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    If this is how Sorah 125-135 was planned to be from the beginning, then how do we pass it. The KQ also happens every 4 hours only and can accommodate 10 people max. Maybe accommodate more people to pass now Sorah? Maybe raise the amount of players in Sorah to 20 now since it's harder.

    This + other colored variations of V-Day suits like Red, Teal etc.

    Oh Wow Rae! I love your Art Gallery :love: This was something I missed so much of artists posting up to watch and relax. My favorite design of yours in which I would absolutely love to see being implemented on the store is the "Kimono Ninja". I absolutely adore it! I love Kimonos and anything blue and green. I really hope they implement this Kimono design of yours in the cash shop. I would definitely be putting it on one of my pixels asap <3

    All t6 scrolls (except speed) and all 125 potions (cures and resists and purples) currently drop randomly from shine mobs.

    Quite a few people have amassed a LARGE stock pile of them and they all go for relatively cheap prices today.

    If you need a large supply, well keep your eyes peeled :-)

    This ^ Also not all shiny mobs will "shine" at times. So basically just kill everything while questing, farming or doing reps.

    You can get a permanent Zombie Hunter costume by starting to do the daily quests from Elderine. Try getting a lot of tokens by doing them and you can get a costume for free. However if you really want it, you can always suggest the costume in the suggestions threads :)

    Fiesta is not the newest game out there. We should be happy it's passed the test of time and is still running. Yes a merge of everything would be nice but, it cannot be done now then why not start a new character in a populated server. Or for those people who do not like populated servers go to am emptier one. Not my cup of tea since MMO's are meant to be played with others. People will come and go when playing this game. It happens, whether in real life stuff, work, studies, or other games. We are all still in quarantine and have the game up and running, not too perfection but running atleast. Just enjoy the ride while you still can.

    I am no ways a computer expert here, however,last year we went through a similar situation. Certain skills were bugged/ glitched and when used during raid hours, we would get massive disconnects. I just remember getting massive DC's during raiding boss hours and people roaring "CC of Doom". Fiesta has always been a buggy game, so it could be anything. So just watch Netflix and chill during quarantine till it gets resolved.

    I have never experienced this ever. I always change my passwords and never share accounts so never been hacked.

    We all sc every DD class just like glads, yet glads are the preferred class in raids and dungeons. They get the job done faster than any other class. Why not boost the damage of the rest of the DD classes. That way we can see more of a variety of classes being played.