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    So like I charged $50 while the Samy offer was up and up untill now I havent recieved it yet!

    Can any gamigo staff give me some light regarding this topic?

    I have been in a no sc trip to cap LOL and its doable in Isya because you can always leech of people :D, however other serves have it rough and there is no way to enjoy END GAME without sc (keep that in mind) on any server.

    Hopefully there will be a cap raise I would love to see the conclusion of The Battle against Pagel Lmao.

    Now for the things that we have right now....

    1) Ominous Canyon: As of now, gears are useless because the dungeon is placed in Ominous Valley and when you get quests there at 130 you cant go into Ominous Canyon anymore (120-129), that and well there is nothing farmeable from 125-130 so no really need for these gears. So my suggestion is move it back to Roumen and add a new boss or a dungeon or even an abyss that actually gives something good like other type of jewels or omamoris lvl 127 (better than currently 120s ones), aka give Ominous Canyon a porpuse to exist LOL.

    2) Twilight of the void: This is such a weird and wasted map, it feels like it was just rushed and has no porpuse but to get that daily and lvl your way to cap. There is no music on the map (put one at least LOL), there is only 5 quests for the whole map and the daily. The supposedly "elite monsters" of the map serve for nothing but for that one quest that requires you to kill them. So my suggestion is put a song on it, fill it with more mobs and make it a "grind" like map (aka make exp a bit higher) for those who would like a change from repeats and to grind instead. Also make those Elite monsters at least drop greens LOL. Also why if its a "regular" map you cant get warped to KQ there? that makes me think it was supposed to be a dungeon but it got rushed and well its now just a wasted map. Same goes for the abyss version of it, it serves no porpuse since it doesnt drop anything LOL, at least make it drop greens and dusts.

    3) King Albireo: Same as Ominous Canyon, it has no reason to exist as of now since there is nothing farmeable from 125-130. Give it a reason to exist by adding a new dungeon or abyss.

    4) Sea Dragon: Another rushed thing from last cap raise that is filled with bugs and has no reason so even be there, suggestion for this thing is to just delete it LOL.

    5) Paggel's Battlefield: This map is just so perfect and at the same time so wasted!!, it gives you a vibe of completion when you get there (the music is good, the atmosphere too), quests and mobs are hard I love that, That dragon and Ogre are menacing thats awesome!! but then...... even tho you have a great map and all those elite mobs and all those new different mobs there is nothing to farm there!! like they dont drop anything! push this map a bit more, its a great map but it could be way better, example Ogre and Dragon could drop 130 blues that dont bind (yeah I know you need money from unbinds but come on).

    6) Siren's Castle: Perfect map I just think its lvl limit should be 115-130. That would give DQ weapons, 130 jewels and 130 gears more use.

    I came back because of the health thing in the world going on and I have noticed the following enhancing gears and weapons these past two months:

    - Regular Stones have actually worked better for me than blessed or lucky.

    - You cant go past +12 on bracelets with ig stones so my 3 t3 bracelets are only +12

    - TBH you dont really need bracelets to play the game so Im not bugying sc frags unless these horror stories stop appearing on forum xD.

    - Legendary weapons are your best bet since from +3 to +7 you spend two bundles max for both weapons and you get a +12 leg.

    - T3 gears have to lower enchancement rate of the bunch.

    - The more you fail and the rate for succes improves a bit (for gears and weapons), example, if it takes you 80 elrues to 3 a weapon and then you put on a bundle, it will go up easier than a weapon that took you only 10 elrues to +3.

    These results have been consisten past month so yeah thats my advice for you guys: dont buy sc frags (they are a scam, stick to +12), make legs, live with +3-+5 gears, dont enhance t3 gear/weapons LOL.

    All lucky boxes are rigged man, dont try those LOL, even if you see 10 items there, the most useless ones have higher rate than the ones you actually want. So yeah never play those again, its not a fair gamble.

    There goes my solo farming LOL, I was actually having so much fun and was able to solo everything even without charms, I myself thought it was a intended change LOL, oh man qq now I need to charm again and you telling me I can only buy 10 charms per week, so if I buy a 30 days extender and use those 10 charms in a period of 2 days I then waste my extender and sc for 5 days?

    eh I think its time to pause my farming untill I find a way to make it worth it LOL, Im happy I only used a 7 days rant and extender...

    I agree with Shawn LOL

    Back when they introduced it I remember people spending over 1K dollar to trying to get one, some did, some didnt and ended up with a lot of skins they didnt want which had two outcomes, they raged quit (lose for gamigo) or they made another character just to use that skin (win for gamigo). Sadly when they got that new character to high lvls most realized they dont like that class enough and quit aswell LOL.

    With that in mind and the amount of money you need to spend to get one WHY are you guys even trying to get one, you guys are getting scammed hard. A lottery box is supposed to have the same chance for each item in the box however we all know this is not true, thats the scam.

    Personal advice: live without the skin or wait for another trade glitch haha :x

    I fully agree with this.

    HKs get:

    - Crit buff

    - Cross

    - Bash debuff

    - Endure

    - Defense pt buff

    Guardians get:

    - Rebirth

    - Bubble

    - Heals

    Now every HK thing they get is awesome for like everything (raids, solo, w/e you call it, they come in handy)

    Whats good about guardians?

    I will say Rebirth its the most helpful of the bunch, specially for KQs and if you dont want to spend tols, well you got yourself infinite revival lol.

    But aside from that while bubble is somehow helful it gets outshined by everything hks have and crusaders bubble. I mean make it at leats as big as crusader's and make it so you can choose where to place it.

    Also just my two cents, both pt buffs should be available for both classes, why taking def buff from guardians when they are the ones supposed to be the support ones.

    As title says I have the folowwing items for sale and Im trying on forums because I always end up dcing on game while trying to vend.

    Prices are: 12G for 1h, 12G for shield, 13G for axe, however, if you want all 3 of them price for all 3 is 30G. 1h+shield is 20G.

    Price for t4 bracelet+17 is 20G.

    PM in game on xCreeper01 or Inmortal, or leave a post here.

    lvl50 blue 1h+10

    lvl50 blue Axe+10

    Brace t4 attacker+17

    lvl 50 blue Shield+10

    tbh Its not Outspark all over again, its even worse LOL, eveything is more expensive.

    Just one of many examples, take Tough cookie pack.

    That pack used to be 4.8k sc for 10 charms, a pet, a mini house and a suit.

    Their reasoning was "People dont use the extra items", like are you serious? I bet most used at least the minihouse.

    Now its 4.5K just for the charms.

    There is a reason why some people stay playing lower lvls instead of capped content.

    When they raised the cap from 125 to 135 they changed quite a lot, let me explain.

    Up untill 115 you had 5 stats that could go each up to 60 on gears or weapons. That gives you a ton of posibilities which made you get a godly item already low.

    At 135 cap they changed it to Aim, STR, DEX, HP, SP, Dmg, Mdmg, etc that each can go up to 450+ LOL, they changed the system saying it was more "balanced" but what it really does is just increase the posibilities and make you getting a godly item even lower, this in turn means more money for Gamigo. Check around, you can see in vendor 135 gears with 0 hobs being sold for 3G because ppl tried to get godly stats, failed, and now they need to farm another and hammer and repeat.

    With that in mind people want something that provide a guaranteed stat LOL, aka bracelets, but we Gamigo dont want you to have it easy, we want money, so we give you 0.001% success rate.

    Dude, when T6 Leg items and bracelets were introduced I remember someone posted a thread saying he spent $300 to enhance a leg axe and $300 on a bracelet using sc stones LOL, that my friend was a warning. Now enough ppl complained and they eventually fixed the T6 items rate and now you can enhance them pretty much for free. However Bracelets were never changed and are still crap. Now if you have a cold mind set you would realize that you dont really need the bracelet stat bonus to do anything in this game, so why do you even try to enhance something that cost $300 for no gain at all?

    Based on that logic my bracelet is still +0 and wont ever try to enhance it unless they change the enhancement rate, and my advice is you all do the same LOL

    Any other build, like putting SPR for the extra crit or DEX for the extra aim and eva is good ONLY if you plan on playing this game not spending too much on SC (or cant afford it LOL), this means however that you wont be a TOP player at PVE or PVP, but it will make your life through Fiesta easier.

    Well as a veteran myself, STR build is the best as Rei explained because the added RAW damage multiplies by every other buff you put into it (saying that as an old veteran Glad who used to raid 24/7 and was one of the main dd's of Bijou).

    Sadly now my glad is retired due to merge and because I refuse to go for cap on Isya (due to how expensive it is to actually stay competitive and raid in this game LOL).

    But if you plan on going for the end game and stay competitive then you must consider a STR build, period. LOL

    Im from Pagel,

    Dead server, and when I heard they wouldnt even consider a server merge tool or anything of sort thats when I quit.

    I blame the dying of the servers on how expensive the store is and how unfullfilling high lvls are. For Example, when cap raise was 105, we had Malephar, a standad wold boss who was not that hard to kill and it was rewardiing pooping out several armor or gears per week.

    At 110 the Adealia theme was engaging, several new mobs, and we got closer to defeat Karen which kept us all going.

    At 115 We finally got a shoot at Karen which kept us going, we also got Chimera which at the time was a fun to kill world boss.

    Then at 125 things started to go south, while the theme was engaging and we got a lot of new mobs and bosses, you messed things up by changing up the stat system and people went from having 20K HP to 10K, Im not lying when I tell you that some of our best players quit seeing that and I dont blame them, I was also affected by the change I was like LOL look at my 10K HP, thats sad....

    King Alberio wasnt as rewarding as Karen or Malephar, he would drop useless gears and a weapon every other two weeks mostly for the classes than the less people played (crusaders, archers,trixsters).

    At 135 things only went worse, The cap raise was filled with buggs and glitches, who doesnt remember the Temple glitch LOL, it was imposible to do the dungeon without getting stressed (a game is supposed to be fun you know), the lvls were too hard, the mobs were too hard to kill (you pretty much needed to be perm 100% cookied if you wanted to lvl up at a decent pace), and not only that the rewards from taking all the pain were cero. I remember when I finally got to lvl 130 (Pagel's Battlefield) I was excited because I saw a lot of new mobs, new small bosses (like the dragon) and I though to myself of maybe this is some kind of redemption, these bosses probably drop good stuff!!, and it was sad to see that they didnt dropped anything else but dust LOL, that was so discouraging.

    The last strike was to know that Shaman Kazhul hideout was lvl 130 mimimun required lvl to enter dungeon. I mean, you guys didnt think that an already low populated game would take a big blow from this by making it lvl 130 and up?. Not to mention that the world boss was dull as fk? boring as hell?, I mean come on, you guys had another option, make it 125 and up and make it FUN?.

    Most of Pagel people quit even before 130 due to all these reasons, and those who made it to 135 quit aswell because well there was really nothing to do anymore, there werent enough people to do dungeons and the world boss.

    I made it to 135 by doing the stone repeat once a day LOL, Cap raise was so bad that I never upgraded gears or weapon, didnt feel like it was worth it tbh, still using 125 OC gears and KA axe, didnt see the point to spend money on the game, I mean I knew it was going to die LOL.

    Hopefully you learn on your mistakes and dont mess things up on Isya and keep it alive. I will just log in from time to time on forums to checi if you actually do something. and if you decide to do another cap raise, I will come back and check out how far my OC gears can get me. Im certainly not spending a dollr on the game anymore. Playing the free route haha.

    You can check my billing information and you will see I was spending good, and it your loss for providing your players with unrewarding content and events, I mean what happend with those kill the mobs events tht actually dropped things and stuff, those were fun!.