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    Hey guys!

    How are you all doing today? Are you ready for the 3rd round of 2 Truths and a Lie? Here is the next set of questions! Now tell us which statements are true and which statements are false.

    1. The Zombie King can be found in Luminous Stone 2.

    2. In Mara Pirates Rage, you must kill the real ones to win.

    3. Killing the Phinofly in King Kong Phino KQ will cause the KQ to fail.

    1. Sometimes, World Bosses will be spawned at GM Hosted Spawn Events.

    2. Pirate Ships can be found in more places than just the Sea of Greed.
    3. There are no special requirement to enter the dungeon of the Demonic Queen Karen.

    Good luck!


    Hey guys!

    Are you guys ready for the next round of 2 Truths and a Lie? Here is the next set of questions! Now tell us which statements are true and which statements are false.

    1. In the past you have to feed your Hobby Horse with carrots
    2. Izyel was the first Instance added into the game that dropped Blue Armour
    3. Khazual Avanas can produce more than 4 laser beams!

    1. The Iron Golem sleeps at the top of Tower of Izyel
    2. To enter Dragon's Tomb you need a Dragon Relic

    3. Knights are able to remain Invincible even whilst they are moving, via their own skill

    Good luck!


    Hey guys!

    Here is the first two sets of Two Truths and a Lie!

    1. Mara's mother was exiled on suspicion of having an affinity with a group of cultists in the Forest of Mist.
    2. Emberflame Claws and Dual Swords can only be obtained from 'Earning your Claws' quest
    3. Helga and Obeb are Father and Son

    1. Legends say that Apoline found her, and granted Karen perfect dominion over all creatures of evil.
    2. Surviving Millennium Robo KQ will cause a Fail.
    3. Teva is the Goddess on the Character Select Screen.

    Can you figure out which statement is true and which statement is false?


    Greetings Isyans!

    Let's see how well you know Fiesta Online! We're going to be testing your knowledge with a classical two truths and a lie challenge! Your job is to figure out which is true and which is false!

    How it Works:

    Each day we will provide you with two sets of 'Two Truths and a Lie' about Fiesta Online. Your job is to identify which statements are true and which statement is false.

    Example: Statement x and x are true and statement x is false!




    • Monday 5th October 2020 to Friday 9th October 2020
    • Lists will be posted between 2 to 5 PM PST for each day of the event
    • One list will be posted earlier between 6-9 AM PST


    Top 3 winners will get: Academy Uniform (7 Days)


    • All general Game and Event rules apply.
    • All GM instructions must be followed.
    • All GM/MOD decisions are final.
    • Submissions must include In-game character name, server, and choice of reward in order to be valid
    • Users are only permitted to win once per event, for a total of 3 different winners ---attempting to win on multiple servers or characters will result in forfeiting all prizes.
    • Users must specify if they would prefer the item reward or point reward in the case that they win.
    • To win you must be the first person to correctly identify which statement is true and which statement is false.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the Friday 9th October 2020 at 23h59 PST (Server Time)
    • You may NOT edit your submission.


    ~Your Fiesta Online Team

    Hey guys!

    So I've noticed a number of our participants having some issues with their post not showing the image.

    When you're uploading a screenshot to Imgur or imgbb, please make sure you:

    1. Open the image via right clicking the image after upload.

    2. Open the image in a new tab

    3. Copy the link (for imgur it should now be i.imgur and for imgbb it should be i.ibb)

    4. Use the image icon in the forum post toolbar to insert the image by pasting the link into source

    The image should then show up in the post.

    Best of luck,


    I'm asking for a relocation of the Pagel server to Eu from na if possible

    there is 0 English servers atm for Eu only German i think?
    which will make it impossible for most countries to play on those German specific speaking server

    Hi Eptik2k,

    The EU EN Servers were closed down for a reason, as explained here:…r_letter__august_2017-673

    Originally there were no intentions of allowing any transfer of any sorts, and EU players had until August 15th 2017 to use a Redeem voucher to restart from scratch on the US servers. However, we later changed our minds on this decision and allowed EU EN players the option to purchase a 'Sort-of' Transfer tool to allow them the ability to choose which remaining EU server to transfer their characters too with limitations.

    As stated numerous times before in the Merge Discussion thread: Server transfer or complete merge

    There is a serious risk, limitations and drawback to the Merge and Transfers of characters across servers. You can restart and connect your accounts to EU or US, however as US was originally licensed and hosted by another company since 2007 and EU was licensed and hosted by Gamigo since 2009, both games are fundamently two different localisations of the same game. Hence they operate on seperate servers and databases, meaning you will not be able to gain access to your premium inventory, hence why EU and US stores/sales are two seperate stores.

    Whilst it isn't impossible for us to do another transfer or merge with the currently existing US servers, it is still a decision that we will need to carefully make as the impact can drastically affect the current community. Hence the current answer is No, we are not looking into another merge or release of the transfer tool. However, this could be subject to change if we believe it is the right time to do it again.

    In the meantime you are free to restart from scratch on any US or EU servers.




    Thank you for the suggestion, we will forward it.

    However the merging or transference to the EU servers and vice versa will not be possible. As they are two seperate versions of the game.




    Please note that gifting is done completely at your own risk. If there is an issue, please report the incident with a full and clear screenshot of the transaction.

    If you sense that something is off with the trade. The best thing to do is to decline the offer as some deals are too good to be true.




    Here is the link to the official Fiesta Online NA Discord:

    Whilst we appreciate the creation of other Discords, we unfortunately cannot allow the advertisement of them as they any issues that occur on those servers cannot be moderated or handle by the current GM team.

    If you would like the official Discord to have more features, I would seriously urge everyone to suggest it here on the Forums.




    I am still having horrible issues,I did all these trouble shootings nothing has worked,I did try on another laptop of mine and it also gets disconnected from server as well,Also I got a pop up that says XignCode Error: enter e0150100 What does that mean?

    The fact that Xigncode triggered means that the game is detecting something. It depends on what it's picking up and whether or not you have it on your PC and Laptop. Even if you get into the game, the game can still close itself if it detects something.




    A rollback is not an option unless it is a widespread issue.

    Regarding BlueFox7580, we haven't provided a solution to their issue, if a patch fixed their situation automatically, then it fixed their problem automatically without our intervention.

    Have you tried logging on with another system? If you have a spare computer with Fiesta installed, please login on that system. However if the computer belongs to someone else, please remember to log out and avoid saving any passwords on their system.

    If you are absolutely certain the issue is related to your character, then please submit a ticket specifying the specific problem. Example: If you are stuck in a spot that is out of zone and you need to be moved, you need to specifically state that as that is a potential cause of DC.



    I have been playing this game from 2007 till now without ever having a problem or being disconnected unless it was time for patch and you disconnected us. Also how did you fix this same bug issue for BlueFox7580 four weeks ago!? It is very upsetting and wasting all my cash shop items for over a week! Would be nice if this is fixed on YOUR end. I HAVE NEVER complained or ever had a issue with this game,as over the years I gotten a better computer to run this game without a issue!


    In order to indentify the issue, we require more information. If this was a wide spread issue and if it was an issue on our end, we would fix it and apply emergency patches if need be. However, since this issue seems relatively isolated, there has to be a cause that is triggering this problem. However, as you haven't provided any substantial information, we are unable to further assist.

    Log into my account on your computer! You will see the samething will happen to you on your computer.

    Account sharing is against the Rules, no one other than yourself should know the ID and PW of your account. A GM or any other member of staff will NEVER request such information from you. If you have shared your account and someone is logging in at the same time, this will cause a forced disconnection.

    Again, I'm not suggesting that is the cause of the problem. The problem us currently unknown and since the issue isn't widespread, we cannot provide further assistance until we know precisely what we're looking at. Disconnections can happen for a variety of reasons.



    While getting disconnected I am able to still run around after the pop up pops up, also I can tab on different mobs while the pop up says I have been disconnected from server. When I log right back in after being disconnected from server, I try to click on a mobs to hit them and none of my skills work or will hit the mob, but the mob can attack me, While running out of range so the mob stops hitting me so I can log in and out to try to fix this bug!


    From the sounds of it, this seems to be a stability issue between yourself and the servers. Unfortunately we will still require more information from your end, in order to pin point the cause of the problem.

    When you are playing the game, please make sure you have enough memory to run the game. If you are running a program or software that consumes memory such as Streaming videos, uploading or downloading content or rendering files or other intensive activities. Then please make sure you're not doing these at the same time.

    Please double check your internet connection and make you have a stable connection and that your ISP isn't blocking you and if you are on a VPN, please make sure that has a stable connection or switch it off.

    If you are running multiple clients, please close them to see if that will improve the performance.




    Please try some of the following suggestion: (We will also need more information in order to help you)

    - Adding your game to the exclusion list of your anti-virus software.

    - Make sure you aren't running any third party program that might interfere with the gameplay.

    - Try logging into the game with a different character to see if it an issue with one character.

    - If you are on Isya, please try logging into another server other than Isya to check and see if the issue occurs on all servers.

    - Make sure you are connected via a strong and stable connection, if you are running, a tool such as a VPN, please make sure it is stable.

    - Please make sure you're not being blocked if you are using a public or shared network.

    - Run the game as Administrator

    - Let us know what specific error or issue you see if there is a pop up.



    The whole concept of this 'Ninja Sale' is overly taxing: there are no time frames that can hint when an item will go live or how long it stays (how long is the "short while" duration? Is there a limited stock applied on these items?), there is no esclusivity (nothing that wasn't for sale already once nor an extreme % of discount to justify the "epic" epithet) and it also seems like the quantity is scarce (how many items so far, just the permanent workout suit? There are zero clues about how many items overall we should expect, everything is very vague).

    We do have already sales such as 'Happy hours' and 'Mystery Sale'" that are challenging enough to follow, (especially if we consider the multiple timezones NA's versions has), so I wonder whats the reason to give birth to such time consuming and alienanting type of sale?!


    So there are a few things I am allowed to clarify. The Ninja Sales will differ from both the Happy Hour and Mystery Sale. Unlike those two sales, the Ninja sale will have no time limit and no limitation on the quantity of stock. The sale will run for however long it will be up and it will come and go and can happen at any given moment.

    The items will be random and will differ from the other sales so there shouldn't be a clash in themes or items.

    If you have any question or any suggestions, please let us know!




    Please note that the publication of tickets and private conversation is strictly prohibited on the forums in accordance to the Forum Rules.

    If you have already submitted a ticket, then please wait patiently for a reply. If it is a bug, then please give Seryn the full details.