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    But game is so boring these days what else are ppl supposed to do when gamigo aint releasing more new content.

    Jesus. Raids are a thing, you know. (or leveling alts, etc) It's an unnecessary and unacceptable thing to do, period.

    If I see these people intentionally doing it, then I'll mb each orc from killing the vendors. I'd do it all night if able to.

    That point is, it is wrong, and idc if it's an open town with mobs all over or other players "fault" for being within the mobs level range to be attacked. If that's at all OKAY, then anything even against ToS that is considered so bad for perm bans or such, might as well be too. This community feels so doomed. (Not everyone)

    But knowing people are actually okay with this is sickening. slimemeh slimefacewall