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    Hey Isyans!

    Are you running low on Slime Coins? Today, 06/28/18 from 18h00 (CEST) until tomorrow 06/29/18 at 18h00 (CEST) you can purchase a package worth $9.99 or more and you'll receive 25% bonus Slime Coins! This is the perfect time to get some Slime Coins and pick up that awesome costume, mount, mini pet, or charm you've had your eye on from the Fiesta Item Shop.

    Head over to the payment page to recharge your SC!

    Note: This offer does not apply to ePin or SMS payments.


    Join Zula, the first-person shooter that has 18 unique maps and 5 realistic locations such as Paris, Istanbul, northern Iraq, Rio or Safranbolu! You will have to choose between Zula's group or Gladyo's force in a variety of game modes such as team death match, free for all, elimination, boss hunt, escort, wanted and capture the flag! And don't worry, regardless of your playstyle you can choose the character that suits best to you playing with friends or alone to gather upgrading items and completing missions from the mission board which will assist you along your way to victory. What are you waiting for? Open beta has begun for US and Canada, so ready yourself for battle.

    >>Click here to watch a little preview<<


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Maybe we are looking for you!

    As you already know, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fiesta Online EU!

    That's a lot of years and a lot can happen in 10 years! Players meet in the game, they are sympathetic, they love each other, they start a family, they make new friends, they get to know IRL, as you can see everything is possible within 10 years!

    So we thought, why not interview some players on this occasion!

    We are looking for:

    The Fiesta Online couple

    We are looking for players who met each other in Fiesta Online, who then met in real life and are a couple who still love each other today and even started a family and / or got married in real life!

    The loyal players

    We are looking for players who play Fiesta Online right from the start, who have been online since the first existing day of Fiesta without taking a break!

    The true gamers

    We are looking for players who have played Fiesta Online, after which the game has paused for a maximum of 1 to 2 years and is now back in the game and are busy playing Fiesta Online again!

    All players who have one or more of these categories and who feel like attending a small interview on the occasion of Fiesta Online's 10 year anniversary can submit their application (a small letter describing you and telling us why you are the right person to interview to be sent, together with the name and server) until 10th July at 23h59 via email to Please use the following sentence as the subject for the email: [Fiesta] Looking for - Interview

    Have fun everybody!


    Your Fiesta Online Team


    While the whole world looks at the screens to Russia. Attentively following the little round thing in the green square and eager to get it into the right rectangular, there is not much time left! But we have prepared a little something for you to ensure your fun at Fiesta Online! Remember, take part in our prediction game in the forum, it's not too late! (Link to the event!)

    Client Version: 1.02.201

    Bug fixes:

    • Fixed a text error on the football buffs.

    • Adjustment of the ability Stifle for mages.

    Have you already thought of your ticket for the #gamigoparty? No? Then get one quickly!


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Dear community,

    A maintenance will take place on 06/27/18 at 01h00 (PDT) with an undefined end time. During this time, the servers of Fiesta Online won't be available. The patch notes will be made available after the maintenance.


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Onwards to adventure as an angel with this awesome permanent outfit and accessories! Wear the Blue Angel Outfit and banish all evils from Isya with the help of your loyal mount the Angelic Canine!

    Make the monsters fear your angelic powers!


    Today, 06/25/18 from 18h00 (CEST) until tomorrow 06/26/18 15h00 (CEST), you will have the opportunity to purchase the Blue Angelic pack directly on the cash shop! However, upon purchase you will for now, only receive the awesome Blue Angel Costume (Permanent), the other items of the pack will be delivered to you during the week. So, make sure to not miss this awesome pack!

    Blue Angelic Pack:

    - Blue Angel Costume (Permanent)

    - Angelic Canine (Speed 200)(Permanent)

    - Twin Angels (5% Crit)(30 Days)

    - Baby Angelic Canine (+8 Stats)(30 Days)

    - Starshine Wings (5% Crit)(5% Eva)(30 Days

    Limited event, from today 06/25/18 18h00 (CEST) until tomorrow 06/26/18 15h00 (CEST)!

    >>To the cash shop<<


    Your Fiesta Online team

    Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, ... all that is almost gone! It's time to prepare for the closing speeches and put on the school uniforms for the last time before going on well-deserved holidays! Rummage through the uniforms this week and choose your favorite accessory!

    Vanilla, chocolate or berry ice cream !? With CARAMEL COVER!?!?!?!?!?

    For those who already enjoy the full summer, there is a wide selection of delicious ice creams! *yummy*

    Monday - 06/25/2018

    Weekly Sale – School Days

    The weekly sale will be updated each Monday at 10h00 (PDT).

    Flash Sale - We scream for ice cream

    The flash sale will be available until Friday at 17h00 (PDT).

    Tuesday - 06/26/2018

    Turbo & Fragment

    From 06/26/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 06/27/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Wednesday - 06/27/2018

    Happy Hour

    From 06/27/2018 at 18h00 (PDT) until 06/27/2018 at 23h00 (PDT).

    Thursday - 06/28/2018

    Mini Muru Sale

    From 06/28/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 06/29/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Saturday - 06/30/2018


    From 06/30/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 06/30/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).


    Your Fiesta Online Team


    Dear community,

    On Thursday, June 21th at 01h00 PDT, there will be a special maintenance for NA where we will move the servers to a new modern and more stable home. The maintenance could take longer than usual. We already gathered all the Server Slimes in one herd to move them to their new homes, but all of our CMs are still running around to catch the Honeyings. Robin and Roumenus are also still discussing on how to move Wooley Wilbur. Rest assured, all of your characters will be transported, even if they are still in Elderine celebrating the World Cup 2018. We have prepared some riddles for you for the duration of the maintenance in Discord in order to keep you entertained and also, we will keep you updated there for more information regarding the move.


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Dear Soccer fans!

    So that you can celebrate the beginning of the World Cup and to dribble together with your friends, though many adventurers in Isya, we have prepared a special voucher code for all loyal Fiesta players!


    This voucher code is valid until Monday 18/06/18 12h00 CEST. To be able to use the voucher, your account must be at least 7 days old.

    Additionally, from today, 15/06/18 10h00 CEST until Monday 18/06/18 12h00 CEST, you will be able to also enjoy an awesome 50% drop & EXP boost on all servers!

    The Fiesta Online team wishes you a pleasant weekend!

    It's already starting to heat up in the continent of Isya! Summer officially begins this Thursday! It's time to take off summer clothes and enjoy the sunshine! The offers of this week invite you to sunbathe with the summer suits, but remember to wear sunglasses!

    And for those who want to cool off on the beaches of the hot summer days, do not miss the Flash Sale! You will be the kings of the seas!

    This first week of summer also brings us other surprises as tradable objects, hammers of bijou and unbind scrolls in the special offers as well as being able to try your luck in the Phoenix Lucky Box.

    And do not forget that the day of music will be full of rhythm on Thursday! Celebrate this special day with fantastic objects! Let your voice and instruments vibrate everything to the sound of music!

    Monday - 06/18/18

    Weekly Sale - Summer Days

    The weekly sale will be updated each Monday at 10h00 (PDT).

    Flash Sale - King of the Seas

    The flash sale will be available until Friday at 17h00 (PDT).

    Tuesday - 06/19/18

    Tradeable Items

    From 06/19/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 06/19/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Wednesday - 06/20/18

    Phoenix Lucky Box x8

    From 06/20/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 06/21/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Thursday - 06/21/18

    Music Day!

    From 06/21/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 06/22/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Saturday - 06/23/18

    Unbinding & Hammers

    From 06/23/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 06/24/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Let’s get the party started!!! Today is the first World Cup match and we are super excited! Russia is hosting the World Cup 2018 and for all of our Russian fans we prepared a new football outfit! But there are plenty of other new football outfits. These outfits will be available in special Lucky Boxes in the Itemshop. With each Lucky Boxes you will have the chance to get one piece of a nation’s football tricot! We are starting with the Lucky Boxes for Russia and Germany, but in the course of the World Cup we will add more Lucky Boxes to the itemshop as long as the World Cup is running! Invite your friends for some football dance party in Elderine. The public viewing stand will grant you a buff if you use one of the free dances!


    We also have a very shiny Champion’s Cup! What is better than resting in such a cheerful mini house after the football party! Noone will disturb you with grumpy King Slime on the trophy guarding your sleep! You have the chance to get it by playing the World Cup Lucky Boxes!


    As a special bonus we are giving out a cash voucher code that will make you save $5 upon purchasing at least the $29.99 pack! So, make sure to use the code below!


    This code is available until Friday, 06/15/2018 15h00 PDT! Note that your account must be at least 30 days old!


    Your Fiesta Online team


    And 1, and 2, and 3 to 0!

    It is nearly time! The 2018 World Cup in Russia starts tomorrow! Are you already curious who will be the world champion this time?

    At this point, we would like to remind you once again about our forum event where you have to make your prediction for the World Cup, remember to participate!

    (Link to the prediction event)

    And to shorten the waiting time, we prepared a soccer event in Fiesta Online! Take part in the soccer Kingdom Quest, kick the ball into the opponent's goal and trick your opponents to win with your team! Also, make sure to look for the huge soccer ball monster in the world of Isya and defeat it to get valuable soccer coins.

    Afterwards, you can exchange the soccer coins for great rewards at Coach Ming in the stadium in Elderine!

    Client version: 1.02.198


    • The soccer KQ has been added! Kick the ball into the opponent's goal and win the match.
    • Huge soccer ball monsters are wandering through the world of Isya. Find and defeat them!
    • Visit the soccer stadium on the OX field in Elderine and exchange your soccer coins, that you will earn for great rewards.
    • The rewards that are available at Coach Ming have been updated.
    • A viewing stand has been added in Elderine! Dance near the latter to receive a buff!
    • You will now be able to start up to 3 clients simultaneously.

    Bug fixes:

    • The 5th Shortcut bar works again as usual.


    If you have problems with the launcher not starting, please open your Fiesta Online folder and delete the following file:

    Then you should be able to open and start the launcher and the game as usual. Please open your Fiesta application as administrator.


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Dear community,

    A maintenance will take place on 06/13/18 at 01h00 (PDT) with an undefined end time. During this time, the servers of Fiesta Online won't be available. The patch notes will be made available after the maintenance.

    Your Fiesta Online team


    Dear community,

    An unplanned maintenance will take place today 12/06/18 at 05h30 PDT. The aim of this maintenance is to apply several fixes to the servers of Fiesta Online that will fix the disconnection issue related to Xigncode.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Your Fiesta Online team

    Do you want to wish your team good luck at the World Cup 2018? Then this is the perfect opportunity! A large selection of items that attract good luck are available at the sale of the week to give luck to your team or to help you make the right decisions!

    As the heat starts, the best decision you can make is to enjoy the wonderful beaches of Isya! And what can you do on the beach other than sunbathing and taking a dip? Exactly, play a volleyball match with your friends! But be careful, do not forget the sunscreen and cover the sun with the shark hat or the sea lion hat!

    And we also have some surprises for those of you who are allergic to the beach. Those who prefer to stay at home with the fan can enjoy great discounts on mega enhancement bundles and prepare to farm with a variety of objects that will make the job easier!

    Monday - 06/11/18

    Weekly Sale - Lucky Strike!

    Items will be on sale for a week as from 10h00 (PDT) today

    Flash Sale - Volleyball on the beach

    Awesome items on sale until Friday 17h00 (PDT).

    Best Selling

    Our best selling items are rotating again!

    Tuesday - 06/12/18

    Inventory Space Sale!

    From 06/12/18 10h00 (PDT) until 06/12/18 23h59 (PDT)

    Wednesday - 06/13/18

    Mega Enhancement

    From 06/13/18 10h00 (PDT) until 06/14/18 23h59 (PDT)

    Friday - 06/15/18

    Time to farm!

    From 06/15/18 10h00 (PDT) until 06/16/18 23h59 (PDT)


    Your Fiesta Online team

    Hey guys,

    I know some of you are willing to get your posts replied about the current situation with Xigncode and the last patch.

    If I didn't answer any of those is just because as I told you in the last thread I posted on Friday, we are looking for feedback to solve this situation. If you want, I could reply on every single posts that "we are working on it and gathering feedback", but this is not gonna be the answer you want to read.

    Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that not replying every comment in the forum is they way we have to follow, but obviously I am not here 24/7 and this last thread explaining everything about Xigcode was posted on Friday before I left the office and for obvious reasons, I am not checking the forum in my free time. Lately I have been busier than normal since most of you guys know, I am taking care of 2 communities at the same time and this is really stressing sometimes.

    Also, some of you guys have reached me on Discord and get replied within 5 minutes because there's always messages popping up and then I can realize someone is contacting me, so you can always contact me over there.

    Anyways, I will try to keep an eye on the forums more often and replying not using the phrases "we are working on it" and "we need to gather feedback". ;)




    Dear Community,

    we have seen that several players encountered some problems after the implementation of XignCode. Rest assured we are currently looking into all feedback and information that we can gather. However, we also can see that XignCode has detected quite a few players already who are using cheat software that is clearly illegal. XignCode is a new anti-cheat software for Fiesta Online and it might take a bit until we can figure out all of the issues, but we assure you that it will help to prevent unfair players exploiting the world of Isya, when there player playing fair and enjoying their love for the game!

    We prepared a little information list:

    What is XignCode detecting?

    * XignCode is detecting a lot of third-party programs that modify the game like e.g. applications that allow virtual machines, Sandboxie, several tools that are using auto clicking and game file modification. We can already see that it detected several of those! The usage of these are clearly forbidden as they can give an advantage in gameplay compared to others who are playing fair.

    What can I do if I get an error?

    * Please check if you haven’t installed any illegal third-party tool on the PC.

    * Please check if your client has not been modified or if you renamed any of your files.

    * Please check if the game is not blocked by your anti virus software, firewall, etc.

    * Please run the game as administrator.

    * Please provide as much information as you can like your graphic driver, your operating system, screenshots of the error message, character and server name, time and date. Also your anti virus software can be helpful to find the issue as both software is checking for suspicious behaviour.

    Will I ever be able to play with serveral clients at the same time again?

    * We will not allow Sandboxie or any virtual machine. But we are currently checking that all versions are able to play at least with 3 clients at the same time. We don’t know when we can implement this change, but we keep you updated on this topic.

    Why can’t I start the Fiesta Launcher short cut anymore?

    * Usually when you install a game you can create desktop shortcup during the installation. As we renamed the execution file of the game, this shortcut is not working anymore. But this doesn’t mean that your game is gone. Please check where you installed Fiesta Online. Usually you can find it on your hard disk in the programm folder. Right click on the LaunchFiesta.exe and create a short cut. You can now move the short cut where you need it.

    How long it will take until the problems get solved?

    * XignCode has not been developed directly by gamigo. We are currently evaluating all the information we have and are checking what can be handled on our side and what we need to check with XignCode. This might take a bit of time, but we are looking into all reported issues as best as we can.


    Your Fiesta Online team


    As everyone knows, it is only a few days until the World Cup in Russia will start. And not only the whole world is looking to Russia, but also Isya. On the occasion of this great sport event, we are hosting a forums betting game. In the following we will explain how this should be done and of course there is something to win for the best player, who will foresee the highest amount of of correct final scores for each match.


    • For each World Cup match we will open a thread in this forum section. E.g. the title will be „Group A: France - Germany 18:00“.
    • In this thread you can make one post with your bet how the final score for this match will be. Multiple bets are not allowed.
    • You can place a bet until the match starts. All posts after that will not be taken into consideration. The same applies to posts that are edited after the match starts!
    • Please note that you will have to make your post in the following structure:

    Char name:


    My bet: France 1:2 Germany (for example)

    Posts with a different topic , content or structure will be deleted without a comment!

    Award of points:

    • For each correct bet you will receive 3 points
    • If you didn’t have the correct bet, but have the correct winner you will receive 1 point

    The winner will be of course the one who collected the most points at the end of the World Cup! To increase a bit the exitement, the rewards will also depend on how many participants we have. But we don’t want to keep you waiting too long, so we will announce the rewards during the course of the event.

    We wish you a lot of fun and successful bets during the World Cup 2018 in Russia!

    Best regards,

    Your Fiesta Team Please