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    Dear community,

    Welcome to the brand new Fiesta Online Forum! Feel free to explore this new forum and of course, we look forward to reading your comments on the new forum.

    If you want to transfer messages from the old forum to the new one or if you want to make a backup, you will have until the end of June 2018 to do so. The old forum can be reached by clicking on this link:

    After this period, the old forum will begin its well-deserved retirement.


    Happy posting!


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Are you ready for another battle?!

    From Friday, 8th June until Sunday, 10th June, your next mission takes place in the medieval fantasy world of Last Chaos!

    Our fifth and final challenge is this time in the MMORPG Last Chaos. Here you have the choice to choose your character between 9 classes! There is something for everyone, from beginners to complex special classes. Compete against dangerous enemies and fight alongside with your friends! Join the international community of players, make alliances, and make new friends in the fabulous world of Iris!

    The fifth challenge in Last Chaos is:

    • Complete the tutorial.
    • Slay the Balrog.
    • The Princess and the Troll (You need the ticket to enter the dungeon: Personal Dungeon-Save the Princess)

    Hints for completing the challenge and further useful information can be found in the official announcement of Last Chaos! Please also keep in mind that the event period is different for Europe, Russia and USA.

    The important thing is to do this with a Last Chaos account on your existing gamigo account. Be sure to use the same gamigo account as the previous challenges in Fiesta Online, Loong: Dragonblood, Savage Hunt and Kings and Legends.

    You can choose between the following languages and register on the following websiter or download your client:








    We recommend the following servers for you and there will also be special drops available for beginners:

    • EN: Horizon
    • DE: Ternova
    • ES: Lunasol
    • FR: Horizon
    • IT: Lunasol
    • PL: Caraieum
    • RU: Инитиум

    Special offers will be available in the itemshop of Last Chaos, where you also find special packs for beginners!

    Here you can find the original post in the Last Chaos EN forum: HERE!

    The Fiesta Online-Team and the Last Chaos-Team wishes you lots fun while playing!

    Prepare for it!

    From Friday 1 June to Sunday 3 June, continue in Kings and Legends!

    Our fourth challenge takes place this time in the browser game Kings and Legends. It is an exciting trading card game around a tactical combat system and varied PvP! Recruit an army of powerful creatures and use their abilities in combat!

    The fourth challenge in Kings and Legends is:

    • Reach level 20
    • Complete the Dungeon Dark Forest

    The important thing is to do this with a Kings and Legends account on your existing gamigo account. Be sure to use the same gamigo account as the ones in Fiesta Online, Loong: Dragonblood, and Savage Hunt.

    For Kings and Legends no download is necessary as it is a browser game. So you come directly into the game via your browser! You may need to enable Adobe Flash.

    Here you can register!

    We recommend the following server choice:

    • German: Chaosebene (s11)
    • English / Internacional: Bastien (s17)
    • French: Diabolos (s6)

    As a hint, we recommend you to start with the PvE battles and the Bossfight "Shimmering Cave" on easy difficulty level. Then you are well prepared to challenge the boss fight in the Dungeon Dark Forest.

    You can boost your army by opening Silver Booster Packs and combining your cards with Silver! And for the ultimate start we can recommend the first time buyer offer. For every charge over 99 gold you will receive a unique card and items worth 600 gold on top! Just click on the First Time Buyer Offer button in the game for more details or check out the official announcement in the Kings and Legends forum for more information!

    From Friday May 25th to Sunday May 27th the next challenge will continue in Savage Hunt!

    Our third challenge takes place in the dragon-tastic world of Auratia! You will be able to experience your adventures on the backs of different dragons, whether in the air, on earth or in the water, there is a dragon for every situation!

    Catch as many dragons as possible, collect them all in the Dragon Book and experience great adventures in the wonderful world of Auratia!

    The third challenge in Savage Hunt is:

    • Complete the quest: "Baa Baa Baa" successfully.
    • Complete the quest: "Pumpkin Alert" successfully.

    It is important that you do this with a newly created character on your existing gamigo account. Be sure to use the same gamigo account as the ones in Fiesta Online and in Loong: Dragonblood. You will have three servers to choose from and you will be able to see that on the small flag.

    We recommend the following server choice:

    • English / International: Elaris
    • German: Diwata
    • French: Finyol

    To complete the first part of the challenge, you will not have to venture deep into the world of Auratia. For the second part, you will find fragments of a mysterious manual in the area of the Paeon Farm and in the West Parsing Woods.

    Start your journey in the world of Auratia, complete the tutorial, discover new dragons and just complete the quests you get! If you have problems, you will definitely find a dragon warrior in the game or you can check the homepage or the forum.

    Download Link:

    Here you can download and install the game client from Savage Hunt:

    More information can be found in the announcement in the Savage Hunt Forum!

    From Friday 05/18/18 to Sunday 05/20/18 it continues in Loong Dragonblood!

    Our second challenge takes place in the beautiful, old China, ruled by Pan Gu! Yes, you might have already guessed right, it takes place in Loong: Dragonblood! You always wanted to create your own personal character class and only learn the skills you like? Loon: Dragonblood is the right place for it!

    Prepare yourself well for the new adventures, because it’s time to conquer the old China!

    The second challenge in Loong: Dragonblood applies:

    • Reach level 20 with your character.
    • Finsih the Quest: "Rescue Yan Qjan" successfully

    It’s important to do it with a new created character from your existing gamigo account. You have to use the same gamigo account which you used for the challenge in Fiesta Online. You can choose freely your server for the challenge. The Server Lushan and Pamir are both very popular.

    You have to clear all quests till level 15 to get access to the old Wuhui Cave, where you can rescue Yan Qian.

    Start your journey through the old China in the beautiful Talasin. There you get all the information to survive your adventure in Loong: Dragonblood. Should you have problems with a task there is the possibility to find a helpful adventurer who can help you, or you can get help on our homepage or in the forum.

    Download Link:

    You can play Loong: Dragonblood only in German.

    Here you can download and install the Client:

    You can get more information in the Loong Dragonblood Forum!

    The Fiesta Online-Team and Loong: Dragonblood-Team wishes you lots fun while playing!

    Check out Fiesta Online from Friday, 11th May to Sunday, 13th May!!!

    Our first Challenge is in the bright, colorful world of anime MMORPG Fiesta Online!

    Plenty of fun and adventures await you after arriving in the sunny continent of Isya, you'll tackle sinister dungeons full of crafty bosses that push your Gaming skills to the limit!

    So let’s begin... It’s time to become a hero and a huge community is already waiting for you to join them!

    Your Challenge, if you choose to Accept it:

    • Reach Level 25
    • Complete "The Shadow Dungeon” (oooOOOooo)

    Seems simple right? All you need to do is reach at least Level 25 (with a new character!)

    You can choose any server to play on and any Class you like (check the website for helpful info on how each Class plays in the Guides section).

    Take Heed Adventurer, of this Helpful Hint: Play the tutorial!!!

    The migthiest of questers got their best starts from the super cool and helpful EXP, items and Equipment the Tutorial quest-line drops, helping you complete your Challenge!

    Once done, we recommend you follow the Quest-line and Story in Isya, exploring the land and meeting the funny NPC’s. The Beginner section of the ItemShop will be stocked full of helpful items and discounts to help you in this Event.

    As you finally reach level 20, you will receive the “Class-Change” quest “The Shadow Dungeon”!

    To start this line go speak to NPC: Guard Captain Shutian, located in Elderine.

    After, go visit NPC: Grand Master Sean in location: Forest of Mist.

    He will port you to the Dungeon of Shadow entrance – rid this place of evil, earn your next class...and complete one part of your Challenge!

    Juicy Rewards:

    What you can win, when redeeming points in Fiesta Online!

    1000 event points: Musketeer Costume Pack

    All for One and One for ME! Look awesome and buff your Dmg output and Crit Rate with the Musketeer Costume! Inside you’ll also find a nifty Pet that auto-collects items, and a Mount to roam the lands with! (All items last 7 days from opening).

    2000 event points: Costume Pack + Support Pack

    On top of the Musketeer Costume Pack, we‘ll give you this Support Pack full of utility items like Revival Breaths and HP Potions to keep you fighting on!

    3000 event points: Costume Pack + Support Pack + Booster Box

    On this tier, we throw in the Booster Box, a progress-busting chest with a Quest-Exp Booster to push your levelling into top-gear!

    4000 event points: EPIC Costume Pack + Support Pack + Booster Box

    Get this Pack to upgrade the Costumes, Mount and Pet to their 30 days versions...and enjoy their buffs all month long!

    5000 event points: EPIC Costume Pack + Support Pack + Booster Box + Mighty Charms

    Woah...earn this prize and you’ll be given a truly rare prize: The Charm of Might!

    This consumable item will boost your damage through the roof, allowing you to crush foes beneath your fists.

    Download Links:

    Please check out the websites and get the matching client that suits your language! You can choose between four different languages:

    (In case your mother tongue is not provided, we recommend to play on our English servers in the US. We have an international community from all over the world playing there.)

    This is a call for all of our gamigo gamers out there! We are looking for the real gamers who have the ability to overcome any challenge!

    For we are announcing *drumroll*

    G.A.M.E. o.f. t.h.e. W.E.E.K!

    During May, we will present to you a game from the gamigo portfolio, and a Challenge along with it!

    Your task is to complete the Challenge in the specified game, earn Points and win rewards worth upto 35 USD!

    What Games dare challenge my skills?!

    (Save time! Register and download the Game Clients early!)

    What treasures will I win?

    The entire event consists of 5 Games and 5 Challenges, 1 per game.

    Each completed Event nets you 1,000 Points which can be redeemed against a variety of treasures consisting of items, costumes, boosters, resources and other items unique to the game you wish to redeem them in, upto a grand value of 35 USD!

    (For full details of each game’s treasures, consult its Forum post for this event!)

    To get your hands on those juicy rewards, you’ll have to make sure you observe the Rules, this is so we can track your progress and make sure you’re entered into the Draw correctly!

    Details on how to redeem your rewards will be provided at the end of the event.

    When must I defeat these games?

    Fiesta Online

    Challenge: “A Shady Beginning“



    Challenge: (TBA)


    Savage Hunt

    Challenge: (TBA)


    Kings and Legends

    Challenge: (TBA)


    Last Chaos

    Challenge: (TBA)


    What Rules to the Challenge defy me?

    Rules control the fun as friendly Monica once said, but more importantly it allows us to make sure everyone is enetered correctly into the Prize Draw... so just follow these few conditions to make sure there’s no confusion:

    1. Use your gamigo account for all Challenges.

    If you use seperate gamigo accounts per game / challenge, you will not accumulate the Points together as we cannot ‚link‘ them together. Refer to your Gamigo account for which games you’re currently registered to: My Gamigo

    2. Complete the Game’s assigned Challenge DURING it’s Challenge period.

    (i.e. In Fiesta Online, level up to 25 and complete the "The Shadow Dungeon" between 11th May – 13th May.)

    3. Complete each Challenge once

    You can only earn a max. Of 1,000 Points per completing the same challenge 5x for 5k points.

    4. Save time, download the Client!

    Some of our games require an initial Client download to be able to play.

    Don’t lose valuable Challenge time, download the clients now and prepare!

    5. Stick to the rules of each game!

    You will receive more information about the respective challenges on Wednesday, 09.05.2018! Be ready!

    Don’t lose valuable Challenge time, download the clients now and prepare!

    Good luck to all of you!


    Hey Isyans,

    Do you experience any trouble with your launcher? We now have an easy solution to fixing corrupted and damaged game files! With this tool, you will be able to download previous patches in case your game client is having issues. This will usually only help with client illegally manipulated errors.

    Use the following link to download the tool:

    After downloading the tool, you will need to save it in the Fiesta folder directory. In order to find it, you need to do a right click on the Fiesta shortcut icon > Properties > Open File Location


    You can then start the tool if you wish to download previous patches in order to fix your game client if needed. The repair tool needs to be in the directory of Fiesta, or else it won't work properly.



    -Your Fiesta Online team


    Discord is a program that makes it easy and convenient to chat with other players without having to rely on the forum or the game itself.

    How do I access Discord?

    To access our Discord, you will need to click on this invitation link:

    This will open a window where you will be able to pick a name, which will then be displayed to everyone on the Discord server. When you pick a name, please pay attention to the following rules:

    -General naming rules apply here. Therefore, your name should not be:

    • Offensive
    • Right/left radical or violence glorification/terrorist
    • Racist
    • Sexist

    -It is forbidden to use the name of an official member of the Fiesta Online Team.

    -ASCII characters in names are forbidden.


    Click on “Continue” after picking your name.

    After doing so, Discord will now ask you for an avatar and an email address that will be linked to your Discord account.

    Finally, choose a secured password and the registration will then be completed after you confirmed your email!


    Discord can also be used on different platforms. You can use it on your browser, as a desktop application or even on your mobile phone.

    What is the role of the Fiesta team on Discord?

    The team members are not on Discord to deal with support requests or any account related issues.

    You can chat with the team but Discord doesn’t replace our support platform. Remember, the team members cannot be always available on Discord at all time.

    See you on Discord adventurers!

    ~ Your Fiesta Online team


    Hello Fiesta fans,

    To improve the cash-shop we would like your suggestions for what items should be sold!

    This can be anything that has previously been for sale, from a Beauty Shop Coupon to the Sorceror's Soul outfit.

    So go ahead, post your favorite outfit, that one boost you need or that awesome Dragon mount you just missed.

    We do need to keep this thread bright and clear. So the sale-team can easily glance over the suggestions.

    So, a few rules:

    • No discussions are to be held in this thread.
    • Please keep your posts to one per week to avoid spam.
    • Please only suggest items that are from the NA CS-Shop.

    ~ Your Fiesta Online Team.

    Dear community,

    Here you can find the names of the in-game staff and a description of the different tasks of the Fiesta Online team.

    Community Manager (CM)


    The Community manager is responsible for the concerns of the community. He checks the comments and suggestions, which were sent to him by the LGM, and if necessary, forwards them further. In addition, he is responsible for the forwarding of the bugs reported to the developers and is responsible for the flow of information between Gamigo - community - Staff team. The Community Manager is a direct employee of Gamigo and acts as a liaison between product management and community.

    Senior Game Master (SGM)


    In addition to the tasks and responsibilities of a Game Master, the Senior Game Master is in charge of events. Complaints about staff can be reported to an SGM.

    Game Master (GM)


    The Game Master is the direct contact person for problems in the game. Game masters also assist in the running of events and answering questions from players. However, Game Masters do not assist players with quests or leveling, nor do they give items or in-game currency to players. Game Masters do not handle problems with the billing system or the item shop. For problems with the billing system and item shop, please submit a help desk ticket.

    GameTester (GT)

    Testing new items, contents and of course Bugs is the job of the Bug Tester.

    Trial Game Master (TGM) / Trial Moderator (TMOD)



    Trial Game Masters are Game Masters undergoing training and are only on the server under the supervision of a Game Master. During their trial period, Trial Game Masters should be treated as Game Masters. Keep in mind that they are still learning the ropes and may not be able to answer all of your questions or problems at once. The same applies for Trial Moderators.

    If you would like to join our team, see the appropriate recruitment thread:

    GM Recruitment

    GT Recruitment

    Please keep in mind that no member of the Gamigo staff will ask you for your access data. Therefore please do not give your access data do anyone - even if they pretend to be working for the staff.

    Kind regards,

    ~ Your Fiesta Online Team


    The gamigo team is giving his best to supply the community with current information and to moderate the forums fairly and impartialy. These rules don’t replace the General Terms, they just complete them. Furthermore, we reserve ourselves to adjust the rules.

    Any content which is not explicitly covered by these rules but considered disturbing by the moderators can be removed. The forum is provided as a free service for convenience only and there is no guarantee for the availability of the forum or the included contents. Inavailibility of the forum or its contents for whatever reason has no impact on the contract of any gamigo game, as the forum-service is provided as nonessential standalone free of charge platform.

    1. General Rules

    1.1 The following forum guidelines are basic behaviorial rules that stand alongside the general rules and legislation, and that shall be abided by each member of the Fiesta Online-Forum. These rules especially apply for publishing posts, signatures and avatars.

    1.2 The decisions and actions of the Fiesta Online-Team are binding. If a player tries to bypass such a decision, for example by asking another employee or representative the same question, the player may be sanctioned.

    1.3 Complaints about permanent bans shall be directed to the Community Management Team.

    1.4 Disagreements with the moderators or complaints against their decisions must always be reported to the Community Management.

    1.5 The instructions of the Staffteam shall be followed.

    2. Respectful Conversation

    2.1 The rights of other members of this community are to be respected. Therefore, other characters, players, groups and all gamigo employees are not to be:

    • insulted,
    • abused,
    • harassed,
    • threatened or
    • pilloried

    2.2 The publication or transmitting of content (in text or picture form) as well as the use of usernames and/or links to websites with picture or content which are:

    • violent or drug-gloriying,
    • threatening,
    • sexually indecent, obscene,
    • offensive,
    • racist,
    • defamatory, damaging to one’s reputation,
    • otherwise violating applicable law

    is strictly forbidden.

    Furthermore any contents that are not allowed by General Terms Section 8 in our games are also not allowed in this forum.

    3. Ban of Discrimination

    Other characters, players, groups and all gamigo employees are not to be attacked or confounded on the grounds of:

    • their race or ethnic origin
    • their religion or beliefs
    • their age
    • their gender
    • their sexual identity
    • a disability

    Furthermore any contents that are not allowed by General Terms Section 8 in our games are also not allowed in this forum.

    4. Writing topics and posts

    4.1 Newly created topics have to be labeled with a heading relevant to the core topic and have to be created in the matching sub-forum.

    4.2 Before creating a new topic, the search function should be used in the forum, if available in order to avoid renewed posting of existing topics.

    4.3 The publishing of private messages, e-mails or private chatlogs is forbidden.

    4.4 Posts or answers to a discussion concerning disciplinary measures against a player, character or account are not allowed to be made public and discussed and will be deleted without warning.

    4.5 It is forbidden to post anything in the name of a blocked or any other user.

    5. Spamming / Trolling

    The repetitive / disruptive publishing of forum posts (spamming) is forbidden. Spam and trolling also include:

    5.1 the creation of posts with the sole purpose of creating unrest in the forum.

    5.2 The transgression of threads into non-topic related discussions / postings that deviate from the topic.

    5.3 Posting the same content in various areas/double posting answers/content (“Crossposting”)

    5.4 Continuous writing in capitals (shouting).

    5.5 „Begging posts“ (e.g. „can somebody level me?“).

    5.6 Excessive use of punctuation and/or smileys in a row.

    5.7 one-word posting, which includes smileys.

    5.8 posting that only serve to push the thread up the thread list and be shown at the top (pushing). Please note our special provisions for the market and guild area.

    6. Multi-Accounting

    Each user is not entitled to more than one account in the forum. Multiple registrations are not allowed. We reserve the right to temporarily or permamently block user’s forum accounts. Excluded are households with the same internet access. Users who have multiple forum accounts per household have to contact the Community Management and wait for the confirmation, that their forum accounts are logged and registered. As Multiaccount count accounts where conclusions can be drawn that the user is one and the same person who was not registered as a household account.

    7. Identity of Another Users

    The publishing of information regarding the identity of another user or gamigo employee or representative (e.g. Game Master) is forbidden. This refers to all personal data like name, address, telephone number, E-Mail address or links to personal websites which provide information about a person’s identity behind an account.

    8. Impersonating a gamigo Employee

    It is not allowed to claim to be an employee or representative (e.g. GM) of the gamigo AG in any form of communication. This includes for instance

    • user name
    • user profile
    • voice feedback
    • text, chat
    • publishing of messages
    • the use of a rank image as avatar

    9. Reporting to the team

    The „Report post“ function shall only be used for reporting the infringement of rules. The „Private message“ function may be used for all other matters. Contacting multiple team members about the same topic within 48 hours is not allowed.

    10. Copyrighted works

    The uploading or transferring of copyrighted material without the explicit consent of the copyright holder is forbidden.

    11. Selling of Product / Services

    11.1 Advertising for non-gamigo related business, organizations or wbsites, as well as links to the corresponding sites is prohibited. The promotion of game-related fan pages is permitted, provided that these fan pages are not for commercial purposes.

    11.2 Linked fanpages must not include any contents that would violate the General Terms section 8 or Forum Rules section 2 and 3. A legal reference to the publisher of the fan page must be included and must be compliant with General Terms section 14.5.

    11.3 Questions of users stated in the forum must not be answered by only linking to external websites without providing a written answe to the users question alongside.

    11.4 The promotion and sale of third-party products or services in the forum is probihited.

    11.5 In-game products and services may only be purchased and sold in the context of the gamigo approved in-game currency in the designated forum platforms (market places).

    12 Signature Size

    The size of the signature may not exceed the following values:

    Height: 125

    Width: 400

    File size: 450000 Byte

    Number of rows: with signature 4 rows, without signature picture 7 rows

    Type size: 12

    Only graphics / pictures which are directly connected to Fiesta Online shall be used.

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team


    Hey Isyans,

    A server restart will take place every week on Wednesday 01h00 (PDT). If a maintenance/game patch is scheduled, we will notify you well in advance.


    -Your Fiesta Online Team


    Greetings Isyans,

    Are you looking to create a new account? If the answer is yes, then here is a guide on how to create a Fiesta Online Account.

    1: Visit our Fiesta Homepage HERE!

    • If you already own a Fiesta Online Account, then you can log in with your former OutSpark Login Information. However if you are unable to access the account due to the Password reset. Please contact CSR Ticket Support: HERE!
    • If you have never played Fiesta before or if you don't possess an OutSpark or Gamigo account, then you will need to create a new account.

    Let's start off with the creation of your new Fiesta Online Gamigo account. When you visit the Fiesta homepage you will notice the Login and Register For Free at the top of your screen.


    Select the Login option if you already possess a Fiesta Online Account or Gamigo Account. If you do not possess an account, then please select on Register For Free option. Once you have clicked on that option, you will be lead to this page.


    Enter your email and tick the Please accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in order to continue and proceed to register your account.

    Once you have done that, you will get this notification in the centre of your screen. Please check your email so that you can continue with the registration of your account. If you cannot find the email in your inbox, please remember to check your Junk/Spam mail box.



    In order to confirm and proceed with the creation of your account you will need to click on the Click here! You can also click on the Download: in order to download the installer and install the game.

    After clicking on Click here! you will be lead to this page below, where you will need to fill in the details.


    Once that is complete you will be lead to the screen as shown below. If you haven't downloaded the game yet, then please click on the box on the left and proceed to download the game.


    Once the game has been downloaded and fully patched, please click on the Launch Game button and open up the game.


    Once the game has been launched please enter your Username and Password in order to log into the game.


    Once you are able to log in, you will need to select a server. There are currently 4 servers you are able to select from. Enid, Pagel, Isya and Jenira


    So what are you waiting for? Go on, come join us and begin your adventure now.

    We hope to see you in the game soon!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team