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    Please be patient as you wait for a reply to your ticket.

    As for your screenshots, you posted two identical screenshots.

    Please note that Archers excel in Aim and Evasion, overall without items equiped, your stats will be this low.




    Greetings Adventurers!

    You've spent years travelling across the land. You've explored every known corner of the world. You've slayed monsters, helped fellow adventurers and occasionally died to that odd low level slime!

    Now it's time for us to test your knowledge! Are you able to figure out the name of the map by the loading screen alone?

    But there is a catch! The loading screen will be obscured and only parts of it will be visible.

    How It Works:

    • Each Day an image will be revealed for you to guess.
    • The first person to guess the name of the loading screen correctly, wins that round.
    • You can enter as many times as you want but you can only win 2 times!




    July 6th 2020 to July 12th 2020


    You can choose between Scout's Honor (7 Days) or 5 Event Points per round

    Event Point store: HERE!


    • All Game and Event Rules apply.
    • All GM instructions must be followed.
    • Users are only permitted to win once per round and up to twice overall, attempting to win on multiple accounts will result in forfeiting all prizes.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the 12th of July 2020, 23h59 PDT (Server Time)
    • Each participant can only win TWICE
    • You can only select the SC Suit as a prize once!
    • Entries should include Character, Server name and choice of reward to be valid.

    Good Luck!

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team


    A voice of reason and a frequent poster on the Fiesta Forums. The player who has caught our attention and has made it into this month’s Player Spotlight! I introduce to you, Gavin!

    Congratulations! How do you feel about being selected to be featured on the Player Spotlight?

    Hi, I’m very pleased to be selected for the player spotlight and I thank the GM team for the time they put into making this happen. It’s always nice to read other players experience in the game and I’m looking forward to sharing mine.

    Give us some fun facts about yourself!

    I was originally introduced to Fiesta by a friend named Luluchuu. She captivated me to this game by destroying a Honeying and showing off her Sensei Suit and Red Donkey mount.

    Sadly, since Gamigo held the rights to EU Region, I wasn’t able to play on the US servers until many, many years later. It was sad to part with the EU server when EU EN closed down, but here I am on Fiesta NA with my friends!

    The responses you’ve made to the Merge thread had caught our attention. Your responses were quite open minded and we would love to hear some of your thoughts.

    I’ve been asked to explain why I don’t agree with a transfer item/server merge and it links in with the rather lengthy journey I’ve taken through this game.

    The original server merge was done correctly and is something which helped the game massively. Now as nice as it was that merge took place. In my opinion the release of the Transfer Tool didn’t have a positive impact.

    I saw many players using this feature just to ‘cash out’ of the game. Not only does this not benefit the game, but it also leads to servers such as Pagel. This is the reason I believe the Transfer Tool will not be released.

    Now if an item only allowed you to go from Isya to any other Servers were to be offered, then there may be a topic to discuss.

    What would you personally like or change about Fiesta Online?

    I personally think the game balanced up until Level 115 is fairly good overall.However, I largely disagree with the implementation of Legendary Weapons and wasn’t all too glad to hear about the idea of ‘Mythical Weapons’.

    End game content is too focused around single DPS classes, making glads the most valuable class. I would like to see a rework to the other classes to make them all useful in terms of dungeon and raid situations.

    Do you have any advice for your fellow players?

    Join a good guild academy, play with others and treat them the way you’d want to be treated. Most importantly have fun!

    Let’s finish up the interview! Any Particular Events you like to see more of?

    World Boss Spawn events! I was lucky enough to got my SK Weapon from the event !

    Shout outs!

    I would like to shout out to Aysha, CupCakes, Andi, DarkKirou, Luluchuu ofc, Juulia, Exist, Mindy, Ohio, Neo, Past, Gork, Cathy and Martha!

    I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little interview. If you wish to be featured in the next one, please fill in an application and let us know why you should be selected.

    Also please don’t forget that any notable contributions to the community may catch our attention and then maybe you could become featured in the next Player Spotlight!




    Interesting idea. Unfortunately we will not be able to bring back the exchange system we use to have in place for NA version of Fiesta Online. This is due to the number of request coming in and flooding our support.

    In regards to an automated trade system ingame, this will require time to implement if the idea gets approved.



    Greens CAN work, just not as good as blues. People under estimate greens all the time. The biggest loss is the HP/SP form the tops and pants.


    Whilst green gears aren't going to be as powerful as a blue gears without the additional bonus stats. It is nice to always have that alternative choice when it comes to gearing up for protection.

    Or, the combine system can be further built upon, as I suggested once it came out.

    This is a suggestion we can look into when it comes to crafting gears that aren't 'Special' and take something common and making it unique and strong enough for use when grinding through the game.

    I think it is only unfair to compare 105 blues with 114 greens. Why don't you compare 114 greens with 115 DDF blues? There you will see the gap.

    This only applies if you are able to afford and acquire the gear. Understandably, not everyone can and this results in a rift between players who can acquire the gears and stats to progress and those who hang on to the previous set and being left behind.



    Why should tradable items cost more? That's pure greed. It's trivially difficult to make the items tradable until used, it's already been implemented for other items.

    Isn't inherently solving a massive problem worth it by itself? You'd be unlocking that part of the market (which helps everyone: free players, paying players and gamigo) rather than restricting it.

    The current issue is self made, but it's a necessity. You have a game where free players cannot compete with paying players unless they utilise gifters.

    I realise none of this is your problem HoneyTeddy, but hopefully you can communicate something reasonable to people that actually can make a difference, if those people even exist anymore.

    Unfortunately HoneyTeddy has already left the team.

    At the end of the day we're not promoting system for players to find an easier way of trading for cash.

    Understandably, there hasn't been any other form of gears beside the World Boss and DDF Blue Sets once you hit level 100+ as I've mentioned on Discord, I am well aware that this is an issue and a concern for PvE players who just want to get through the game.

    As Gears are essential, we can always look for alternative solutions. Perhaps the re-introduction of Green Gears or Gears that are common or easy to obtain sets that can replace or stand in for World Boss/DDF sets other than the NPC White Gears.



    Thanks Kuroneko for clarifying.

    While I still don't understand the logic behind minimal-tradeable SC items, seems like it's a system set in place from way back and here to stay.

    Seems like it's an attempt for people to spend more individually (as there is hardly any other way to buy with in-game currency), from a newcomer's perspective like me, I would need to be very hesitant to put down $50, $100 when I'm just starting out.

    Just my 2 cents


    Again, I would like to remind you that purchasing items from other users should by no means, require real money or exchange of cash shop items for virtual goods .

    In fact we have rules and mechanics in place to deter this. The current state of the economy is a self made issue. As long as people continue gifting or bartering items for an exchange, then the problem will continue.



    Although I understood your message (that the gifting system was meant for sending a present), another question was asked. Why can't the "slime coins" items be tradable? Like all of them (maybe except skins or few other things)? What would be the downside? I can only see two big positive aspects: no more scamming and an increase in slime coins purchases.


    Unfortunately I am in no position to provide an elaborate or precise answer to this question.

    All I can say at this point is, if you are requesting the suggestion for us to implement a system to help Trade Items in Game with Real Life Money involvement, then answer will be a solid no.

    Whilst tradable items do exist within the game, they ideally exist at an exponential cost. Even if we do approve of such an idea, the cost of those items should cost more than it's counterpart.

    Example T5 Enhancement Bundle 9,999sc whilst Tradable T5 Enhancement Bundle cost 12,145sc



    Yeah exactly, why don't they just make everything in the cash shop tradeable instead of this 'gifting' system that make people prone to scams? If everyone can buy SC items wouldn't that encourage purchases and trading in game?


    As i've said before, the original intention of the Gifting system was to allow people the ability to gift an item for NOTHING in return. This would allow players the ability to send a present to a friend for Birthday or Christmas. It was never integrated into the game as a form of bartering tool between the players to use as form of payment during trades.

    Naturally measures have been put in place to help discourage gifting abuse. If you choose to partake in Gifting and get scammed, you did so at your own risk and will have to deal with the consquences of being scammed.



    Why would "getting caught" result in punishment when gifting was made legal. Everyone understands that there is risk to it, but the base act of using the item shop gift feature for in-game currency is allowed according to the ToS.

    Hi Charizard77,

    Whilst it has been allowed, it is only allowed to a certain degree as we cannot turn a blind eye to all cases regarding Gift Scamming. Especially when the victim starts accusing other players with no proof of scam. Wild accusations and blacklisting/name shaming a player is not allowed and can be considered as a form of attack or harassment towards the other player.

    As the In-Game Rules state, if you take part in this form of transaction, you will have to accept the risk and consequences and deal with it yourself. If you choose to make a scene about it, then you may be punished as a seperate case from Gift Scamming. Which sadly, usually leads to the question of do you have proof? If you don't, then no action can be taken against the accused player, however you yourself are in violation of harassing another player and can be dealt with in a seperate case.




    In regards to resetting names, currently there is no consideration on releasing new names.

    In regards to inappropriate names, players will be dealt with and will be forced to name change when caught.



    While gifting for services in game, and for in game items and currency is an "at your own risk" was at one time, against the rules and people could suffer a temporary ban for it...

    Hi Shawn_v01,

    Getting caught will still result in some form of punishment being applied.

    There are a variety of problems with scam reports:

    • Insufficient Evidence
    • Pure Accusation with no Evidence
    • Under the table transaction that endangers the reporter and prevents them from reporting or use of 3rd party services unrelated to Gamigo
    • Players unwillingly to make a report

    No matter what happens, whether past, present or future. If you choose to engage with a form of trade involving real life currency, gifting or pay for service (power leveling or dungeon clearing) then you do so at your own risk knowing full well you've signed the Terms of Services and agreed to the ingame rules and Terms.

    Each case will be judge by a case by case scenario and will be dealt with in accordance to the rules.

    Naturally there are some preventive measures:

    • Be wary of suspicious links and emails
    • Double check the forums, news and Discord for any sales or deals on
    • Don't just take any random code or links off strangers
    • Be wary of imposters impersonating your friends
    • Trust your own instinct and gut and cancel the trade or pass on the offer if the deal seems dodgy
    • Avoid sketchy websites and installing 3rd party software from an illegitimate source as you never know what is hidden within it
    • Don't share your Login ID or PW, GM's and members of staff will NEVER request this information and other than yourself, no one else should know your login details.



    The current balance in game and the fact there is content that requires the use of SC items and to expect "gifters" to give all these needed items as "presents" and saying you won't help players that pay with ig cash is setting up very bad conditions for scammers to repeatedly scam people, in fact I'm sure this is already happening.

    If Gamigo is against gifting trades then what efforts are being made to balance content (both free content and pay to win content) and what are their thoughts about the future of "tradable" SC items? Gamigo has to know the whole purpose of those items are to be barter-able for ig cash which is why they made more expensive right?


    Whilst this is a valid concern, I think there needs to be a bit of transparency on the subject to help better understand the situation.

    It's not the fact that we won't help, but rather we can't help. This is due to a lot of under the table transactions and agreement that players make outside the game or the lack of provided evidence towards the agreed upon transaction.

    Scam generally involves a form of bait, a mouse trap to lure people into a sweet deal or a self made problem by the party involved, where someone parts with half the amount or deposits an item first.

    If transaction was made outside of the game, i.e via Paypal or other forms of transaction. Then there is nothing we can do as we do not own nor run services such as Paypal, Skype or Discord. You will have to contact the police or report to those services directly and have their support team to help you.

    If it occurs within our game, you will have to document everything. From screenshotting and archiving all comments and process of transaction or recording the entire thing in High Quality resolution (Not with a mobile phone!). Evidence must be provided and accusations or claiming someone is a scammer is not enough. We require strong undisputed evidence of the entire thing (beginning, middle and end).

    Ultimately we cannot control the ingame economy nor set a cap on prices for the items you, the players, choose to sell those items for.

    If a deal seems too sweet to be true, it can quite often be a trap. In which case you should trust your own instinct and reconsider the offer and attempt to make some other form of safer trades.