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    While gifting for services in game, and for in game items and currency is an "at your own risk" was at one time, against the rules and people could suffer a temporary ban for it...

    Hi Shawn_v01,

    Getting caught will still result in some form of punishment being applied.

    There are a variety of problems with scam reports:

    • Insufficient Evidence
    • Pure Accusation with no Evidence
    • Under the table transaction that endangers the reporter and prevents them from reporting or use of 3rd party services unrelated to Gamigo
    • Players unwillingly to make a report

    No matter what happens, whether past, present or future. If you choose to engage with a form of trade involving real life currency, gifting or pay for service (power leveling or dungeon clearing) then you do so at your own risk knowing full well you've signed the Terms of Services and agreed to the ingame rules and Terms.

    Each case will be judge by a case by case scenario and will be dealt with in accordance to the rules.

    Naturally there are some preventive measures:

    • Be wary of suspicious links and emails
    • Double check the forums, news and Discord for any sales or deals on
    • Don't just take any random code or links off strangers
    • Be wary of imposters impersonating your friends
    • Trust your own instinct and gut and cancel the trade or pass on the offer if the deal seems dodgy
    • Avoid sketchy websites and installing 3rd party software from an illegitimate source as you never know what is hidden within it
    • Don't share your Login ID or PW, GM's and members of staff will NEVER request this information and other than yourself, no one else should know your login details.



    The current balance in game and the fact there is content that requires the use of SC items and to expect "gifters" to give all these needed items as "presents" and saying you won't help players that pay with ig cash is setting up very bad conditions for scammers to repeatedly scam people, in fact I'm sure this is already happening.

    If Gamigo is against gifting trades then what efforts are being made to balance content (both free content and pay to win content) and what are their thoughts about the future of "tradable" SC items? Gamigo has to know the whole purpose of those items are to be barter-able for ig cash which is why they made more expensive right?


    Whilst this is a valid concern, I think there needs to be a bit of transparency on the subject to help better understand the situation.

    It's not the fact that we won't help, but rather we can't help. This is due to a lot of under the table transactions and agreement that players make outside the game or the lack of provided evidence towards the agreed upon transaction.

    Scam generally involves a form of bait, a mouse trap to lure people into a sweet deal or a self made problem by the party involved, where someone parts with half the amount or deposits an item first.

    If transaction was made outside of the game, i.e via Paypal or other forms of transaction. Then there is nothing we can do as we do not own nor run services such as Paypal, Skype or Discord. You will have to contact the police or report to those services directly and have their support team to help you.

    If it occurs within our game, you will have to document everything. From screenshotting and archiving all comments and process of transaction or recording the entire thing in High Quality resolution (Not with a mobile phone!). Evidence must be provided and accusations or claiming someone is a scammer is not enough. We require strong undisputed evidence of the entire thing (beginning, middle and end).

    Ultimately we cannot control the ingame economy nor set a cap on prices for the items you, the players, choose to sell those items for.

    If a deal seems too sweet to be true, it can quite often be a trap. In which case you should trust your own instinct and reconsider the offer and attempt to make some other form of safer trades.



    Hi Guys!

    Please note that there are limitations added to Gifting to help deter Gifting Trades. I would like to remind you all that the original concept of Gifting is to 'Gift' an item as a present to someone. Gifting was never meant to be an additional form of bartering and I would like to discourage gifting if possible.

    If you do partake in Gifting Trades and get Scammed, then we will not be able to help you. You gift as your own risk and this and you are solely responsible for your own actions.




    Having monitored this thread, we have determined that the discussion has derailed from the original topic.

    As mentioned by my colleague. For a long time now, the Mini-House has been sold for 1,000 SC and it should be noted that over time, prices of items can change. If there is an error, we will correct it.

    On a side note, please refrain from making unnecessary attacks towards the game or publisher. If you have any concerns, please deliver it in a constructive manner whilst keeping within the rules of the Forums: Forum Rules




    That was just an advice. Please avoid getting too aggressive.

    I do understand your point and will be raising the issue with the internal team. Please provide constructive feedback so I can prepare a proper response.

    Example what classes you play with. How many take on Temple of God run and overall experience and issues here and there.



    Actually the rules now in the ToS on gifting for in game payment is "You do it at your own risk". They will not ban either person for gifting or for paying, which used to be a thing, you could report people for gifting for in game money back in the day. Now its just "Do it at your own risk".


    I would like to clarify that this would be the In-Game Rules as opposed to the Terms of Services. The ToS would be more of the general broad guidelines for the rules overall for all Gamigo Services whilst the In-Game Rules are the finer details. Of course sometimes these rules can be adjusted by the internal team after deliberation and re-evaluation.

    Also closing the thread as per the request of the original poster.



    I am wondering if gamigo has plans for a cap raise in the near future?
    Or are we going to be playing at the 135 cap for a while still?

    If a GM/CM could give some insight about their upcoming plans, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Unfortunately I am in no position to bring up any projects we are working on or plan to work on.

    We may or may not be working on something nor have there been or hasn't been any discussion on Cap Raise, Balance or New Classes or expansions.

    When the time is right, we will of course announce it on the forums.

    On that side note, in regards to the Rebirth System, de-leveling is going to cause some bugs, plus the natural idea of a MMORPG is to progress in a game.

    If you would like to experience a challenge and have a free slot, you can start over and use the gears you have on those servers if available. If you want a critical challenge, you can do a 'New Game+' type challenge and challenge the game on a server like Pagel, Enid or Jenira by going solo or with friends.

    If you don't want to invest on those servers, you can try the 'No SC' challenge and see how far you can progress in the game without SC support.




    Please note I've lost all my characters due to the server closing down.

    Could anyone guide me to a forum or link to help recover the character data?



    As others have so kindly mentioned. Please do not post your email on the public forums.

    If you need help with the recovery of your account, please submit a ticket to Support:

    As Yawn mentioned, please can you specify which version of Bijou you are talking about.

    If it is EU, then please note that we will not have any of the EU data on the NA servers as NA is completely isolated from EU's Servers. If it was the former NA Bijou, then please note that you will need to get your account released by Ticket Support.




    Please note that due to frequent complaints and request about leechers and AFK'ing in KQ's. We've responded to the request of the players and enforced the auto jailing function to jail people in an attempt to discourage inactive participation without Kingdom Quest.

    If you get jailed, a timer will appear, you must let the timer naturally expire. Any attempted release prior to the expiration of the timer will not disengage the Jail Status, meaning if we were to release them. Their characters wouldn't be able to use any skills, items or even have the ability to chat.

    If the timer is gone, you can contact a GM on forums via Private Messages or on Discord with the name of the character and server and we can release them (ONLY IF THEY ARE ONLINE!).




    Agree it’s 95 sorah. Ran on Pagel with 15 including one of the best KQ runners at Max level for KQ and charmed ( looking at you B_M_). Keep in mind 15 in a Pagel KQ is very rare.

    I really appreciate this piece of feedback from Pagel. Even though you don't have a full party of 15 players. The players at that level range should be sufficiently powerful, but if you guys are struggling to complete it, then this could be an issue with power balance.

    Also...perhaps it would be a good idea to look into one other mechanic with Sorah...The mumuru's hit WAY too hard...and I do mean HARD!. In previous levels of KQ, we can take the onslaught of them all on pretty much any decently scrolled and geared character...but when the Tanks get dropped and all you see is 2k - 4k hits and welp...that's all she wrote.

    In 65 - 79, they hit in the hundreds. HUGE leap in mdmg and critical hit ratio.

    But the main focus here is the box regenerating and we never being able to defeat it.

    The damage taken can tie in quite nicely with the damage being dealt issue. Damage dealt is related to the most commonly used types of weapons. In the case of the 95~105, I would pressume that those who aren't at level 105 would be using either the KQ Blues or level 90 Bellow Knight Greens. At level 105, I would presume that people would be using the LN 105 Blues more commonly than the 105 World Boss Blues.

    Since each set has different quality and different boost to stats, the out come would differ. Likewise depending on the most commonly used set of armour, the result in damage taken will vary.

    same as tempel of god, my friend and me we cant kill end boss cuz everytime he dance he get full hp again, told Kuronoke about it but no respone from him yet,

    some time you fixed a bug and ceated more bugs for you guys to fix again, this endless circle just make the game more broken

    This isn't related to the current thread. Please stay on topic and keep the focus on Sorah KQ.



    I agree with spirit. I think gm are testing with their max stats character and can deal enough damage to finish the kq. We the players do not have that kind of damage and its impossible to kill the chest. It will keep healing and healing and healing in a endless cycle until all players are dead. I've done with kq over 10 times and it all failed and ppl notice something is wrong and stop joining. Yet we have gm here telling us the kq is fine as is. Lmao. Typical gamigo. Smh.

    Hi bestofthebest,

    Since I wasn't part of the recent test run, I am unsure what set and equipment the testing team used. They most likely only tested for Bugs as opposed to testing Balance, hence the more powerful set of gears being used and the nature of the previous response.

    I have given feedback in that respect, so that the next test run should be more forcused on balance and the ability to complete it using better balanced equipment. Aside from that, I've been discussing which levels could be facing potential problems and we're in the process of re-evaluating it.

    From the comments I've gathered so far.

    • 25~39 should be fine
    • 65~79 should be fine
    • 95~105 is the one suffering from issues?
    • 125~135 should be fine?

    I have been requested collect some feedback from the community, so please can you reply back to this thread precisely which level/version of the KQ is having the most issue.




    I'm here to bring an update.

    We've tested the Sorah KQ and it works perfectly fine and there were no bugs to be found. According to the test, you will need to deal a certain amount of damage in order to be able to finish the KQ.

    In regards to the Sea Dragon, we also discovered a number of bugs. Please refrain from doing the Sea Dragon Dungeon until we've address the issue.




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