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    This been happening for some hours now: game working for 1~2 hours, then servers crash and only on again after 10~20 minutes (estimating it happened 7~8 times during the last 16 hours...)

    Well, since i posted this, more then half the times i see this KQ starting (not sure if the post contributed to that). Been getting a win around 40% of the times, so at least its worth trying.

    Funny thing: the majority of the wins happened when we had 5 or less ppl, while the majority of the fails happened with 10+ ppl in it, so i guess Bert was right about it...

    I don't find it hard, on Pagel server I used to solo it on my lock (with someone else quitting and leaving me alone): kill boss to open gate, use bird to go to next gate, repeat till final boss, then gather whites and drop them on boss using bird again. Duoed/trioed lots of times on my wiz, using different process: kill everything on the way, and then again gather whites to drop them at final boss (having an auto rev from guard or a HK who can rev usually did the trick; if not, just use heart); was able to do it also with my knight and a DD: kill all (with my knight getting agro to keep DD safe) till last boss, and again, gather whites to drop them on him.

    I am just curious why such a simple thing (being able to do it with just 1, 2 or 3 players) for the chance of a 120 bracelet is not attracting ppl anymore.

    Or maybe those who might consider it will now start looking for my knight in that KQ (Knight_In_Gale) for an easy win...

    My cleric went HK, couz i loved to be dmg cleric, only to realize that even going HK with full dmg build was useless at that time, couz we dont get any AoE (i mean, we eventually get it, but useless for dmg); since the repeats were nerfed at some point to less kills. maybe things are different now, but i will never know, got tired of cleric and stoped him at 125, and dont intend to play it anymore or make another cleric.

    INT is completely useless for a cleric or any other class that isn't the mage

    or a crusader

    If you guys have any additional information on regards to skill points with different builds or simply any other information that could be useful to this guide, Please leave a comment

    I think you meant stats; my cleric was 25SPR 33DEX rest STR, and I had lots of fun soloing until L100, when I reseted to full END and started playing in pts/duo (at that time, L100+ repeats were like 100/150/200 kills, so it was a pain to lvl up as dmg cleric)

    Question on empowering skills

    You did well with bash, basic cleric attack and only decent one you will ever get (the others only do low dmg or have a ridiculous CD, and even if you improve some, the benefit is not that much, so it's better to use your points on all kinds of heals (I recommend you always improve first the CD, then the effect, and then eventually the duration). Also, some usefull skills (like Revive) have a long CD, so its a good idea to improve CD on Awaken; that will allow you to use a skill without the need of waiting for CD (ex.: Revive Awaken Revive all in a row without wait)

    What on earth is Akher talking about?

    OK, some people complained about not being able to use multi login software, but that is not the big issue: main problem everyone is having is not being able to log in without disconnecting a few minutes latter, making it impossible to play; and not a single word about that?????