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    Permanent houses, like we had long time ago (with 5 extra vendor slots);

    and more permanent stuff with some kind of effect, not just for the looks...

    Also, the "skin" system sucks: most ppl need to spend hundreds of dollars to get the skin they want, they get stuck with skins they dont want, and when we finnaly get get skin we want... we need to pay (repair) to keep using it...

    Make a choice, not both: make it hard for ppl to get a skin, but once we get it, its ours, no need to spend more money; or: make it easyer to get the skin, but once we get it, we need to pay to keep using it. Having both is just beeing gready! Also, maybe consider giving ppl a chance of doing something with the skins they got and dont want: maybe some kind of unbind from store so ppl can sell it or transfer to other chars?

    Once I got my Knight in Isya 116, I started recruiting people for it, even made a post about it, and people restarted to join. I got a 50% success rate doing it: with lots of DDs, go for the kill at final boss; if not, pull all whites/blues and drop them on Pagel.

    But for some days now, nothing of this seems to work, mostly because the Boss debuff (when he converts us) seems to have no CD, he can just instant cast it any time: ppl attacking? He will convert all. Pulling whites? He will convert the priests and they will heal him…

    Did Gamigo change anything? Is it a bug? Or we have been just very unlucky these last few days?

    Also, looking for any changes about it on “Maintenances & Paches notes” (Maintenance & Patch notes), I found some problems:

    «[Maintenance] 11/28/18 - 01h00 (PST)


    • A bug which made it so sometimes gathering did not work on the first try has been fixed and now all herbs, mushrooms and trees and trees can be picked up without problems.
    • An issue in which a target was shown as out of range while being in range has been adjusted. »

    Both not fixed…

    «[Maintenance] 11/07/18 - 01h00 (PST)


    • An adjustment regarding recent crash issues has been made. If the issue persists please send in the crash report and don’t hesitate to give us further feedback. »

    The crash report always fails… (and yes, I still get a lot of random crashes).

    Running the repair tool as an administrator worked, I now can play, thank you

    Is anyone playing atm? Couz Fiesta not starting for me, I still get the same error after trying everything I could think, nothing worked and still not able to play...

    But I see no feedback from Gamigo, so... I was wondering... is it just me? Everyone? Or some are playing and others can't play, like me?

    I do this a lot at KQs, usually starting with dmg/mdmg and/or crit title until my pt get the 5 kills, then swapping to def and/or speed title, according to the characteristics and final objective of the KQ (ex.: at Bijou Sanctuary, I use dmg till 5 kills, then speed till last gate, then def for final boss).

    Having a list of favorite titles would make this much less painful then it is atm.

    And for those who never do this, it wouldn’t harm them anyway, right?

    Reverting to an older patch worked for me

    it keeps giving me version 1.02.228; i had the felling repair tool was not working, couz after selecting previous version, clicking the "Save" button didnt feel like it was saving (insta disapear, not giving those instants - if not more - of time that something usually takes to save anything; downloaded the repeir tool again, nothing changed...

    or those of us (like me) who aren't computer...

    The repair tool needs to be moved to same folder where Fiesta is; to do that, open My Computer and follow the path: C (Main Disk) --> Program Files (x86) --> Gamigo --> FiestaOnlineNA

    I've been vendoring now for almost 3 hours in a row without d/c.

    14 hours now, i think this is a new record... :thumbup:

    use MSCONFIG you your self can pick what not turns on when pc starts up

    Those programs work in a different way. If you use MSCONFIG or other startup management software to choose what to load or not when Windows starts, those choices are permanent (ex.: if you turn off Windows update, it will be ALWAYS off when using Windows, which is not recommended. What Razer Cortex and other similar software does is turning off some services (like Windows update and others) only when you start Fiesta, and then restore all when you close Fiesta (or any other game).

    Also, the problem with RAM is that Fiesta accumulates in memory lots of things that are happening on screen, and eventually the RAM will get full and Fiesta will crash, no matter how much you have (having more RAM will only delay the crash); turning off interface and other stuff, and hiding other chars, will send much much less information to RAM, so game can stay on much more time without crashing.

    I've been vendoring now for almost 3 hours in a row without d/c.

    Nice work Gamigo techs, thank you.

    p.s.: for those who try to vendor for long time and d/c after a few hours (even without current problems), try both this things when vendoring:

    1) Options ("Esc" key) --> Game Settings --> turn off everything, "interface" included;

    2) "shift" + "z" to hide all other chars in map.

    General tip: if you dont multi task when playing Fiesta (meaning you only playing Fiesta and not using the computer for anything alse), try a program (i use Razer Cortex) to free up RAM and shut down windows services that are not essential, giving more computer resources to the game...

    This been happening for some hours now: game working for 1~2 hours, then servers crash and only on again after 10~20 minutes (estimating it happened 7~8 times during the last 16 hours...)

    Well, since i posted this, more then half the times i see this KQ starting (not sure if the post contributed to that). Been getting a win around 40% of the times, so at least its worth trying.

    Funny thing: the majority of the wins happened when we had 5 or less ppl, while the majority of the fails happened with 10+ ppl in it, so i guess Bert was right about it...