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    Hammer sale

    BOGO enhancement bundles

    mini pet category sale (or just murus?)

    cap the fire fox as a sc purchase reward instead of another ramy (don't get me wrong, tamy is adorable & i love my camy despite looking like a ganguro girl)

    phoenix / nb / blossom / teva / stargazer skins to fulfill my void heart...

    thank you <3

    probably covered in scales; fur seems like it'll be way too hot & i shed so much hair already lmao

    would you work a job you absolutely love for 80 hours / week, or a job you absolutely hate for 20 hours / week?

    i feel like dungeons are supposed to be hard and thats why the exp rewards for doing so is better than say, a kidmon rep. i think the real solution would be to make sure there is a rep for every level that you can always fall back on if you cant find an instance party. (like ddf quests are amazing but you dont have to do them to level; you got all these reps to do in ar and dl).

    just increase the lizardman mud of purity drop rate...or introduce a new rep past 68 for people to do besides cc

    one last argument I'd make is that the cc pricing is actually pretty cheap, if you did all your reps and saved quests for 6x, and had joined an academy and received the crazy rewards they dole out nowadays, you can afford a level (20 turnins at 69 gets you to 70, for 5g/run that's 1 gem?)

    i mean, the $ people spend on charms/dmg sc/skins/enhancements/rants/inventory space/unbinds/mounts across a single acc with 6 chars are kinda where i put the pricing point at $60/mo..

    being revived after every failure would feel miserable... i'd 100% have an existential crisis. i'd like to live only once

    Hi there....can I request a chibi for my friend?

    He's kinda derpy


    Same outfit minus the hair; he's got a big turquoise mophead


    no wep needed

    I'd love it if his pose is on this mount


    Sorry these are the best pictures I got since I'm sniping them from old screenshots...and that couch mount is limited edition...

    Also DM me a char I can send random SC gifts to - I want to thank you for your time :)

    Cappuchino? You mean Java Couple? Or is there one I've never seen o.o ..

    100% 30 Day Extenders on BOGO

    100% 30 Day Rants on BOGO

    Mini Pet Sale...with Soccer Ming :D


    Can you guys add corgis to game whether as a pet or a mount. I'm legit doing 1 part of the attendance quests so I can have <A Picture of Corgi> to link at random times. Thanks :v