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    I always thought about replacing HK's passive with one that strengthens their buffs, just like guard's passive strengthens their heals. But in another thread about rebalancing someone said that this could be op because HK's buffs are already pretty strong, so I began to doubt this idea of mine.

    So while I do think that HK's passive in its current state is pretty useless, I can't think of an alternative that wouldn't be too powerful tbh. Especially since HK is currently not in need of any buff. It would help to see some changes on the guardian like the ones Kali suggested and the cross fixed, then maybe based on that situation the HK passive could be replaced by one that fits the new balancing.

    Couldn't agree more. Thank you!

    Though of course I'd add the decreased cross healrate to HK like I've been saying. Because it doesn't matter how good guards' heals are or how many new healing skills they get as long as HK has a superheal as well. But I've ranted enough about this now. I really really like your suggestions and I hope they'll be noticed by those who could actually change this, whoever that might be.

    I already said I'm not jealous of HK, I have no reason to because I have one myself and I love the gameplay almost as much as I love my guard. I'm experienced in both classes so I claim to know a thing or two about both and how they work alone and together. Also I do not want to bring down any class, I want to balance it. That can't always be done by buffing the weaker class because, as I said, that's going into extremes. I don't want a 40k heal on my bubble just so it can keep up with the cross. That would be way too much. I don't even need an extra like the cross's damage boost on the bubble. So instead I want the cross heal down to its original heal. And yes it IS a bug, if you want to believe it or not. Just remember earlier caps when the heal couldn't be empowered because it WASNT MEANT TO. Those were the days...

    Regarding the bubble being buggy it seems we have some differences in the versions because in EU it works just fine. It shields just as much as the description says, which they also fixed just last week. The only thing that's buggy is the duration since the description says 15 secs when in reality it can stand up to 18 secs which isn't even a disadvantage for guards. And trust me on these stats because I have tested them thoroughly to compare bubble and cross in detail. But I will believe you if you say it's not like that in NA because I have no way to prove you wrong anyway.

    Some more differences between bubble and cross, btw, include that the cross can be placed freely while the bubble cannot, which is also frustrating because it never spawns where you want it to due to slight bug. Also a minor thing but still, the bubble disappears once the guard summons a mount while the cross does not. In these cases I want the bubble to be like the cross, yes.

    I'm not suggesting to remove the heal completely from the cross, I'm suggesting to fix a <removed> bug that's making this heal way. too. powerful.

    I'm sorry but if you depend on a buggy 40k heal to keep your group alive you're doing something wrong. The HK is supposed to compensate their weaker heals through stronger buffs and the guard keeps their group alive with big heals - simple conclusion the HK is not supposed to heal that much, period. And at least one party member should always benefit from the cross, otherwise it wasn't placed very wisely I would say.

    The guard needs some lesser upgrades (no fixes though, because THEY'RE NOT THE BUGGY ONES), yes, but it's all for nothing as long as HK gets to keep their superheal. The question is why does no one need a guard? Because they have a weakness, which is buffs, and that's fine because it's meant to be like that. Why does everyone want a HK? Because they currently have no weakness. But they are supposed to struggle with healing just as the guard is struggling with buffs. Anyone who's worrying about that should think about why they chose HK then, knowing they don't get to keep the most important heals.

    Just make a HolyKnight until they fix Guardians.
    I'll be happy to level you myself to 135 in about 2 weeks, if you become my permanent and personal heal slave.
    Emphasis on the SLAVE.

    Sounds tempting, but I'm already someone else's slave (annnd I have a HK and another one in the making).

    I'm wondering why they don't just remove the cleric class split completely from the game. And while they're at it they can delete Knights as well and merge Sharps and Ranger into one. Would make farming equip a lot easier too when there are less classes slimedeal

    Thanks for sharing, I didn't know this because I wasn't playing actively at that time. What a shame.

    I'm a little stunned right now that they would willingly patch something like that into the game and I'm slowly giving up. They seem to hate guards, there's no other explanation I can think of when I see this. Bug or not, this is killing the balancing.

    EDIT: The empowerment of the cross heal is still buggy though. Years ago I asked a gamigo official about that and he told me that it's a bug, the empowerment is supposed to affect the small damage the cross inflicts, not the heal. Though the fact that they have known about this for a looong time without fixing it is telling of their bias. I'm in the mood to delete my guards rn. I'm just so done.

    Then we have a big difference between NA and EU here. In the EU version HKs are able to empower the cross heal so much that it heals 1k HP in less than a second with a duration of 30 secs. I'll do the math for you, that's almost 40k HP per cross for each party member (I already mentioned this before). If it's not the same in NA then this can't be compared so feel free to ignore it, but if it's the same in your version then I have to heavily disagree with you because this is not balanced at all and it can't be helped with buffing the guard because we're talking about bugs here that need to be fixed.

    Again, if it's different in your version please ignore this but in EU the HK is helplessly overpowered, without discussion. They currently have everything: stronger buffs, damage boosts, useful debuffs on almost all their damage skills and a permanently available superheal that eradicates their weakness because their baby heals are more than enough to cover what the cross can't heal. Meanwhile the guard has: stronger heals and a bubble that's fairly useless as it is. Same goes for the rezzbuff. That's it.

    If you just go and buff classes so they can keep up with their partner class you risk going into extremes. Which is not even necessary in case of the cleric because back when the HK wasn't op the balancing between HK and guard was perfectly fine. Guardian wouldn't need a buff if HK wasn't buggy as heck because the idea behind both classes is fine and has worked well in the past without needing empowerment.

    In the German forums I did a comparison for the cross and bubble and I was shocked myself when I saw the numbers. It's just terribly broken.

    Btw I don't want to bring HK down as I do love the class as well, I've played both cleric classes a lot. Imho HK is the broken class mainly due to bugs and I want that to be fixed.

    Before they buff the guard they need to nerf the HK. No, they need to fix the HK. And they should begin with the cross, that would be a huge help already. Especially the's not supposed to heal that much. And not only that, its duration is buggy as well. Currently it's twice as long as it's supposed to be (30 sec instead of 15) and has no downtime. Compared to that the bubble is ridiculous.

    Once that's fixed they can think about making the rezzbuff more useful and maybe more.

    I'm a guardian at heart and always will be, but HK is definitely at advantage in the current game due to several skills that render the guard kind of useless. HK has basically no real weakness rn because of the buggy empowerment of the cross (1 cross = roughly 40k HP for each party member at full empowerment) and the guardian having no equally powerful skill. Although guard heals (single target) are still the strongest, that's really all there is to the class, which is very sad and doesn't make a big difference because HK's single heals may be weaker but they're still enough.

    I'd still suggest, if you have the time, to go for a second cleric and make him a guardian. They're both worth playing after all if you love cleric in general.

    NSPARVZ.jpgthat ones mi cleric :^D

    She looks cute! Guard Power <3

    Which program do you use for drawing/coloring? If it's Paint Tool Sai, may I ask you to share some of the brush settings you used? I like the texture so much.

    I have to thank you for your explanations. They actually make your points very reasonable and I now agree with most of them.

    I'd still give the 3 sec heal back to both classes though, as long as they fix the HK's cross. It's not supposed to heal that much and if they'd finally reduce its healrate or disable empowerment of it then the HK would actually really need the 3 sec heal again without putting the Guard at disadvantage. The problem imho is just that the current situation is wholly based on a bug. It would change everything for the cleric if they just fixed that cross...

    Only gonna comment on the cleric suggestions because that's the only class I really care about anyway. I've played both Guardian and HK excessively as I just love cleric in general (full supporter though).

    -Increase Mace damage. Ok fine go ahead.

    -Awaken has increased healing on self. Cooldown from 12 down to 10. Though I think the skill is good as it is it wouldn't hurt me if this happens. Still not really necessary in my eyes. I'd rather have Heal back down to 3 secs cooldown than any other skill.

    -Awaken Casting Distance info fixed. (Says 1.5m) Fine.

    -Skill Cleanup: Stoneskin, Sacrifice combined into one. Why? I don't see the benefit of this at all. And you'd have to define at which level the new combined skill starts since rn Stoneskin starts at 37 and Sacrifice at 60.

    -Skill Cleanup: Endure, Immune combined into one. Stays as Holy Knight only upgrade. Immune effect no longer gets upgraded past 100. No. Just leave it as it is, it's fine. Why shouldn't Immune be upgraded past 100?

    -Benediction cooldown from 1:20 minutes to 30 seconds, increase damage.

    -Extinguish level 60 ability. Also slows for 10% on upgrades past 100.

    As for the damage skills...well, it wouldn't hurt me if they'd get an upgrade, but I have to admit I just don't believe in cleric damage in this game. You can buff their damage skills as much as you want, they won't live up to the other classes, neither in PvE nor in PvP. That's fine by me actually, I see cleric as a supporter class because that's what the skillset and basically...everything screams at you. If I want to deal damage I play any other class. And again: That's fine! The disadvantage is, of course, that you depend heavily on groups all the time, but seriously, what do you expect when you choose this class? If you want to heal and deal damage go for Crusader. So, my opinion on any suggested damage skill upgrade: wasted.

    Holy Knight

    -Wall Passive removed.

    ~New Passive: Dealing damage stacks up to 5 times, granting Defense/Mdefense to self and party members. Buff goes away when not attacking for 10 seconds.

    -Stronger Heal now also a Holy Knight Passive.

    -Bash decreased SP consumption.

    Oh hell no! I mean, I wouldn't mind an additional passive, even this one wouldn't bother me since I don't have to use it. I also do think that Wall is probably the most useless passive in the game and is in need of an upgrade, but definitely (and I can't stress this enough!!) NOT by replacing it with Guard's Stronger Heal. No nonono nooope. It would be fatal for Guardians, which are already increasingly unpopular and even rendered useless as it is. Guard's strength is heal and HK's is buff, let's keep it that way and not mix it up. Besides, HK already has this overpowered thing of a Cross which has been buggy since day 1 because you can increase its healrate so dramatically that you basically don't need any other skill for healing anymore. Guardian? Who needs a Guardian if you can have a HK who buffs better and heals better and even boosts my damage, ok just gonna delete my Guardian right now.

    My suggestion (which I've been suggesting for years in the German community): Yes, remove Wall and give the HK a more useful passive, and with useful I mean one that makes HK even better in what they're already good at: Buffs. Make their buffs stronger, just as Guards get stronger heals. Strengthen the strengths, don't remove the weaknesses!

    Oh and for the love of all that is holy, fix that damn cross already.


    ~New Passive: Dealing damage stacks up to 5 times, granting Damage/Mdamage to self and party members. Buff goes away when not attacking for 10 seconds.

    -Heal upgrades past 100 are 3 seconds instead of 4.

    -Trip reduces target damage for 6 seconds on upgrades past 100.

    -Mighty Punch knocks enemy backwards on upgrades past 100.

    I'd prefer heal going back to 3 secs cooldown for everyone, every class, every level, as it has always been before they changed it. I don't understand at all why they did that, it kinda screwed up the cleric gameplay for me and it's not like the class was OP before that or because of heal. So I wouldn't make it Guard exclusive, actually HK would be in even more desperate need of that.

    I'm not gonna comment on the damage skills again, don't need it, don't think it'll help, but wouldn't hurt me either.

    To be fair, I have kind of abandoned the game over a year ago so I'm far from being up to date with all the changes that came after. But I did start to wonder when reading the posts here so far, because I really can't agree with most of what has been said about leveling from ~60 to 100. Maybe there are still some big differences between the german/EU servers and the NA servers, but actually I think it's rather a difference in how leveling is perceived here and there.

    What I'm saying is that I think leveling between 60 and 100 is ridiculously easy nowadays, especially the levels from 90 to 100. Without investing an unbearable amount of time and almost no money, I was able to get through those levels in less than 2 weeks (at least with my most recent character, which is, due to my long inactivity, already outdated). That was 2 and a half years ago, so I don't know if they actually increased difficulty since then? But compared with how long those levels took me with my first character, it's really a joke. In 2010/11, there were no repeatable quests between levels 91 and 99 (at least none that would have been worthwhile). So without much spare time or a good group for grinding it took ages, because the Henneath KQ also brought only 2,4 mio for a success (and I think they had already raised that once at that time). Now it's how much EXP? 18 mio? And there are so many repeatable quests now that are so ridiculously rewarding that it's not even worthwhile to save up all your normal quests for "hard levels" because honestly, there are no "hard levels" in that part of the game anymore. Grinding isn't necessary unless you get tired of the tons of quests they throw at you and thanks to auto turn in you don't even have to leave your spot for hours.

    I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Not at all! I was very grateful for these changes because grinding through those levels for months wasn't actually fun and I benefitted gravely from the changes with my other characters. But I really don't think these levels need another upgrade...and the same goes for all the levels below 90. There are many, many, maaaany things that could use some changes in FO, there's no arguing about this, and I agree with OP's idea of outdating the outdated. Actually I think that's a great way of saying it! And a point of view the game has needed for a long time. But I also do think that levels below 100 have already received a decent amount of attention in the past and don't need any more adjustments, at least as far as quests and KQs are concerned. Otherwise I fear low level will completely die out (it was already dying when I last played actively tbh) because well, no one's gonna have to stay there for longer than a few days or weeks at most.

    I like the idea of updating all the small things you can do in the game apart from leveling. Farming, crafting etc. Because that's the source of motivation for players to not race at max level as fast as they can and actually enjoy what the game has to offer in the meantime. Unfortunately, for me personally it's too late, but I would like to see FO live a little longer and that's why I felt like contributing to this discussion although I'm not playing the game anymore. Keep going for change, everyone.

    There's really not much to criticize here. :) I love your cute style and your coloring!

    The only thing that looks a little bit unnatural to me is the position of the ears. I'd have put them a bit lower, especially since they're elf ears.

    Still, such a nice and cute fanart. Would love to see more of it! :)