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    I have noticed that EU fiesta has different things in their sc store than NA and I want to know why? I saw they have blue/pink vdays costumes, track suit (which I have never seen gone on sale in NA) and many more I could point out. Just curious why we don’t have the same thing, and honestly I wish we could have them too 🤷‍♀️ give us more costumes 😩

    Hi MexicanBarbie,

    The variations between the two stores can be dated back to the fact that Fiesta NA and Fiesta EU were both ran by different host. As a result there are two different sales history. Some items we've sold on NA are exclusive items, but on EU they're not exclusive.

    Whilst we take caution on what we can and cannot sell. We do in fact do our best to align the two stores. Plus we also run our sales based on NA community feedback as well.



    I get this about every 2 to 3 weeks. Is there a way to fix this launcher issue without having to uninstall/reinstall game?

    Hi StarBaby,

    We've been getting similar reports. Depending on the specific error, there can be various ways of fixing it.

    I would recommend submitting a ticket or reporting it to Technical Support section of the forums and be as specific as you can with screenshots of the error.

    (Please avoid taking mobile phone images as the images aren't always clear.)

    Technical Support



    My main account was locked for whatever reason.

    Hi Luggage,

    If your account was locked, then this was due to the Password Reset that occurred a number of years ago. Again notification would have been sent out to the email attach to your account.

    Please make sure you have access to the Email connected to the account and information that can be provided Ticket Support at their request and follow their steps to recovering the account. Please also check your junk email and make sure you haven't filtered or block the emails from them and ensure you fill in the ticket correctly. If you have a ticket that hasn't been responded to for some time, please Message me the Ticket ID on either Discord or the Forums.…60002195154-Fiesta-Online

    As for you being auto sorted to Jenira, this is a by product of the algorithm placing those characters on there. You had a whole year and multiple opportunities to come back and decide which servers to move to.




    I dont really care about my character, i just want my Gems and gears stuck on my character on the dead servers.

    There are a bunch of mix opinions regarding this matter, but the most basic understanding is that the economy of Isya will take a hit. Transfer/Migration is something completely different from Merge. The act of transfer items, money and character over to another server was considered and would have been implemented if there wasn't such a heavy shift and demand to move everything and anything to Isya.

    At the end of the day, it is not within our best interest to allow everyone to move to Isya. The server would not cope with the influx of players moving over, nor would it serve as a long term solution. The negative backlash can be very damaging to Isya's current state and therefore it is something we are not willing to risk.

    Rather than look at it as a dead server, you should consider finding the opportunity to build up a server. Make some friends, play together and build that population from scratch, every game started from an empty server and every game grew because there was a community of players willing to play on it.

    The decision is for you to make, we cannot force you to make that decision. Nor should anyone maliciously attack another server, leech and plunder it's population to boost their own, because that does more harm to the game as a whole and would impact on decisions made in the future.

    Thank you very much for your answer. Although, I find it hard to believe that there is no way to do a merge without wiping out everything.

    If we could, we would have already done so. Right now it isn't in our interest to be working on it.



    Hey guys,

    I believed I have answered this before and I will repeat it again. Since it seems kingofamerica and spirit4ev3r haven't read the previous comments.

    Merging into one server will likely not happen. A lot of you are under the assumption that the other 3 will just merge with Isya. This is not the case, to do a Merge Isya MUST BE WIPED and will not be kept in it's current state. Meaning you will be place on a equal standing as the other servers and will lose friend list, guilds, characters and character names.

    There will be a lot of sacrifices and I really wish to make this clear, that Merge was never a simple process. In fact there was a lot of reluctance to do the Merge in the first place due to technical issues. TLDR Merge cannot be done with no backlashing consequences.

    Right now, just restarting on Isya with a new character is a better option for the server in the long run as it helps preserve it's current balance and helps diverse the level ranges.



    I do have some doubts that I couldn't find an answer to and they were mentioned by Charizard77. It's about our items and gems. I do understand that people transfering their characters to Isya could cause many technical issues, but what about our items?

    Hi Reonarudo,

    It's as Yawn mentioned. Truth is, we've considered many factors and had lengthy discussions and even arguments about Merge and Transfer. It wasn't a solid yes or no decision made on a whim. We've had been, for years now, discussed and looked at the bigger picture and most importantly the PRESENT state of the game and community.

    The community itself and the way they behave will play a factor into the decision making process. Just because players are willingly restarting on Isya, doesn't mean we're going to decide to release characters and items from the other servers into Isya.

    In fact, restarting on Isya will provide a better balance across the level ranges as high level characters and quantity of rare items won't suddenly flood the server. We know that if we made the option available, people will jump at the opportunity to move to Isya. It isn't a matter of moving to Isya, but a matter of will you move to the other servers?

    I do have my own personal opinions on the matter, but ultimately the power to make a difference is in the hands of the community. To prove that Merge was a success, you have to be willing to play on the other servers, no staff member can force you to play on it. We can provide you with the server and a place to play, but the environment is for community to build. Whether you can work together, quest together, be friends with each other and the building of the economy. That is all down to the community and quite frankly there are a bunch of really nice people on those servers!



    Then why dont you make the other servers populated. Ever since gamigo took over the games population has been steadily and rapidly declining but time and time again we are left with no explanation on what you are doing to revive the game. Time and time again their was bandaids put on the boo boo now it's an infected and festering sore. Cant we just fix it once and for all.

    Hi Emily_willis,

    In regards to making the servers popluated again. This was in fact the main purpose and goal for the Server Merge. For some time, this was successful. The Servers were in fact populated.

    From the technical side of things, we do our best to provide you with a playable enviroment. However, we cannot force people to play on selected servers. If we did, we would have already disperse the population to fill up the other servers. To build up a population on a server, you have to be willing to play.

    Even if we try to persuade you to join the other servers, you still have to willingly choose for yourself to play on that server. There is also the issue with other players speaking negatively about the other servers and pulling people to join specific servers. Again, you have to willingly choose! Whether to contribute to the community and help it develop and grow or you could choose to restart your adventures with a new character.



    If you spend 200€ in one of the EU Versions you get 4 Camys, it doesnt matter if you spend all at once or 4x 50€

    Hi Snack,

    I've got an update, there seems to be some miscommunication. I can confirm that if you spend $200 on the $200 pack, you will get 4 mounts.



    was just curious to ask since your post seemed to aim more towards not overcrowding isya and killing other servers

    Hi Resigood,

    We're concerned about the game as a whole. We're not focused on a single server, but rather the game as a whole.

    Let's just say we have considered a variety of options. Ultimately we've decided that at this current point in time, the idea of Transfer/Migration is not to our best interest.



    I believe you misunderstand the intentions of the community when it comes to the hope of a future server transfer/merge. People do not want to leave Isya and dominate other servers, but rather consolidate their chars onto one server.

    Hey Charizard77,

    In regards to this, I am fully aware that this is one of the intentions of the community, in fact we have projected a number of potential reasons why the community would like to have the ability to Transfer, but we have to consider the bigger picture.

    Disregarding the reason for the Transfer or Migration. The idea of a large majority of you moving to just a single server is enough reason for us decide against it. Not to mention if more People transfer into Isya, Isya itself will suffer the consequences and it will jeopardise the stability and playability of the server in multiple ways.

    In fact it would make more sense to only allow transferance out of Isya. However, we've considered the negative aspects of this move as well and have therefore decided against it.

    There has to be a guarantee that the server levels across all servers remain balance. Therefore, if we were to release such a tool, the tool should never impact and adversly change the balance in population.

    In regards, to your claims about the other servers, I would kindly ask you to be cautious about the 'Facts' you are delivering. Please ensure you have gotten your facts straight before making such delicate assumptions about it, as comments like that will do harm against them.



    Hi guys!

    Please note that buying a $49.99 pack will get you One Mount, buying a $200 pack will only get you One Mount.

    As for buying multiple packs, I will double check this again before giving an answer.



    Hey guys!

    I think majority of the questions has been answered by other players, but I'm here to straighten a few things out.

    First of all, Transfering to another server isn't going to happen. No special exceptions will be made, as this will be highly unfair on the players who have been active for since the merge and have been demanding for a transfer.

    In regards to those who have missed the chance to select your servers. As explained by myself and others, we have made multiple attempts to reach our players. Letting you know that the option was available. We also spent some time after the merge to correct any issues caused by the Merge, but due to the volume of cases and false claims and many other issues, we decided to cease manual assistance.

    In terms of the Transfer Tool, this tool has it's own issues and even if we fix the tool, the likelihood of it's release will be slim. The main purpose of the Merge was to create multiple active servers. Pooling everyone onto a single server or transfering high level characters to one server would bring about a number of issues, some examples:

    • Server Stability
    • Lack of Spots for Farming, Opening Stores or Questing
    • Kingdom Quest and Instance Spots

    If the other servers were still active, to the point where migrating characters wasn't an issue, then we might release it. However, the tool isn't intended to be a Get Out of Jail Card. If we were to release the tool now, it is more than likely to be a Transfer out of Isya feature than a transfer to other servers or more specifically 'Transfer me to Isya' tool.




    The likely possibility is that the voucher expired.

    Please also be cautious with links given to you by other player.




    Greetings Isyans,

    Happy Easter to you all! Jonas, the Easter Bunny, has spent the last year havesting Easter Eggs in his little garden in preparation for Easter 2020! But it seems Slime Hugo stole all the easter eggs from Jonas! Jonas has sent Sapling Joy to recruit help from the GM's and players to help retrieve the stolen eggs. In order to retrieve the eggs from Hugo the Slime, we will need to fight our way through his hoard of monsters!

    How it works:

    Please gather by Daniel Slime and Kid Woz in Elderine, the GM team will explain the mission to you and will open the way to Cyclone Hill where we will fight our way through the hoard monsthers and retrieve the eggs.




    Enid: Sunday 12th April 2020 @3:00PM PDT

    Jenira: Sunday 12th April 2020 @4:00PM PDT

    Pagel: Saturday 18th April 2020 @3:00PM PDT

    Isya: Sunday 19th April 2020 @4:00PM PDT


    - GM Chest Spawns


    - All Game and Event Rules apply.

    - All GM instructions must be followed.

    - Anyone disturbing the event or displaying inappropriate behavior will be put in jail for the duration of the event.

    - Users are only permitted to win once per event---attempting to win on multiple servers will result in forfeiting all prizes.

    Good Luck!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

    Hi Erma,

    AS a community you are all part of Fiesta and whilst certain areas of the game will become crowded, there will be a limited amount of resource and as a result, I would encourage you to be nice and share spots and party space with other people.

    If they are rude to you, then please capture any evidence and report them. Under no circumstances should you even provoke and incite them to attack you.