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    I think you don't realise, the GM team generally does not deal with the punishments for these types of reports, it is left to another team, so you don't have to worry about biased handling of cases. I have had a lot of feedback that the ticket support lacked a human element, which leads to a lot of people being unsatisfied with the response, so I don't think that is an issue, but actually the issue is with other factors, such as incomplete evidence or double kill evidence where both sides are at fault.

    We will not allow a 'list of cheaters' to be posted publicly, but you can still PM one of our team members or send the names in a ticket, with your evidence. A lot of the time people don't send reports and prefer to deal with these cases themselves. We cannot ban people without evidence, so if there are no reports, then it's likely no action will be taken.

    If the evidence was solid, action will be taken. If you have an issue with how your case was handled, please PM a CM. Do not post your case/evidence publicly as it will be removed as per forum rules.

    Thank you,


    1. Any format that can be read on all or most devices (eg: windows computers, mac computers, andriod, ios) is fine. In this case, MP4 and AVI would suit the purpose fine. I've found that FLV and MVK doesn't run properly in a few cases so you might like to avoid that. It is not the file format more than the uploader or the actual content that there are usually issues with. Make sure the uploaded video is private (eg: only someone with the link can see it).

    2. That would fall into "cheating" or "glitching" the system so you can report someone who used a trade glitch. However switching out the numbers at the last second does not fall into trade glitch if the sum was locked and approved normally without any glitch, so please always check your trades before approving.
    Unfortunately 'not returning an item you lent them' isn't something we can help with so be careful about who you lend things to.

    3. In the case of HOF glitch, a large number of people were banned when it was fixed. We had a lot of noise about that one. "Overbuffing" was a system fault rather than player fault, you could overbuff without actually trying to overbuff. If it is the system's fault rather than player's fault it will most likely be overlooked.

    4. Understandably some people aren't happy with the decisions made, they should converse with the person in charge of the ticket via email reply, then talk directly to our CM (currently [CM]Veralya) about the outcome. There are a not a few number of cases where they were unable to provide proper evidence or have a case of both sides being in the wrong. It is not a very straightforward process.

    We will not compensate those who have decided to take part in 'shady' trades. Gifting and selling/trading services will be done at your own risk.

    Again I am not at liberty to talk about what decisions were made in terms of punishments or what criteria and I will not be commenting further on this.

    AFK/Leeching is indeed against our rules, and the GM team is not available 24/7 to watch your cases, so please do report them via ticket. You can check the in game rules here: In-Game Rules

    I have already forwarded the problems with the current system, and we will be changing a few things in KQs in the future to reduce this issue.

    Hello -Yaseeda-

    The game rules are in this thread:

    From this, you can Gamigo's stance on glitch abusers and scammers:

    Glitch abusers

    7. Bug Abuse

    • Bugs are errors or faults in the game that produce an incorrect or unexpected result or causes it to behave in unintended ways. Abusing it, or intentionally triggering bugs for personal gain is prohibited.

      Players are encouraged to report bugs on the forum, to the in-game team, or to support.

    9. Cheating

    • Manipulating the game files or using third-party programs to modify gameplay is prohibited, UI Reskins are the only officially allowed modification of game files.
    • Leeching in a Kingdom Quest by going AFK or being on follow for a majority of the time during this Kingdom Quest is considered cheating as well.


    5. Behaviour/ Harassment

    • In-game behavior that negatively affects other players' ability to enjoy the game in the way it is intended is prohibited.

      Preventing players from exiting a map when they want to, for example within a free battle zone, is considered harassment.

    10. Accounts

    • 10a. Asking other players for their account details (usernames and/or passwords) or sharing your account details with anyone else is prohibited. Gamigo staff will never ask you for your account password. This includes allowing other players to use or have access to your account.


    13. Means of punishment

    • In general, the following actions will be taken for each rule infraction.
      • Official warning
      • Timed Ban
      • Permanent ban

      Each infraction will be investigated by a Game Master or Gamigo staff member and appropriate action will be taken. For privacy reason, we do not discuss the specific actions taken with other players. Multiple infractions will accumulate punishment and are not exclusive.

    Reasons for not 'getting a ban'

    - They were warned for the first offense

    - They were banned shortly but you don't see it

    - Your evidence was incorrect or incomplete. (This could be edited image/video, cropped image/video, not showing the game clock, or perhaps using youtube to upload the video. For more information check this guide: [Guide] - How to make a report)

    "Gamigo stated that scam/fraud cases of gifting wont be investigated and players are pretty much on their own."

    To be accurate, scam/fraud cases involving gifting will not be investigated because gifting is no longer against tos. As such, we now have a stance that gifting is done at your own risk. "Do at your own risk" means we will not take responsibility for your actions in choosing to get an item gifted to you in exchange for in game currency, or any other currency. We still do not encourage such activity at all.

    You can report scammers, and there will be consequences for scammers. However, your item(s) won't be returned, and we have not and will not be informing you about the outcome of the punishment decision.

    "Funny enough though, saw some people who got bans for sharing information about scammers/glitchers for "blacklisting". So, scamming and glitching is okay, but calling atrocities names they deserve is illegal?"

    Glitching and scamming is not okay, but calling people names and blacklisting fall into harassment and is also not okay. Here are the rules for harrassment:

    2. Mobbing

    • Intentionally manipulating or luring mobs to a certain location in order to get the mobs to attack other players is prohibited.

    3. Spot-claiming

    • It is not possible to claim exclusive rights to an area (spot-claiming) or claim ownership of mobs or resources (mines/herbs/etc).

    4. Kill-stealing

    • Attacking or using offensive skills on a mob that does not belong to you or your party members is prohibited.

      A mob is considered as belonging to you if you or someone in your party were the first to gain aggro or be targeted by a mob. If the mob is no longer targeting you or your party members, then the mob is open to being taken by another player or party, assuming that the loss of target was not the result of "kill-stealing".

      Exceptions apply to situations where all players are encouraged to assist in killing a mob, such as kingdom quests, server bosses and events.

      As long as there is only one group at a spot, they are allowed to take every mob they find. In the case that another group arrives, you must share the area.

    5. Behaviour/ Harassment

    • In-game behavior that negatively affects other players' ability to enjoy the game in the way it is intended is prohibited.

      Preventing players from exiting a map when they want to, for example within a free battle zone, is considered harassment.

    6. Chat

    • 6a. Using in-game chat to cause offense or nuisance is prohibited. This includes bad language, threats, and unnecessary spamming.
    • 6b. Using in-game chat to advertise websites that are not authorized by Gamigo, or discuss cheats is prohibited.

    Please do not break the rules by trying to 'take matters in your own hands'. This likely leads to both sides being punished. Always make sure your evidence are accurate and fits the criteria in our reporting guide.

    Thank you,



    Please try the repair tool again, roll it back 10-15 patches. Run it as admin and make sure your launcher/game is not open when you are running the repair tool. You know the repair tool worked when you open your game as administrator and it starts patching.

    Alternatively you can get a trusted friend to send you the shn file.

    Best Wishes,


    Hello Yeng,

    Have you tried resetting interface in the game settings?

    Also have you sent a ticket already? I would suggest sending a ticket if it's only on one character, there may be an issue with the character.

    Thank you,


    With thanksgiving coming closer in the US, we're getting our thankful caps on! The GM team will like to write a thank you card, but they're out of ideas. Help us design a postcard with the thanksgiving theme!

    How to win:

    Create a thanksgiving card from any medium. The card should be a postcard, and contain a small space for some text so we can write a message.

    Please submit as a .jpeg or .png image.

    You can submit more than once card, but you can only win once.


    9th November - 25th November 2019




    Thomas the turkey (7day) or 10EP to 1st place

    Thomas the turkey (1day) or 5EP to 2nd place

    1 EP to participants


    • General rules apply to this event.
    • Images with inappropriate content will be disqualified and earn it's submitter a forum ban.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the 25th of November 2019, 23h59 PST.
    • Each participant can only win once.
    • All entries must be related to Fiesta Online.
    • Entries should include Character, Server name and choice of reward to be valid.
    • All decisions from staff members are final.


    "There's 50, not 100."

    "No, there's 75, obviously"

    "I'll say 45"

    "I think it's 77"

    The NPCs in Eldrine gathered around the market place gazing at the bottle of slimes on the counter top. "Why don't you make your guess?" Item Merchant Kenton snickered as he shook the bottle and place it on the table again. The slime jelly in the bottle quivered from the shake, shifting around and causing an illusion of even more slimes. "You can win a prize if you guess right!"

    How to win:

    Guess how many slimes there are in the bottle and post your number in this thread. At the end of the event, players with the correct number will be awarded the prize.



    7th November - 13th November 2019



    Aladdin slime (7day) or 3EP to the correct or closest number


    • General rules apply to this event.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the 13th of November 2019, 23h59 PST.
    • Each participant can only win once.
    • Entries must not be edited.
    • Entries should include Character, Server name and choice of reward to be valid.
    • All decisions from staff members are final.


    Thank you for your feedback, I will relay your concerns to the team.

    The system is not perfect, I do agree that a character which moves around and uses skills should not have an issue, and that heals should count as damage. I will discuss this topic with CM Veralya.

    Just to clarify for those who don't know yet:

    The reason we have this system is due to the high number of complains about leeching and AKF people in KQs. The system jails people because it is often hard to remember the consequence if a punishment wasn't harsh enough.

    Thank you,


    I've heard back from Veralya on this matter. Unfortunately we don't have an ETA on the release of these items as we are waiting for all the other AC designs to come out before sending out the permanent versions (not just the Halloween designs).

    Thank you Yaseeda, I will copy these bugs over to technical support section later and forward them to our BT team.

    I'm not sure why you need to remove moist, it is generally not used as a swear word and was not a popular word when the list of banned words were created. We do need to review the word list some time soon anyway, I will ask Veralya's opinion on this :) .

    Hello AbsolutelyRotten,

    This is not a bug, you can only access (and put items in) the storage slots on the character on which you activated the iron box item on. However you should be able to remove items from your other characters.

    Are you unable to remove the items from the storage from your other characters? If so this would be a bug, but as I and other players am able to remove items from our character's boxes, I doubt this is the case. Please let me know if you are unable to remove your items so I can forward it to our Game Testing team.

    Thank you,


    Thank you for participating!

    The answers are:

    Statement 1

    Storage Keeper Curly and Mini Roary

    Statement 2

    Guild Manager Lump and Mini Spybot

    Statement 3

    Healer Poring and Lucky Daruma

    Statement 4

    Item Merchant Kenton and Mini Teddy Soldier

    Statement 5

    Element Helper Remi and Mini Chick

    Statement 6

    Guard Captain Shutian and Love Bug

    The winners and prizes are:

    Kentomaru - 2 EP

    Kali - 7EP

    kaze_thewastedkid - 7 EP

    Cupcake - 7 EP

    MintyGreens - Toymaker's apprentice costume (7day)

    GrungieGirl27 - 7 EP

    FateAverruncus - 2 EP

    EP have been added to the list. Items will be sent out later.