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    It's always a bad idea to nominate someone who's asking for the spotlight. Please do not ask people to nominate you publicly,

    Theres only 1 CM, thats Veralya, she has 4 Communitys; NA, DE, FR and ES that can take a While for an Answer.

    This is correct, there are currently no other CMs so it takes a while to answer with so much going on in each working day. [CM]Veralya makes every effort to spend time to answer PMs each day, but there are a lot of PMs.

    Unfortunately a lot of things require the CM to answer, so I cannot solve your issues for you.

    Thank you for your patience,


    Sorry but some countries really do not teach about this as a compulsory subject. You may not realize this, but in some countries, history about other countries is not taught about until in secondary level, and then it is taught as an elective, so unless a history elective was selected in secondary school, not everyone learns about WW2 or similar in detail.

    Yes WW2 should have be taught about in all countries as it affected everyone, but that does not mean everyone will learn the same specifics of the subject, as each country has its own views on the matter. Also not everyone will remember everything learned in school as it ceases to be relevant, so it eventually ceases to be obvious.

    We tend to allow most cases but the more extreme ones back in discord, so I'm sure you'll find it goes well for you.

    Hello Pegulla,

    I've forwarded this to our GT (game testing) team.

    Did you mean right clicking on the skill icon? Does other skills in the same slot work fine?

    Thank you,


    You can direct all appeals to be unbanned on Discord to the current CM via forum PMs. At this point of time, that will be [CM]Veralya. Discord bans made after Dyno was removed from the channel (May 2018) are for life, unless they are appealed to the team and revoked by CM.

    I'm sorry, but not knowing a second language is not the same thing as 'poor level of education'. However I agree that you shouldn't have been banned for asking that question. Perhaps there was something more I don't know of. Please take your questions about 'why was I banned' directly to [CM]Veralya in the future.

    Thank you,


    Nice to have you here sir. But remember, I control the forums here. Welcome to my zone. Never pass my post count and we will have no issues.


    Please do not spam forums to get 'more post counts'

    Oh, I know that they will be very valuable if its 1 time quest. But it strips us of flexibility, since all just gonna get dmg.

    Also, HoneyTeddy  
    would like to report 1 shot bug, happens at different maps, not just Ominous Valley.
    Pagel battlefield:

    Thank you for letting us know, we are already aware from a previous report and are looking into this.

    Oh and how to enhance talismans?
    Same as bracelets? Bright Fragments?


    Unfortunately it is intended for players to find out yourselves how these works, so I cannot disclose anything. But I will check with Veralya if a guide is to be written for it later.

    No one in his right mind will pick dmg bracelet over the others especially if rumors (just rumors at this stage) are true and they get flat dmg increase. 1.5k aim or 2k def/mdef is a no brainer compared to 2k dmg. Only mdmg would make a somewhat noticeable difference in pve

    The game should move away from instant gratification rewards and add some hard limits that push people to plan ahead and make informed choices. Talismans wont be impossibile to get but for such high bonuses they should be long term goals for a full collection. Motivate people to be more resourceful regarding money making to purchase one or better at leveling alts

    For the talismans, we'll continue to watch the feedback before thinking of adjusting anything. thank you for letting us know your opinion on the matter, it is very insightful.

    As Zao is no longer around (we were waiting for his reply), I will answer.

    This has already been in discussion for a long time now, however we've been told we can't do it, a least until code debt is cleared. I do not have an ETA. It will not be soon, sorry.

    If it were to be implemented, it would completely disable (and ideally, grey out) charms or similar, and forcefully remove the effects from charms applied before warping in the map.

    Thank you for your feedback on the shiny monsters. We are aware of the situation and are currently looking into it. Our team already discussed your feedback and we are working on a more balanced version of the shiny monsters.

    There is no date for an adjustment yet.

    So how does it work exactly? I had two cards of karma koins for 25$ each do i still get the mount or do i have to get the coins in one go? Because it wouldn't let me add both cards at once or select multipal options so i was just curious if i still get the mount or not since i spent 49.99 that day o:

    Never understood how this works to be honest ^^" (Really newbie to this stuff)

    Thanks to anyone who answers this :3

    You need to purchase the SC in one package.

    Was the almy already delivered?

    There will be an announcement in the forum sales announcement thread when the items have been sent out. This generally takes a week.

    Hello Tanzy,

    We need a bit more information to find out the cause of your error. Have you tried using the repair tool when you get an error after maintenance?

    If you are uncomfortable posting the following publicly, please PM me or [CM]Veralya about your issue:

    Which Country are you in?
    What is your operating system?
    Which Anti-Virus program do you have?

    Have you checked your antivirus to see if it has quarantined Fiesta files? Have you set your antivirus to exempt the Gamigo folder?

    Download Link? Did you download this from the Fiesta homepage?

    Where you able to play the game before?

    What error occurs, are there any other error messages?
    When exactly does the error occur? Is it every time after each maintenance?

    Did you start the installation as Admin?

    Thank you,


    Hello pellakas20,

    Sorry to hear of your experience, however GMs are not in charge of store items. I will forward your feedback.
    You are welcome to not use the lucky box. Please note that the lucky box is based on luck and different players have different experiences.

    I have removed your account name for privacy purposes.

    Best wishes,


    Hello blackberry13,

    Thank you for reporting this. We will look into this but we need more information.

    Is this case isolated (just you) or do many others you know of have the same issue? Is it only in towns? Only when mounted? Are there a lot of people in the towns when this issue occurs, or simply every and any time you log in? Do you lag or find your internet slow on other internet based services?

    I personally find that there is not much difference for me before and after that maintenance you mentioned. I am also able to run through all towns without being stopped by lag. The more information we can get, the easier it will be to pinpoint the issue and solve it.

    Thank you,



    There are a number of reasons for launcher error, one of the main reasons being having an error reading/writing files when installing the files for the client. Usually the repair tool helps with this issues (Run it as administrator and roll back 10-15 patches. Make sure your game launcher is closed when you run the repair tool).

    Another reason is antivirus/antimalware deleting files from the game folder.

    If it is right after a patch, some people find that waiting for the next patch helps with this. But it tends to be a rare case.

    I will also ask the GT team if they have other ideas.

    Best Wishes,


    No. Please stop asking. We will not be giving you any permanent items for free and for no effort. If you want a free permanent item, participant in an in game event which awards permanent items, or join the artist corner submissions with a reasonable entry within the theme when it opens.