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    Hi RokkeRty,

    Are you logging into the right client? We have several different client versions, for each language and if you were playing on the EU EN servers, you can not log into NA servers with that log in.

    Also, please make sure you've changed the password correctly on both mygamigo portal and the Fiesta homepage.

    For more account help, please send a ticket about your account here:

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team~

    Just wondering, what constitutes "proof" that someone is not "account sharing"?

    And to prove someone is cheating, you seem to imply that a video is required vs a simple screen shot. A recording may not be possible for everyone.

    Depending on the issue, if someone is cheating, a video is preferable as we need to be able to tell that the cheat is being carried out. Some other things like harassment would only require a screenshot of the game with all supporting text evidence visible.

    There are many free recording software available such as bandicam, so it is not impossible to record. Otherwise, a series of screenshots in succession might be considered as a viable alternative.

    It's harder to to prove that you're not account sharing, you could perhaps use log in times to prove that you were the one playing all the time when logged in. In the case you received a ban for account sharing, you can reply that email with your proof.

    Hi, owners, I want to ask: Is there a penalty for those who break the game and have been hacked previously


    There are penalties for those who break the terms of service and game rules. As for those who were hacked, and not by account sharing, please use the ticket system: If you have shared accounts, that is against TOS and no action will be taken for your account unless you can prove otherwise.

    If you want to report someone cheating in game, please record the cheating individual and send an unedited report with proof to:


    How well do you know the various items in the item shop? Let's test your knowledge with this challenge: Unscramble!

    How to win:

    Reply in this thread with the correct name of the item, including your character name, server and reward of choice (item or Event Points). The first person to unscramble for each round will win.


    19th June - 23rd June 2018


    7 day version of the item you've unscrambled or 3 Event Points


    • General rules apply to this event.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the 24rd of June 2018, 23h59 PST
    • Each participant can only win once.
    • The first one who posts the correct answer will be the winner.
    • Entries may not be edited.
    • Entries should include Character- Server name and choice of reward to be valid.
    • All decisions from staff members are final.

    Good luck! :thumbup:

    ~ Your Fiesta Online Team

    Heya, just to clarify a few things, yes all Mods and GMs are volunteers. CMs are not volunteers however, they are not GMs.

    GMs do not have anything to do with code or 'fixing' we are only here to host events, forward issues to the CM and answer questions to guide players to the right help.

    Hey guys,

    In regards to Mods and GMs being around, as of now, apart from being busy with life, we're still getting used to the new forums. We're more active on Discord than forums at the moment, and we're aware of in game issues including DCs and launcher errors (yes, we also play). However, there's not much we can do about it at the moment besides forwarding information.

    That said, we're not ignoring you, we're just busy because yes, life. If you need to get ahold of us, the best way is to send a private message either here on forums, or on discord. Please do not expect any more information about the current issues from us than what Akher has already announced. We do not know more.

    Thank you,

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team~

    Ps: Here's the list of current team members you can PM - [Mod]Cresto, [SGM]Kuroneko, [GM]HoneyTeddy