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    Have you ever been invited to a party and didn’t know what to wear?

    Do you feel like you don’t want to be recognized by the people around you?

    We have the solution to your problem!

    Our stylish Horseheads are the perfect accessory to fit every occasion while disguising you from your friends and family!

    From today, 09/15/2018 09h00 (CEST) until Sunday, 09/16/2018 23h59 (CEST) (September 15th at 00h00 PDT until September 16th at 15h59 PDT) you will receive a Horse Head (Permanent) free on top for every purchase of the 29.99$ cash pack from the Cash Shop!

    But that is not all!

    For every purchase of the 49.99$ cash pack from the Cash Shop you will not only receive a Horse Head (Permanent) but also a Horse Head (+10% Damage)(30 Days) free on top!

    Buy the cash package 29,99$ and receive the following item on top for free:

    • 1 x Horse Head (Permanent)

    Buy the cash package 49,99$ and receive the following items on top for free:

    • 1 x Horse Head (Permanent)
    • 1 x Horse Head (+10% Damage)(30 Days)

    The horseheads will be sent out during the following week, so don’t miss out!


    Your Fiesta Online team


    The summer holidays are over and all the children return to school with their uniforms! Gain advantage with the offers of the week to attend the first class with Roumen or Elderine uniforms, and do not forget your backpack!

    For all those who do not like school and prefer samurai fights, we have what they look for in the flash sale!

    But this week also reserve some other surprises as experience boosters or potions! For those with merchants' souls, we have special offers with tradeable items! And to top off with style the week, dance packages!

    Monday - 09/10/18

    Weekly Sale – School life.

    The weekly sale will be updated each Monday at 10h00 (PDT).

    Flash Sale - Samurai way.

    The flash sale will be available until Friday at 17h00 (PDT).

    Tuesday - 09/11/18

    Leveling and potions.

    From 09/11/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 09/12/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Thursday - 09/13/18

    Tradeable mania!

    From 09/13/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 09/14/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Saturday - 09/15/18

    Dance packs!

    From 09/15/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 09/15/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).


    Your Fiesta Online team

    Well, first of all, the first balance patch is not coming next week, it will take a bit longer to test and correct was is not working properly. About why am I the only one talking about this topic, it's because it's not top secret and when someone asks I don't mind answering (if I know the answer ofc).

    This first rebalance patch is not available for players because the game experience wont' change that much, we are aiming for improving classes (or nerf a bit the op ones). The second part of the rebalance will take long to test and the plan is to make you guys able to check it, more into specific changes and mechanics.

    Our goal is to give each class a defined role, or at least make those classes more notorious. Right now most of you guys are playing classes not because of specific and cool stuff, but because they are better than the other available class. For example, it's not common to see a Knight tanking in raids / instances. Why? Gladiator can do the same work, dealing more damage and keeping the aggro more efficiently. Our goal, as I said, is to define roles. When someone mentions a Gladiator, I don't imagine that guy tanking every single monster in the game and dealing tons of damage at the same time, my clear view of a Gladiator is a guy dealing a lot of damage but instead, facing some disadvantages like low defense or a really dangerous playstyle.

    And that's one of the example I can give you guys for now.

    Why are not we going to read this? We are still working on the rebalance and this is one of the skills that we plan to change (although it will not be in the first phase of the rebalance).

    The plan we had in mid for this skill was to reduce the cast time instead of increasing the distance like a "finisher". In order to catch enemies, assassins already have the necessary tools.

    Hey guys! Yesterday's winner is Krisimasi! Congratulations! Let's continue with the LAST exploration:

    • Our last trip starts in front of the two tireless dancers in a bright city.
    • Crossing the portal they protect, we will arrive at a camp invaded by fungi near a tree house.
    • We will continue south until we reach some white ruins that hide a green swirl.
    • Let us down the stairs to a room where once lived a demon that now remains petrified.
    • We will follow the route behind the devil's back and we will take the path of the East while we finish with the living dead that will impede our progress.
    • After crossing the green whirlpool, we will have reached the room where electricity protects the orb of dark energy from which the most fearsome beasts of Isya feed.

    Hey explorers! The winner of yesterday's exploration is MangoTango! Congratulations! Here you can find the next exploration:

    • This trip begins with the guard who protects the camp from the attack of the goblins.
    • After making sure we are not in danger, we will cross the portal that takes us to a dark place where chaos reigns and crimes are common.
    • We follow the road to the right until we come across a stone bridge, which we cross and follow the signs until we reach a more luminous and busy city.
    • Our path continues in the direction where the guards watch until we reach a statue under which the captain of the guard is.
    • When talking to the captain, he advises us to look for the statue of a winged lion and talk to the person who is under it.
    • This person tells us that the place we are looking for is very close and that a person with a beard will tell us the exact place.
    • The person who is next to the anvil says that the place where the animals rest from their long journeys is the place we are looking for.

    Yesterday's Ming's exploration winner is Hekapoo! Congratulations! Here you can find the new exploration for today:

    • The journey begins at the entrance of the first challenge imposed by Iyzel, where the 3 boar brothers look for their next victim.
    • We headed east, crossing a wooden bridge and seeing in the distance some white ruins surrounded by trees.
    • From the ruins, we headed south this time, crossing another wooden bridge until we reach a pond.
    • We'll pass by the left of the pond and behind the leafy trees, we will cross the portal that the trees hide.
    • In this new place, we will climb a ramp from which we can see a mill under which there is a new portal.
    • We'll take the road through which we can see lampposts and cross the wooden bridge until we reach a clock.
    • We will follow the direction marked by the minute hand and after crossing a wooden bridge, we will see an item merchant next to a pretty flashy signboard.


    Hello Isyans! This maintenance didn't take long and we are just changing a few things, so yeah... sorry about that! BUT! Our next patch will contain stuff we have been waiting for long! The wait will be worth it!

    Client version: 1.02.210


    • The kingdom quest "Water Balloon Battle" has left Isya until next year, but don't worry, the Swim Ming will continue in Elderine until the next patch so you can exchange all the summer coins for fantastic rewards!


    Your Fiesta Online team

    Hello explorers! Here you can find the first Ming's exploration!

    • Our trip starts next to a cat who dreams of becoming a pirate in the city where everything begins.
    • To the west, follow the stone path until you cross the green swirl.
    • Once we have crossed the swirl, we will take the East path crossing a wooden bridge until we reach a pirate camp.
    • From the camp, we will see a pirate ship in which we will have to embark to reach a blazing mountain where bandits rule.
    • We will follow the path of the East crossing red rivers and avoiding the dangerous Golden Slimes to cross another portal to arid lands.
    • Just in front of us, a creature immune to our attacks will appear from the sand dancing among the burly bandits.


    Dear community! It's time for a new event, and this time we bring you the Ming Exploration! Only the best explorers will be able to find the secret places of Ming's investigations, so if you're ready, grab your backpack, tie your boots well and get going!

    How to win:

    • Take a screenshot of the place or creature that Ming refers to with the clues he will give each day and post the image in this thread!


    • From September 5th to September 9th.


    • In the Fiesta forum.


    • Devilish costume (7 days) or 4 EP.


    • The general rules apply to this event.
    • Double publications are not allowed.
    • Only entries that have been published before the next investigation will be valid.
    • Each player can only win once, the first player to show a screenshot of the correct place will win.
    • Entries can not be edited.
    • The participations must contain the name of the character, server and choice of reward to be valid.
    • All decisions from staff members are final.

    Good luck to all the explorers!


    Dear community,

    A maintenance will take place on 09/05/18 at 01h00 (PDT) with an undefined end time. During this time, the servers of Fiesta Online won't be available. The patch notes will be made available after the maintenance.


    Your Fiesta Online team


    The sale of that week focuses on medicine and especially on doctors! And no, we do not talk about those who heal by pressing 1 many times! Become a real doctor with the items of the weekly sale!

    This week we also have great surprises, such as the BOGO enhancement packs, the collector's editions of the permanent costumes and the elemental auras that will make your characters shine!

    Monday - 09/03/18

    Weekly Sale – Doctor what?

    The weekly sale will be updated each Monday at 10h00 (PDT).

    Flash Sale - Seaside Battle!

    The flash sale will be available until Friday at 17h00 (PDT).

    Best selling items

    The best selling items are rotating again!

    Tuesday - 09/04/18

    BOGO Alchemist!

    From 09/04/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 09/05/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Thursday - 09/06/18

    Collector's edition!

    From 09/06/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 09/07/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Friday - 09/07/18

    Elemental Aura Sale!

    From 09/07/2018 at 09h00 (CEST) until 09/08/2018 at 09h00 (CEST).


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Hey Isyans!

    Are you running low on Slime Coins? Today, 08/29/18 from 06h00 (PDT) until tomorrow 08/30/18 at 06h00 (PDT) you can purchase a package worth $9.99 or more and you'll receive 25% bonus Slime Coins! This is the perfect time to get some Slime Coins and pick up that awesome costume, mount, mini pet, or charm you've had your eye on from the Fiesta Item Shop.

    Head over to the payment page to recharge your SC!

    Note: This offer does not apply to ePin or SMS payments.


    GROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... wild screaming is heard in the background as Researcher Akher tries to take a picture of the legendary two-horned Tigergirl. What Akher does not know is that BlackSky and Veralya handed the little woodland elf a costume from the big costume chest and persuaded Robin to tell Akher a story.

    ...there is enough to laugh about!

    But great big dinosaurs really existed, so be aware of the long arms of the T-Rex and the blue cuteness of the Triceratops. Those who pay attention will surely see one or two tame tigers and may even be allowed to pet one!

    For cunning foxes who hide in the shadows and wait for a good opportunity this will be a week of gloomy delight. Our Tradeable Enhancement-Sale and the x8 Lucky Box is nothing these shadowfoxes will let slip through their paws!

    Monday - 08/27/18

    Weekly Sale – Back to the past!

    The weekly sale will be updated each Monday at 10h00 (PDT).

    Flash Sale - From the shadows!

    The flash sale will be available until Friday at 17h00 (PDT).

    Tuesday - 08/28/18

    Tradeable enhancements!

    From 08/28/2018 at 10h00 (PDT) until 08/28/2018 at 23h59 (PDT).

    Friday - 08/31/18

    Lucky Box x8!

    From 08/31/2018 at 09h00 (CEST) until 09/03/2018 at 09h00 (CEST).


    Your Fiesta Online team


    New week, new try!

    This week Akher instructed a Marapira... WAIT WHAT !? You do not hire any pirates to deliver such valuable information!!!! Ibaria desperately is walking up and down the office waiting for the patch notes. Akher, BlackSky, Veralya and the little cow play a round of Mau Mau to pass the time.

    After half an eternity, finally someone knocks on the door. Ibaria opens the door relieved and *SPLASH* she catches herself directly a water bomb in the face. Now she has Akher's, Blacksky's and Veralya's attention. The little cow is moved back on the head and off to battle !!! The fact that the pirates cracked the encrypted patch notes does not bother anyone here. With rolling eyes Ibaria grabs a water bomb and runs after the others.

    Client version: 1.02.209


    • The Water Balloon KQ is now activated!
    • The NPC Swim Ming came along with the KQ!


    • First Mate Navi now is not Santa Claus anymore, but a real commander of the sea!
    • Lack of brain got fixed and the helmet option should now always show your hair!


    Your Fiesta Online team


    Dear community,

    A maintenance will take place on 08/22/18 at 01h00 (PDT) with an undefined end time. During this time, the servers of Fiesta Online won't be available. The patch notes will be made available after the maintenance.


    Your Fiesta Online team

    To get this package, it is necessary to go to the Fiesta Online store using the following link:


    After login your account, click on the "charge" button and you will be redirected to the cash shop.


    Once in the cash shop, you can choose the starter pack and the payment method to acquire it with a 50% discount! Please note that in order to purchase it, it is necessary that the account has been created in the last 30 days and this package can only be purchased if no other purchase has been made.


    Dear community,

    As of now, upon creating a Fiesta Online account, you will have the opportunity to acquire the Fiesta Starter Pack (-50 OFF) directly into our Cash Shop! Numerous useful and fashionable items are available in this pack.

    Here is the detailed list of items that you will find inside this pack!

    • Cat Ears (+3% Crit)(7 Days)
    • Kaffoo Costume (+5% Crit)(+5% Damage)(7 Days)
    • Old Bag (7 Days)
    • Tear of Legel (10 Units)
    • HP Magic Potion 1+2
    • EXP Boost Card (50%)(7 Days)


    By acquiring this pack, you sure will receive an epic boost right at beginning of your epic adventure in Isya!


    Your Fiesta Online team