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    We are currently recruiting volunteer Moderators to maintain the peace and bring entertainment to the forums of Fiesta Online. As a Mod, you need to be willing to spend your free time to concentrate on building your forum presence by answering questions, monitoring and moderating the forums, helping players with questions, as well as creating fun forum events. These areas provide ample opportunity to create events, answer player questions, forward feedback between the team and the community, help solve conflicts, and much more.

    The Moderator team takes great pride in their work and believes strongly in the potential of the game and its community.


    • Make sure that the Game rules, the forum rules and TOS are being respected
    • Communicate and interact with players in-game and on the forums
    • Help players with gameplay questions and technical issues – forwarding threads/ideas to the appropriate outlet
    • Resolve player conflicts
    • Plan, organize and host events
    • Report and compile player suggestions or bugs to the appropriate team
    • Most of all: Have fun, be respectful and be kind


    • Must be of legal age
    • Must be fluent in the English language
    • Must be able to remain professional in any situation
    • Must have good social skills
    • Must possess distinguished knowledge of the game, the forums and the rules
    • Must have the ability to take constructive criticism
    • Must be able to work individually as well as with others on the team
    • Must be willing to spend at least 1-2 hours daily for GM tasks
    • Must have enthusiasm for the game, community and the position
    • Must be willing to be trained in order to learn the ins and outs of being a GM
    • Bonus: having previous experience in the same/similar position

    If you meet these requirements, feel free to open a ticket on our support page and send your application, including the following information, to us:

    • Full name
    • Age and Date of Birth
    • Ingame names (main character names, server and level)
    • Forum name
    • Previous experience(s) in a similar position
    • Optional: References (professional, not personal)
    • Why do you want to be a Moderator?
    • What makes you stand out?

    Thank you for showing interest in joining the Moderator Team. Candidates that stand out will be contacted for further discussion. As a volunteer, moderator positions are at-will, and either side can choose to leave the agreement at any time.

    (Note: If you do decide to apply, please refrain from telling other friends, players, even current team members about your application as that could forfeit your application and any chance of becoming a Mod. )

    Good luck,

    ~Your Fiesta Online team

    Hello MichaelAngelo,

    Are you the correct level to use the stones?

    Are you using the correct Tier?

    Is any of the items in an inactive inventory space?

    If you have checked the above and are still having problems, please send a ticket.

    Thank you,


    Hello pareesa,

    Please try updating your Direct X or using a VPN. It is possible that your country is having issue connecting with Fiesta's servers. Make sure you run the game as administrator.

    Resetting your modem/computer may also help.

    While the points Shawn_V01 made can be seen as different to the ones F2PWhale has posted, F2PWhale has already respectfully requested not to comment on or discuss the options listed. Please do not discuss them in this thread.

    I will close this thread to prevent further discussion until the second thread is made for the final poll.

    Thank you,


    The problem is that we did not get a loot box this past Sunday (Dec 29). HoneyTeddy wrote on Mon (Dec 30) that it would be released on Tuesday (Dec 31). Haven't gotten it

    Due to timezone difference, I actually posted on the 31st, but it seems longer (2 days) to you. I checked with higher ups over the matter on the day - The lootbox when I checked was completely gone from the page. However, it came back the next day (1st), but with a timer which you can still see.

    Days aside, I will check again about the lootbox's timer.

    Thank you,



    The long requested event is here! Be an emoji guru by creating the cutest, coolest or funniest emojis based on Fiesta's monsters and maps!

    Winning designs have a 100% chance of being added to the Fiesta official discord.

    How to win:

    1. Create an emoji for Fiesta's discord! It can be of any relevant Fiesta related item.
    2. Post your entry in this thread with your character name, server and prize of choice.


    • The canvas size should be a square. Discord emojis are in size 50x50pixels. You do not need to make your drawing 50x50px, but each emoji should be smaller than 600x600 pixels.
    • Please submit your work as a .jpeg or .png image.
    • You can submit more than once emoji, but you can only win once.

    If your entry is selected, we may request the original file version, or, depending on the image quality we may take it into our own hands to vectorize the image before adding it to the discord.


    10th January 2020 - 10th February 2020




    1. Drama the Llama (Permanent) and Red Valentines Costume (30 Days) OR 15 EP
    2. Drama the Llama (30 Days) and Red Valentines Costume (30 Days) OR 12 EP
    3. Drama the Llama (7 days) and Red Valentines Costume (30 Days) OR 10 EP
    • Others: Drama the Llama (7 Days) OR 5 EP

    *This event is for ALL versions. The winners will be selected from ALL versions*


    • General rules apply to this event.
    • Images with inappropriate content will be disqualified and earn it's submitter a forum ban.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the 10th of February 2020, 23h59 PST.
    • Each participant can only win once.
    • All entries must be related to Fiesta Online.
    • The idea and implementation of each contribution must come from the participant himself. Images protected by copyright may not be used.
    • Entries should include Character, Server name and choice of reward to be valid.
    • All decisions from staff members are final.

    Hello ebtwisty9,

    Unfortunately these reward boxes have been broken since the merge and there is currently no way to make them 'redeemable'. You can leave them in your reward inventory or delete them all, it is up to you.

    Hope this answers your question.

    Best Wishes,


    So, if you get 2 rocks, quest no longer consumes them, means you dont need to refarm each day.

    HoneyTeddy seems to be bug. Fix it, people shouldnt be abusing and lvling without effort.
    Also, your support tells to report game bugs AT FORUM.

    Bugs should be reported on both platforms. Ticket support and forums.

    Yes we should fix it, but it takes time to be fixed. Ticket support will move/delete the item in the meantime, before the issue is fixed. Our BT/GT will always check and take note of bugs posted on forums, so you can be sure anything posted on forum has been seen by us. However, the GT/BT do not have the resources to patch the issue for you, so that's where the ticket team comes in.

    We are discussing with the CM and the ticket team some changes with the way tickets are replied. Ideally, they will reply better in the near future.

    Happy Gaming,


    Hello WickedWillow,

    The loot box is weekly will be back tomorrow :) (I am assuming you mean the one on the homepage).

    The attendance is from the 1st to 28th of every month and will be back on the 1st January.

    Happy Gaming,


    Hello AJChambers,

    Not everyone is having the same intensity of connection issues as you are. It may be just your computer/internet or it could be a location based issue.

    You may be able to improve this issue by updating your directX.

    Would you be able to provide more information, about your problem?:


    Character name:

    Maps most affected:

    Time when it happens: (If not all the time)

    What are you usually doing when the disconnection happens: disconnection when Map switched / teleport to the KQ / etc.

    Location: Country

    You can PM [CM]Verlaya or send a ticket instead if you don't want to publish this information publicly.

    Thank you,


    The permanent and stated Onyx crowns were exclusive items from Outspark times. The Gold and Platinum crowns are event prizes from valentine day's event long ago. Both types are on the 'special' list.

    We have said before, that Gamigo will not be selling any perm items with stats. But the unstated or limited (with stats) versions are not out of the question.

    You can put your requests in the SC store suggestion thread here:…estions-for-the-itemshop/

    This guide should tell you everything you need to know about how to submit a ticket :) :

    [FAQ] How to Write a ticket to support

    I reply forums frequently when I am around. We currently have 2 GMs, I was away on holiday, [SGM]Kuroneko still comes on Pagel at least 3 times a month for events, and occasional Q&A. Perhaps your timezone doesn't match up to ours :/


    I am having a in game issue with my 2 packs T5 SC bundles on my Character Caetriona on Isya It will not let me use them. I put all the stones in the correct spot and the wheel will spin, always fails, and no stones are used. No sc stones or the xir I'm trying to use to enhance. Nothing happens. I would like this fixed asap so I am able to finish enhancing my gear.

    Thank you

    Please check if:

    - You are the correct level to use the items (the xir and SC stones).

    - Your weapon is T5.

    - If your weapon is the correct + to use a Xir (eg: you cannot use a xir on an item already at 9+).

    - You get any error message in the system box (on the bottom right by default).

    - Relogging helps this issue.

    If these are all correct, please send a ticket.

    Best Wishes,


    How to send feedback on a NA GM team member

    If you wish to leave feedback on any member of the GM team, please have a look at this list:

    Team Level
    How to Report
    TGM Please PM a GM, SGM or CM on this Forum or the Fiesta Discord
    GM Please PM a SGM or CM on this Forum or the Fiesta Discord
    SGM Please PM a CM on this Forum
    CM Please send a ticket

    *CMs have their Discord DMs set to off, so you won't be able to PM them there. Please use forum PMs instead*

    Happy Gaming :)

    ~Your Fiesta Online Team~