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    I was originally from Bijou, then went to Pagel after merge.

    For some time, both Isya and Pagel were active servers, but progressively Pagel got less and less populated; I resisted quitting the most I could, mainly because most of the times I was playing with in game wife, so I was never alone, but it become sad to find almost no one else to party with, since the strong point of this game is to meet people from all over the world and make new friends. The final blow, for me, was when it became impossible to sell or buy anything, since there were no vendors, and no point opening a vendor if almost no one on to buy.

    Eventually we quitted and restarted in Isya; we now have 3 caped couples on that server, leveling up a 4th couple atm; until now we are having fun, I am able to sell and buy stuff, can make new friends, but it never became the same for me as it was in Pagel.

    I see lots of people did the same, since there are lots of chars in Isya that have same name/class as in Pagel but not playing there anymore (that’s what I did, my new chars in Isya got same name/class as the ones I had in Pagel, with few exceptions), and lots of guilds with same names (again, not active anymore in Pagel).

    Why did I comment here? Well, basically, if Pagel could get active again, I have no doubt we would go back, I just do not see a way to make it happen; but I still hope so…

    So, “kids” can spend whatever amount of money on online games using dads or moms credit card (hopefully if they allow), but cannot gamble with it? (gamble = spend whatever amount of money for the same purpose, only random…), Or, “kids” don’t have that kind of access, problem solved.

    1st and 2nd one was easy then the 3rd one was hard and then the 4th one was easy again

    Can you please clarify that? Are you talking about the number of times the chest spawns/respawns? Because I never realized that, always seemed to me to be random, difficulty each time the chest spawns seemed to depend on how many ppl get iced/blinded, nothing else. But maybe I’m wrong and missing something…

    for buffs and heal pt while doing high level stuffs

    HK got better buffs and Guardian better heals?

    You figured the problem already, and yes, HK have better buffs (and better dmg), Guard have better heals (and better def).

    Other differences are the specific skills L100+:

    HK get a cross that heals and give more dmg to pt members in range, and a crit buff (for extra dmg) he can cast on any individual target (himself, someone in pt or anyone else not in pt).

    Guard gets auto revive he can cast on any individual target (himself, someone in pt or anyone else not in pt), and a bubble that protects any pt members in range (it works like invincible, but it’s AoE for pt and have higher dmg absorption capacity then invincible); the auto rev is very limited in duration.

    So, as a generic advice, I would say this:

    If you are planning on doing raids for world bosses (as your “doing high level stuffs” suggests), HK is better, couz raiders always prefer the dmg buffs from HK over the auto rev from Guard (most ppl prefer to use ToLs to keep the pots/scrolls they consumed before the raid started, instead of using auto rev and then needing to rescroll/repot again.

    If you planning on playing just with a bunch of limited friends, or with a spouse in duo, and don’t care much about raids, I recommend Guard, couz the higher def will allow you to not need so much sc to survive, and the higher heals and the bubble will be a much higher help in keeping your pt/spouse safe while questing.

    You are right, IceNova , but what I said was a follow up of the previous comments, where most people seem to agree that Sorah went from one extreme (too easy) to another (too hard). Considering the 3 possibilities (keep it like it is now, put it back to what it was before, or make it more balanced), I think no one wants the first (the way it is now).

    Sorah was always supposed to be hard, and I think the reason why it used to fail so much at lower lvls is that lots people at lower/medium lvls don’t have the best gears, but at 125+ that was usually not a problem, with even some caped chars (almost certainly with all gears at the max +) participating. So, why is Sorah 125+ so hard now? Here goes some suggestions on how to make it easier (read "less hard"):

    *) Obvious one: make chest easier to kill (but keep the birds the same way, the panic they generate is part of the fun…);

    *) Allow more ppl to participate (20, at least 15);

    *) If 3 instances (A, B and C) with more ppl in is too much, then reduce it to just A and B (3x10 is the same as 2x15 – duh) with an higher interval (maybe 5 minutes instead of 2); I think we all would prefer less runs but more chances of success, and anyway its super rare that someone is able to do all 3…

    *) If allowing more ppl to participate will make the initial room (the random puzzles) too easy, adjust the mobs defense to the new number of participants;

    *) Or, just put it back the way it was before, you never heard anyone complaining on how easy it was…

    I saw people complaining in the past about how sorah chest was so hard to kill on all KQ levels compared to 125+.

    So, they fixed it: 125+ sorah chest is now as hard to kill as on any other levels…

    So: stop complaining, the fixes are sometimes worst then the problem…

    If you want to farm bosses for blues, a good 1v1 class would be a good choice (so, trixter, templar prob 2nd best option, gladiator 3rd).

    If your priority is KQs (ES, BS), both need good tanks, so go with knight.

    If you want to focus mainly on raids (HG, Male, DDF), since there is no guild competition like in other raids, i think knight would be, again, the best option.

    L115 Warlock and Guardian, both with good DDF set +10. What can we farm for blues (or other) to make money? I know about Helga HC and Male HC (but that’s only 2 times/day), and first boss in BA (but it takes a lot of time to get there). Are there any other good options, considering the priority is making money and not wasting tons of time on it?

    Why are production skills so messed up atm and not worth investing on it? when game started, cap was very low (59? 69? not sure) and leveling up was very hard. People had to +kill tons of mobs, getting lots of mats in that process that would allow to improve production skills. But, over the years, a lot changed:

    1) leveling up is now stupidly easier, not giving time to players to collect the needed mats to improve production skills;

    2) Pots and scrolls drop from mobs like crazy, so ppl don’t really need to improve those production skills…

    3) Stone production is still useful (since stones don’t drop that much), but considering point 1), we will bypass the level of the mobs that drop the dusts we need very fast, not leaving us any other option then spending lots of money on buying dusts to improve that skill.

    So, there goes my suggestion:

    1) Remove all production skills, so new players don’t waste time trying to figure out how it works to eventually figure out it’s just not worth the time/money; or

    2) Keep production skills, but make upgrade requirements on those skills much lower then what they are now

    I loved the "old" Fiesta magazine, from Laceface, and collected all numbers. I started collecting the new mag when it started, didn't like it that much, but still, it was free. Right now, I have no idea what is going on. Is the mag still being produced? what numbers were issued so far? (I have the first 3 of the recent version), but no idea if I lost some launches, is it still being produced, or the idea was totally abandoned?

    I had log in issues yesterday and some hours ago, but just before 7:00 a.m. maint i was playing ( with a bit of unusual lag, but able to play); too bad i wasted charms for dungeon and was only able to play for 20 minutes, and now i probably wont be able to use the remaining time because i wont be free to play when game will be back on.

    Now i get stuck at server selection screen (tried on dif computers, and my Internet is working fine