendly/self

    3) Clarify what the hell "dispel magic" scrolls do. This category of scrolls is really dead, since the only thing they can do is to cure slow and some other shitty debuffs. Instead of that, delete these scrolls AND give either scroll/pot makers an new recipe like "cure scroll" to get a debuff from you. Even wl sleep or some root.

    4) Give a class a vision-like buff to counter the stealth of archers.

    PS. i have more in case you need...

    Want me to suggest changes? REALLY? Okey, let's start then.

    1) Make charms to work ONLY for PVE, which means that during pvp, charms won't work.

    2) Adjust the damage of the passive of glads. Make it flat dmg and not % cuz that multiplies the dmg from other shit too like rama/str pots.

    3) Make the gear sets generally useful. Check some passive effects on clerics and you'll see what i mean. Everyone atm uses safe/firament (when hanging on uruga) for basic buffs, cruor set mostly in late and in rare circumstances quicken set (which to me has no great difference).

    4) Make INT useful for clerics. They can be considered as mages since they are using magic spells, so int can give them HEAL POWER. Or at least give guardians a passive to get % or flat healing power.

    5) FINALLY GIVE a ranged root to clerics so that they can be useful on pvp. Invigorate is good to spam BUT, since every class has a blink/jump/stealth, GIVE THIS MELEE CLASS (with the same speed with other kiting classes) a ranged cc LIKE EVERY OTHER MMORPG DO. Lineage 2 has dryad root/ aion has root, every mmorpg gives support classes RANGED root! This 1,5 sec root is simply tragic, especially when combined with low aim and low range.

    6) Give guardians MASS RANGED HEAL, 18m distance. To clarify the difference of REAL healer in this game.

    7)Give guardians a MASS RESSURECTION skill 15m distance. To enchance his power on pvp/pve.

    P.S I can tell you more if you want...

    Well, i just left the game. I have like 15 days to log in and im not planning to come back. Seems finally gladiators destroyed the game completely. Good job Gamigo! Im sorry but i can't consider myself as secondary class to them. In EVERY OTHER MMORPG, supports were the divas of the game. Lineage2 , WoW, Aion, they were REALLY active in everything (pvp/pve/events). 90% of people in game consider those as heal/buff slaves. Good job people, you made this game dead.

    Finally, it's so discouraging for me to play Fiesta anymore. Although im a really skilled healer, it turned out that gladiators are surpassing difficulties alone, even without party buffs etc. Im not willing to play that class, so i think i have to move on. I feel useless even in ToG parties, cuz 5 glads can farm it. How will i get my godlies? Glads can do it better i guess...

    First time in my life as a player (support) in mmorpgs that i see people being proud of paying for charms/skins etc etc to just see a high dmg glad to play with. Well it's 100% gamigo's mistake that glads are unfortunately the most buffed class in game and thus there are people leaving just because of this unbalance. Also, when that small adjustment happened to glads, half of these people quitted because glads weren't that OP anymore. People PLZ! In a really good mmorpg, THIS shouldn't have happened. To me, gamigo should totally change their passive, (lower hp---> higher dmg) just because THAT makes those op MORE than other classes might be. It's not funny anymore watching someone writing " GLADS> ALL", or , "every other class is 2nd". And believe me, neither glad mains want us to quit too...

    The guy that sells t6 vit is named MostCreative. He can just craft those. I , personally, think that this is TRULLY unfair. If , the fact that t6 scroll recipes came out for a bit, is GM's problem, they will have to make those unavailable TO EVERYONE, even to those that were lucky to use those recipes. To me, almost everyone needs t6 scrolls since 80-90% of people in fiesta have capped alts or main ones. Also, they should put the points needed (to use t6 scroll recipes), higher than it's shown already. The problem is not only the t6 vit, but generally all the t6 scroll/pot crafters atm. There are people that can craft nearly all t6 scrolls, they just have enough money not to sell those widely...!!!

    To me, guardians >>>>> hk in single target healing with ease! BUT...if you can handle cross precisely, you can heal for 1,5k hp/sec for 30 secs a whole party, which from my point of view is THE BEST HEALING SPELL in game. It's like meteor but it heals you and gives you mdmg/pdmg. And since you can put cd/power points on cross, you can recast it before it fades away. Moreover you can combine that with invigorate, speed buff/ dmg buff/ 1,7k hp/sec makes HK a beast!

    PvP doesn't mean that you directly can take the kill, but at least you can contribute to that. Also, PvP isn't only 1vs1. Everyone knows that a support class has more defensive/supportive skills than offensive, but that doesn't mean you're 100% PvE based class. Lemme remind you that HK's have a skill that deletes enemy's buffs, which is useful for PvP (i guess). To be honest, i would like to see my class being more active in PvP than staying afk dancing or buffing only. (If people weren't able to use hp pots while pvp, things would have been way better in the case of cleric's contribution in PvP.)

    I hate the fact that people believe clerics and generally supports aren't made for PvP. Check some other mmorpg and you'll understand what i'm talking about. Being a support doesn't mean you aren't useful for PvP. Root + silence + speed buff helps you reach one target and let your friends kill him. It's probably game's mistake about how cleric is built generally, since you still believe this :)

    Hey all. :)

    What i actually think about HK's (and generally clerics) is that this patch, actually, buffed them in many ways:

    1) Invigorate speed buff is actually essential because it helps with speed. Considering that all the classes have the same speed, this means that invigorate + root + silence makes it a pvp skill which helps you to reach or to avoid someone with ease. Cd is okey, because putting 5 points on buff time+ 5 point on cd, makes it 15 sec/cd +12 secs speed buff.

    2) Healing duration on cross is OP, because i found out you can recast cross while it's already active, which means you have cross buff/heal FOREVER.

    3)Bash def reduction and bleed debuffs are legit for solo exp, which in 2k19 isn't something a that a cleric should worry about.


    There many things that should be help clerics more (in pve/pvp)!

    In order to make a nice difference between the "healer" and "buffer" you'll need:

    1) A long range (18+m distance) party heal to guardian, cuz awaken and recover have extremely low range

    2) A mass revive skill for guardian

    3) A new buff for holyknights that can stay for 59mins ( examples: Vampire rage: +5% hp taken from each basic hit, Wind walk: +15% speed, Haste: +20% atk/casting speed, Empower: +20% m.dmg, Might :+20% p.dmg)