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    Is it the same nostalgic feel from almost 10 years ago? Is there still a big community for this game?

    Been playing nonstop since March/April 2008, if you loved the game by then, you will still love it now, despite all the changes; the basis is still the same.

    The community is smaller now, since the new players are not enough to replace the ones that gradually quit; basically, Isya is the only real active server atm, where everybody from other servers restarted once those started to gradually die.

    You will probably restart from zero, so my advice is: start making money fast, by joining an academy with high rewards; not going to recommend any (trying to be impartial here), but if you up to follow my advice, follow these steps:

    *) Make a temporary char (to delete latter or keep just for storage purposes);

    *) Go to a Guild Manager NPC (Roumen, Elderine, Uruga – yes, lvl 1 can go to Uruga using teleport gate) and check Guild Academy rankings to see what are the top acads (usually those are the ones that give best rewards and/or have more active members);

    *) Ranking is reset every week (late Thursday or early Friday, not sure) to 0 points; if the rank was recently reset, you won’t have an accurate idea, so check the final ranking from previous week);

    *) Take note of the names of top acads;

    *) Use that char to join one of the acads and check the rewards, take note of those;

    *) You can only join another acad 1 hour after you left one, so delete (or not) the char and, in any case, make a new char to join another acad and check the rewards for those;

    *) Keep doing that until you decide what academy to join.

    Final advices to make/not waste money:

    *) Don’t spend money on enhanced stuff until L60, everything is much easier now;

    *) Don’t waste time with production skills, there are lots of alternate ways ppl can get pots, scrolls, etc. (or maybe just go stone maker for your personal use);

    *) Enhance everything to +3 (jewels included – now nothing breaks before +3, despite it can downgrade) to make you a bit stronger till L60, when I recommend you start investing some of the money you saved till then on good gears.

    Anything else, feel free to ask and, If you choose an active acad, you will eventually get there any other advices you need; if not, just ask here.

    Welcome back!

    I like pictures :/

    Almost everyone does (me included); what I didn’t like and made it look childish was tons of pages full of pictures without any text (the opposite would also be annoying); a good balance between text and pictures on all pages would look much more “magazine like”; when I reached the “art” section (pages 10 to 22), after 3 or 4 pages I just started to roll it down fast until I finally found some text again; and, funny thing, pages 23, 24 and 25 were again unbalanced, but this time the opposite way.

    I don’t want to take down the work and time of everyone who collaborated/contributed to the magazine, its free and we get what we get; but since we were asked for feedback…

    I already lost more then 1 skin, both in Pagel and in Isya (last one less then one month ago). Not sure if last time there was a warning or not, but the first time this happened I reported it to Gamigo (or was it Outspark? whatever…), saying the alert system was, on one hand, very annoying, when we start getting constant alarms at 25%, witch is ridiculous on a 25K durability skin but, on the other hand, when it gets near 0%, the alarms are the same (the rolling text on bottom right that meanwhile we got used to ignore because it started to alert us too soon). So, even if the alarms are working, it should be much clearer when reaching near 0%, because when we are focused on hard raids (that usually take some time and lots of skin points), we don't waste time looking at the messages text. The alarm should be much more obvious and impossible to ignore, like a sound alert or a pop-up window on the middle of the screen.

    On a side note, I always hated the way skins were implemented and still work: people need to waste a ton of money to get random skins they don’t need until they finally get the one they want (lots of times even getting repeated skins that we already got on the same session). But hey, we will eventually get it, so… why do we need to keep paying (repair) to be able to use it?

    Make a choice:

    Make it hard/expensive to get, but once you get it, its yours forever with no extra costs;


    Make it easy/cheap to get, but then you need to pay if you want to keep using it!

    Please don’t be greedy…

    I liked the 1st issue, but I think there was too much “art”, making it look a bit childish; I would prefer more text and less pictures, with useful info or just curiosities and/or funny things about the game.

    Anyway, thank you for your time working on this…

    Amigo, hize exactamente lo que me dices en los pasos, y ahora me sale que la aplicacion no es un a"win32 Valida".

    Gamigo was aware of the problems with the launcher, and some maintenances ago they said they were going to fix it, and in fact I never had that problem again, and never again I needed to rename fiesta.bin and use a direct shortcut to it.

    The problem you mention probably requires reinstalling Fiesta, but sometimes that is not enough, first you need to do a deep uninstall of the game using a specialized program that removes all remaining traces (lots of times, when we uninstall a program, some files, folders and registry entries are not removed, so those specialized programs do a deep search on all related to the program we are uninstalling and delete all leftovers).

    You can search for a specialized program, but I recommend using Revo Uninstaller; I use that program for many years, and so happy with it that I even got the paid version; but the free version does a good job so, if you don’t intend to keep using this type of software, no need to pay for it.

    Just install Revo, and uninstall Fiesta from that program; it will start with the normal Fiesta uninstaller, and then will give you 3 options of search for remainings: Safe (wont search anything), Moderate, and Advanced. Use last option for a complete removal of Fiesta, and once you finish deleting all remainings, install Fiesta again.

    (...) a char (...) been vending the same pots and scrolls every single day/minute/second the game is up without fail. (...) This does not seem humanly possible (...).

    (...) game controls for regular accounts would be identical to yours or my account.

    I have, for many many years, a 24/7 vendor that doesn’t do anything else; but… the “24/7” is very relative.

    Sometimes, like it happens to all of us, it gets d/c:

    for a few seconds, if I happen to be near and notice it;

    for some minutes, until I notice it;

    for some hours, if I’m out;

    for days, if game is having serious issues and I get tired of constantly relog the vendor.

    Also, after maintenance, I’m not always at home, so I can’t immediately reopen it. Even if I am at home, I’m not trying to relog nonstop just to get the spot I want, that’s a serious waste of time, even for someone who don’t have anything else to do…

    Like many others, I have my favorite vending spots, but sometimes those are taken, and I can’t reopen where I want.

    Even if the spot is free, there will always be minor differences: exact location, position/direction, etc.

    So, if the situation is exactly as Graves describes it, it is very strange; which made me think someone could be abusing privileges. Of course ppl wouldn’t have GM rights on their normal accs, but we know GMs can manipulate normal chars, like relocating them on any map; that’s what came to my mind when I saw Graves description of that vendor.

    Sorry for taking so long with this subject but, like I said, vacations… 😊

    This is not a big deal, but I'm on vacations and having too much free time… :D

    I understand Graves concern; I just think he raised the subject in a wrong way. It was never a secret over the years that most support/tech team members (both from Outspark and Gamigo) have/had their own personal accounts and play on those accounts like any other player. What I think Graves meant, specifically about that char/vendor, was the possibility of some players taking advantage of being a part of tech staff to benefit their personal chars/acc, abusing their access to game controls the “normal” players don’t have…

    I think the name Fiesta Magazine is fine, I actually got excited when I've read the thread's title, my mind immediately thought about the iconic Fiesta Magazines created by FatalLace and her staff back in 2008.

    Oh yes, first thing that crossed my mind: "wow, I wonder if any relation with FatalLace work back in 2008?"

    And ty for the links, i missed some of those, and if that is all you have, you missed the "Year in Review" (that was last one I ever got), but idk how to make it available here...

    Until some hours ago, the game seemed to be fine; then I logged in a bit before 00:00 game time to get ready to do my dailies (and attendance, if it was coming back – day 1 of the month).

    At 00:00 I could see attendance was back and was going to get the quests when I d/c. I relogged, saw 2 ppl complaining about d/cs /so it wasn’t just me), only to d/c again after less than 1 minute.

    I went for some stuff at home and waited about half an hour before trying again, just to get d/c again in 30 seconds or so.

    Any idea what is going on?

    Uruga seems to be down also, tryed on dif chars and it wont load (freeze at load screen) or just says "map under maint".

    Also, i saw some KQs (not sure how many) not starting (saying "preparing" instead of "recruiting", not allowing ppl to join), then disappearing after 1 minute or so...

    if there are several accounts on same computer, usually only one have admin rights. if thats your case (other ppl using your computer with dif account), ask the one with admin rights to do that for you.

    If you are the only computer user (and therefor only one acc), then you must have admin rights...

    You can get easy fame from daily L7 quest (KQ clear), even at L135, but keep in mind not all KQs can be cleared and give you the reward, you need to check/try all available KQs for your lvl to see wich ones allow you to do that daily (it doesnt say its a daily, but you can only do it one time per day, so...)

    You must have it, its the main Fiesta file, impossible to play without it. If your file explorer dont have extensions enabled (thus showing only "fiesta" and not "fiesta.bin", hover your mouse on all files with "fiesta" name to see wich one is the ".bin"

    L60 orange jewels can only be obtained in Mini Dragon Hard Core version. Keep in mind MD quests cannot be done in HC version, you need to go to normal one for it.