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    Hi! I'm hoping you take the answers from a french player grinhoney

    • How long have you been playing this game? I think it’s been since 2012 or 2013
    • What age did you start join fiesta? 13!
    • How did you find out about fiesta? I don't remember ... maybe through an ad unsurehoney
    • If you don't play anymore why did you stop playing? I sometimes take breaks because I don’t know what to do
    • If you don't play anymore are you playing any other game(s) atm which ones you play and are they online? No mmorpg... mhh... More like single-player games
    • What were the things you really loved/love about the game? My friends, it's the best thing in this game when we find the good person wuiiihoney
    • What were the things you really hated/hate about the game? People who think they are above everything. Who thinks they can make the law by their "power" and allows himself all possible actions
    • If you have to chose another game to play what are the things you look at to make sure you think you like the game? The story or the aspect of the game. I'm not the player who want to play at the best game in 4k, I love all simple things like "Undertale" and "Draw your life". Oh! I like strategy games too, I LOVE the Layton series
    • Which study do you do or job do you have? This year I got my BTS "Assistant Manager" (a Baccalaureat +2, I don’t know what its equivalent is in other countries). This year I am working at the college while waiting for a new exam!