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    Are you good at drawing? Or taking screenshots? This challenge is for you. We're looking for the best A4 sized cover which fits the brief. The wining design will be displayed as the cover of the March issue of the Fiesta Magazine - World of Isya.

    How to win:

    Draw or design a cover page on an A4 sized canvas. It must have space at the top and sides for the magazine title and some flashy headlines.

    The theme is: Summer


    No words :


    With title:


    With logo and title:



    1st February - 29th February 2020




    1st: Sunflower Smiles (30 Days) OR 10 Event Points

    2nd: Sunflower Smiles (30 Days) OR 8 Event Points

    Every Participant: 1 Event Point


    • General rules apply to this event.
    • Images with inappropriate content will be disqualified and earn it's submitter a forum ban.
    • The deadline for the last entry is the 29th of February 2020, 23h59 PST.
    • Each participant can only win once.
    • All entries must be related to Fiesta Online.
    • Entries should include Character, Server name and choice of reward to be valid.
    • All decisions from staff members are final.

    Yes you can animate it, but make sure it is of reasonable quality and scaled to 50x50 pixels already if you decide to use an animation.

    There will be one winner through all versions for 1st prize.

    Hello Forensic,

    We need more information on this issue.

    1. Did you complete the requirements before the end of the KQ (kill 5 monsters, as listed on the timer)?
    2. Could you provide the game time when this happened, and the server you are on?
    3. Is this the first time this has happened?
    4. Do you know if you're the only one with this issue?
    5. Is it only in KKP? Do you know if it happened in another KQ?
    6. Is it only on one character? What is its class, and what gender?

    You can also send a ticket about this issue with the requested information.

    Thank you,


    I mean I quit this poo poo game along time ago just said staff doesn't care this kinda thing has lost gamigo playing players

    I have explained how to help this issue. If you wish to quit, you are free to do so. If you need help getting off forums, I'm happy to oblige, let me know.

    Ticket support has a lot of tickets to go through. Each case is verified for ownership then investigated. Unfortunately proof is not always clear cut. If there is evidence of account sharing, this is obviously against TOS and the case will be put aside. If there is no 'suspicious' activity involving hacking, it is likely to be seen as the account was shared. Of course this doesn't mean your detailed were compromised elsewhere, for example, keylogging, or spoofing, but if such is the case, your other information is likely to be compromised as well, so you should think about your own digital safety.

    Again, if you feel that your ticket was dealt with unfairly, please contact [CM]Veralya. She has a lot of PMs, but she will get back to you, even if it takes some time.

    I'm just wondering why you were banned? Just because you said your honest opinion? Gamigo, you can also lock yourself up without people to tell you here, that would be the better behavior here than what you are doing right now!

    Respect for user F2PWhale:!::thumbup:

    He was banned for insulting another member of the forum on another thread, who was FYI not a staff, after being asked not to insult other people.

    We do not ban people for expressing opinions politely :)

    I will refrain from commenting on the topics in this thread due to these topics not being under my jurisdiction.

    Isn't that all the more reason GMs should reply? We constantly misinterpret what you say because we don't know what you mean if you don't communicate with us very often... :/ unless people are purposely trolling which most of us see through right away.

    Technically you talked about gold sinks being a touchy subject and implied that you discuss game matters with the team but didn't directly say the gold sink ideas from this thread have been forwarded, so have they?

    Not exactly, people are usually looking for specific answers, and we can't always give those. I've always made my posts as detailed as I can - it's usually the attitude people try to misinterpret. All GMs are GMs because we want to help other players, not because we want to flaunt power and ban people. I don't know any current GMs who would like to ban people 'for fun' or to oppress people.

    Of course this suggestion has been forwarded XD

    Gold sink is touchy because there is no one 'correct' answer.

    You can see on page 1 that [CM]Zao has commented on this in the past as well. I can also confirm [CM]Veralya also knows of the gold sink issue. Yes we have discussed this topic in the team as well.

    We know every suggestion that has been put on the forums. Whatever is here can be seen by everyone, there's no need to wonder if "has x staff seen this?" we all have. In fact, you have almost as much suggestion powers as GMs do by just posting on the forums. It's just a matter of making sure you word it properly so it is easily understandable, and also realizing the pro, cons and implied effects of your ideas. That's what discussion is for, not a slugfest on who's right and wrong.

    And people wonder why GMs don't reply XD

    I cannot remember the last time our responses were not misinterpreted.

    I haven't made any excuses. I have asked:

    1. Everyone to be civil and stop attacking each other.
    2. For other people's opinions or suggestions, based on what has already been discussed (and also based on not wiping economy clean of money).

    I don't say things here because people will take things the wrong way simply because I am a GM. This doesn't mean I don't discuss game matters in the team. You just can't see it. I don't ban people for discussing things that are constructive, but I will ban people for not respecting other people's rights, and insulting others - as per our forum rules.

    Unfortunately, the GM team can't help you. You still need to go through ticket support. If you have issues with their support, please contact CM Veralya by a forum private message about your ticket number so we can investigate these inappropriate responses.

    As I have said, there are some legit cases, but there are also some not so legit cases. If your Fiesta account is compromised, your other sensitive information may be too. In this case, you should contact your country's cyber police to investigate as this is a cyber crime.

    As Aerro said, you may have to change the method of payment. Make sure you have selected a $ amount.

    Karma Koin is not available in some countries. In these countries the option for Karma Koin cannot be found. If you have the option and can't redeem it, please contact ticket support.

    To get a refund on your Karma Koin card, please contact your Karma Koin dealer (the place that you purchased your Karma Koin card from).

    Can we have a nice discussion that doesn't derail itself overnight?

    Here are some guidelines for discussions:

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
    2. If you don't like it, state your own opinions, don't tell the other person it is stupid for not matching your observations.
    3. If you don't understand them, ignore it. Don't comment.
    4. If you think they are posting ideas to insult you, LOOK AGAIN - most of the time they are not. Don't make things bigger than it really is.
    5. Don't insult anyone. Period.

    Thank you :)

    Gold sink is a touchy subject, there will be a lot of different views. It would be most ideal if there wasn't such a big gap in money earnings between low and high levels, but there is, and I don't think people will appreciate a lowering of all income number to coppers provided we already have an influx of gems, so let's see if there's a viable way we can work around it. There are a few ideas here already, perhaps there are other suggestions.

    Pretty much, if you got hacked please send a ticket. The more information, the easier it is to do something, especially if a case is linked to another.

    If you don't report it, nothing will be done.

    Other than that, please keep your account details private, don't share it, change it often, remember that you have two sets of information - Gamigo account password and Fiesta account password. Change both. Use your original email, keep that email's details safe too. Change your password often and don't download, click or type suspicious links in your browsers. Don't use p.servers or other accounts with the same account details, don't get suspicious vouchers or scan QR codes, check the URL before you enter your info. Don't reply and give information in suspicious emails or texts. Keep your emails safe too. If in doubt, run a anti malware and anti virus scan and check your computer for suspicious bugs/programs and keyloggers. Don't aggravate suspicious people with suspicious deals. Chances are they know how to google how to 'hack' you.

    Yes some are a security or security identification issue, but not all cases are gamigo's fault. Protect yourselves.

    FYI some people who's accounts were hacked seemed to have other things like bank and email information compromised too, so please keep yourself safe.


    "Zoom zoom!" No not that kind of Zoom. Zoom 2.0 is an event for those with a keen eye, to see through the dust and mists and be the fastest to spot the locations where Kuroneko took some images in game with a zoomed in lens. Figure out where the spots in the pictures are to win a prize.

    How to win:

    A set of images will be posted on the forums with a zoomed in picture of a part of something or a scenery in game. PM [GM]HoneyTeddy the map name and an image of your character next to the location(s) in game. Please include your character name and server at least once in your PMs to be eligible to win.

    *There will be TWO sets of images. One is for the higher levels, and one is for everyone else who can't access those maps. You should only do ONE set. No not mix up the sets*

    - You can use multiple characters to take pictures. Your prize will be assigned only to the character which you name in your PM.

    - Make sure you include: Your character, the location, the mini map in the image you submit.


    Forum and in game


    16th - 22th January 2020


    1st to submit (reward does not stack): Frosty the Penguin (7 days) OR 2 EP

    Get all correct: Frosty the Penguin (30 days) OR 10 EP

    Get 1 or more correct (reward does not stack): Frosty the Penguin (7 days) OR 2 EP


    • All general rules apply to this event.
    • Entries must not be edited.
    • All images should be taken by the poster, no sharing.
    • Entries should include character name, prize of choice and server to be valid.
    • The deadline for the last entry is no later than 23:59PM PDT on the 22th January 2020.
    • -Each participant can only win once.
    • -All decision by staff members are final.

    Looks like we've forgotten to announce the winners :/

    My apologies for taking some time. Here is the list of people who got everything correct:



    Everyone else will receive the other prize. As there were some monsters with very similar variations, I decided to accept having the wrong monster name for those.

    Here is the list of the answers:

    1. Spider 4
    2. Nix 3
    3. Mini Dragon 3
    4. Slyph 4
    5. Sparkdog 2
    6. Crab 5

    Also, kudos to the best mix ups I have seen:



    All EP have been awarded.

    All HC dungeons should drop +ed equipment. This is likely a bug. I will look into this.

    Which server are you farming on, and do you know if it is only you experiencing this problem? Do you know when this issue started?

    Thank you,