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    It looks like most of what I am saying is being misunderstood.

    The part where you say that its a brand new server just like last time, I just assumed that they deleted all guilds to keep it even, so my bad if that's the case. If even Isya got their guilds removed though I believe that's a sacrifice most people are willing to take.

    I know it isn't as simple as "cut > paste" but that simplifies a lot of the process, would it not? Sure there are some issues. I suggested changing the character limit from 6 to 12, moving Pagel over and not touching Jenira and Enid, those need a different solution.

    - Name Clash It's why I mentioned to use the Algorithm from before, which worked just fine if I remember?

    - Selection of Server There would be no sever selection if you just combine the servers.

    - Automatic allocation if Server is not selected The automatic allocation wouldn't exist, as there is only one option. Combining Isya with Pagel.

    - Overflow of characters and allocating them to an overflow account Assuming somebody has 6 characters in both Isya and Pagel, if you increase the character limit to 12, it would just be 12 characters on 1 server if you combined them.

    - Database Not sure what exactly you mean by this, but stuff like guilds in Pagel would be cleared out but you can provide a support system that people can request to keep their guilds and you would just help them out in bringing back their guild name or whatever, so they don't lose their guild name to a 1 person guild. There aren't that many guilds to begin with, populated guilds more importantly.

    Incase you havent considered this, just increase the server character limit to 12 per account. That way you can simply move over the characters from Pagel. Ofc still using normal algorithms for whatever used it like name privledges.

    Funny, I was thinking of Wizards as well earlier and thought about that stuff. I didn't suggest much to Wizards as I personally believe they need more of a rework, mostly for the attack pattern, but that isn't realistic.

    But I thought about their passive and people have been suggesting giving FireBall a debuff for Warlocks, but what if only Wizards got that debuff? The debuff would be a guaranteed magic defense decrease. It can also be an upgrade to Magic Missile for 100+ Wizard only. All while buffing their passive range and effectiveness, along with AOE effectiveness.

    Basically I am suggesting they can compensate for their low mdmg dps with debuffs to help them catch up to Lock dps, but have it compliment Lock dmg in a group instead. On the contrary, this might end up making a raid have 4locks 1wiz type of deal, turning a Wiz into a support. Hopefully Wiz AOE dmg would be enough to help people want Wiz over Lock. I am not sure how mobs are in 135 Raids, but I'm thinking DDF where every class has their own role, even Wiz thanks to those mobs.

    Random thoughts: Wizard passive can stack? Making multiple Wizards viable; Wizards can get 100+ single target upgrades, warlocks will still do more damage thanks to base dmg+aim. But then what skill would Locks have over Wiz?

    Char count... Part 2, Cleric only here.


    Mace damage: This is here to help them do the extra damage along with Bash. This is not here to replace a DPS as they wont even surpass a Knight DPS anyways. A good HK should know when to stop dealing damage too.

    Awaken: This change was supposed to be taken into consideration with the other changes I made to encourage them to use abilities here and there. It would help them worry less about healing themselves over people who actually need the heals.

    Stoneskin, Sacrifice combined: I never considered the sacrifice with the Glad passive. Although I also can't think of many scenarios where it would be that bug a deal. In a position where the Cleric is dying a lot, wouldn't it be difficult for the Glad to also stay low hp? In my opinion, I would change the Glad passive entirely as it is so overpowered and just force some classes to change their play styles entirely but thats a whole different topic. This suggestion is mostly here to simplify the skill list.

    Endure, Immune combined: I just wanted to explain this a bit. We should prevent constantly increasing the resist rates on everything, including the skill as it creates unwanted side effects in pvp. Second was if this skill were to be combined, would HK get both endure/immune upgrades and keep immune away from guards? or just stop immune in general. I then opted to just stop its upgrade starting at 100.

    Benediction: The damage is low compared to the other buffed abilities, and the cooldown could probably be lower but as I said previously, -90s would be a good start.

    Extinguish: I made the slow suggestion to help with peel but I forgot about the Invig movespeed so I removed it. The level 60 is where all classes get their new shiny abilities to speed up their grind, Clerics don't really get anything but an AOE heal.

    New HK Passive: They will still be support, this will grant resistances to party members while they do what they need/want to up close, helps them perform their Bash stacking without as much worry. Not trying to move them away from support.

    Stronger Heal now also a Holy Knight Passive: Giving multiple passives wouldn't necessarily make a class overpowered at all, especially since each passive affects two different styles. Besides, the bar needs to be raised to Glad standards so is it really that detrimental?

    Bash: Yes they use a lot of SP, but iirc this was their most expensive/low cd one so it was a start. But yes all they need more SP work.

    New Guard Passive: I mostly explained this with HK passive, but this was to also compensate in which they dont offer much offensively to the party, which is why HK trump Guards so much. Also i suggested their passive also go toward HK, so they needed a new one. This passive lasts a lot longer in consideration of their main role which is Guarding the party.

    Heal upgrades past 100 are 3 seconds instead of 4: I am so glad you think the same about braindead healing. But this is here to further emphasize their role as Healer and due to HK also getting the passive.

    Trip reduces target damage for 6s past 100: Extinguish does lower strength, but this is faster and would lower dmg more than extinguish.

    Mighty Punch: The intention was that of keeping a target off. Together with the benediction, new passive, possibly more dmg related changes, this wouldn't be too bad at all. Besides a controlled knockback shouldn't be a problem.

    Saint's Protection: True that if not taking damage it wouldn't need the resistances, but with also making it a targeted skill I was thinking it would be more impactful for tanks with the resistance.

    Rei I will make the post into one in response, I couldn't quote your messages for whatever reason. You commented on what I had crossed out too, but I will respond to them anyways. I didn't proof read i spent a long time on this. :[

    Ice/Fire Blast: These could use instant cast, but I originally cut the time in half to encourage its usage. Mostly as a test, but the intention was for it to be a start to making a good change. Ice blast to also encourage but mostly to pair up their cast times.

    Electronic Shock: I think halving the time, then later on possibly increasing the damage are good steps. The effect I think should be improved, idk how the Eya upgrade fixes it, but a silence effect with a 2s cast doesn't make sense to begin with.

    Stifle: I originally this added not knowing they had fixed the effect to the original form, and wanted to give them a bit of a counter to Fighter stones and Cleric heals.

    Skeleton: I put this here with the intention of giving them a better usage other than just simply damage. I was told they didn't need it and it'd make them a lot more powerful than they already are so I opted to removing it.

    Lightning Chain: Yes they fixed the effect which was half the reason I suggested this in the first place. I still believe it's an awkward move for the class it is on, and the randomness I personally dislike, but it being fixed is pretty good already.


    Natures Mist Revamp: This was mostly here for experimentation and see opinions. I don't see whats wrong about simplifying their kiting, while also simplifying the skill list and debuff list.

    Natures Speed: This will allow the Archer to have more buff up-time without making it overall overpowered. I would say that it should have no upgrades and be considerably fast attack speed from the start with your suggestion.
    Nature Swiftness removed: I originally removed it as it was mostly used for chaining speed, but I made the suggestion to remove it and just move the speed cooldown to chain's speed. I already had a long arguement with the previous person about nature speed not being the only thing changed XD. I crossed out the suggestion for those niche uses already.

    Multi-Shot: I mentioned to the previous person too that the intention for this wasn't to help their kiting, but to help their AOE power in a party. Where people would shout stuff like "got tank need mage for aoes" Archers are very left out.

    Crossbow attack speed changed from 1.4 to 1.3: It is not that much dmg change, but it is something. Their damage compared to real DPS is very minimal and this is a start to help them catch up. I would also argue that Bows could use more damage.

    New Passive: Standing still for 2/4/6 seconds increase attack speed by 0.1/0.2/0.3 attack damage converts 10%/20%/30% of the damage dealt into true damage:
    Do you understand how overpowered this will be? SharpShooters will outdamage Gladiators by a huge margin... -I kept this entire text as I made so many changes to this suggestion that idk what you got from it xd. I think my final suggestion was to convert a % of the dmg they deal to ignore armor, which was considered by others. I don't think this would defeat a Glad's DPS at all. It is also an interactive passive compared to the current one. If it turns out to be strong it could be changed to be extra damage or even just lower the truedamage.

    Archers Order Passive damage moved: This could be changed to increase damage to your single-target attacks only. Making your SharpShooter more viable than Rangers for raid bosses, but making Rangers more viable than SharpShooters for mob control/damage. This was basically my intention with the standing still passive.


    Nimble Defense, Styptic, Resilience, Detoxify combined: I would mostly consider reworking all the secondary effects of their damaging abilities rather than the buffs.

    Exhaustion, Consume combined: Having Consume in conjunction with Exhaustion would be fine enough I believe. The effect for Consume could be buffed/changed too.

    Force Slash effect changed to knockup:
    I think the long cast it has would be good enough reason for it to be knockup. Its either that or as you suggested faster jump and no CC, but that would take away some of the CC it has and many wouldn't like that.

    Passive bonus damage changed to true damage: I was thinking that the Crits could have a bit more meaning that 'oogabooga more dmg' passives. Also I was told before that Razer claw ignores armor. Never really tested and Reaper isnt one of my classes (which is why i kept this part shorter) but the thought of having Reapers ignore armor as their class role niche sounded good to me.
    -Sneak Attack casting distance increased to 9.0m: I crossed it out as I originally thought the cooldown was a lot longer. Its a no from me too.

    New Passive: Pressure:
    I reckon completely remove the missing or dodging factor.
    The best option for a Spectre's passive would be to increase the damage your off-hand sword deals.
    Your 2nd hit deals less damage than your first.
    I knew they hit twice but I always only considered the wep attack speed to be half. This suggestion works really well too.

    Lethal Assault:
    I lowered it as a start for a good change, but it can probably most likely be lowered to 40s.

    Blade of the Sky HP/SP consumption reduced by 10%: "I love the controversy regarding this skill." Me too. xd I played my Spec for a couple months before I quit but i never really looked into the damage. I also thought my Flame Slash did equivallent damage to my BotS (120 perm spec, set increases FlameSlash) -How about increasing the damage of this ability? Along with making it faster for those annoying times you take a hit while casting it. I personally like the uniqueness of the cost of this ability :x dont hurt me


    New Passive: I doubt that giving them a damage passive would completely change their role from support to dps. Nobody really picks them for support to begin with, other than their light orb to help Glads ofc! This will not only help their dps, but put their mdmg to more use too.


    Bone Slicer/Fatal Slash Knight only: "Glads got nerfed bla bla" The intention was nerf and take away a piece of what glads have, especially over knights. ps: they have everything. And i know of the uproar, which is why i tried to keep it minimal but not too bad. most glads care more about the extra ability to weave their base dmg anyway. I tried to compensate with Whirlwind for this reason.

    Power Hit Glad only: I scratched this out as I originally forgot why I added this, but I remember now. A bit complicated if you consider everything but tldr i was thinking of making slicendice a 2h sword move and combine its cooldown with powerhit. I obv left it out of the list for being more complicated and it probably affecting lower lv pvp, decided to leave it for a different time.

    Whirlwind: "you can reduce the Cooldown to less than 10 seconds" Oof didnt know of that, the intention was to compensate the first changes in an ability that should help one of their mostly intended roles, crowdcontrol.

    SlicenDice/Earth Strike +dmg: Would you say that Knight DPS is fine as is? I understand it should be low but isn't it a bit too low atm?

    Discharge: I think a Knight should offer more to a fight other than just survivability for themselves. The only ability they have to help them gather a crowd are agro elevating skills. A pull will help them out with their very minimal movement capabilities and adding a tiny layer of control to a fight.

    Rear Defense removed: This will help increase Glad Damage, by helping them take more damage. This is the very reason I am suggesting removing it, as they don't need more dmg xd.

    Violence/Heat of Fury: I think that the current violence is basically a passive to increase their weakness, slow attack speed, by 0.1. By throwing a bigger threat to increase their attack speed would be good trade and a step toward balance.

    This post has heavily intrigued me, I will read through all the changes suggested by all players, but I will mostly only dabble around the OP's changes as this is what the topic of conversation is about.

    I'll be back later with some heavy back lash regarding your suggestions. Get ready for it.

    I will be ready for some constructive criticism. Lets start with Clerics heals! In your opinion, 3s or 4s? 4s is compensated ofc.

    Im pretty sure it was not regular monsters giving the shiny title.. It was shiny monsters not having the shiny glow giving the title.

    Good to see they fixed chain, but would like to see some skills that cam be canceled improperly and going on cooldown without doing damage. Magicmissle, lightblast, ascensions, and a couple others.

    Also now i dont see the point of lics? A lic usually takes longer to complete than it takes to level out of a repeatable, so what is the point of having a license now? Lics already increased the damage while fighting the monsters and the perm crit on all monsterd was the reward. Just turned lics into a weird feature people will only use now to sign their wep.

    Selling DT runs if you got the quest. 15g a run, 5g per dropper. If you use charms and maybe some sc costumes, plvl in LN HC for 7G 2hours. Sadly the best form of making money nowadays has become plvling.

    GrungieGirl27 , maybe you aren't in discord but I explained plainly why I want them to take my interview publically right on the discord in front of everyone. That is because the #1 promise that gamigo came with when they presented their pledge a few months ago was transparency. In keeping line with this, the GM selecting process needs to be transparent as well, not behind closed doors. They can ask me what they want on the discord and I can answer them on the discord. This way the players can see what their criteria are for selecting a GM, what questions they ask and how capable the player they are selecting are. When it's in the open, you the playets will be able to clearly see my replies to their questions, what my vision for the game is and what my responsibilities in my role will be. Gone are the days of GMs having alternate characters that they play on, I promise you if I become a my GM name will stay GravesDisease. When I am an honest player why do I have anything to hide, I don't need one GM character that is named different from my regular character so people don't know who I am. Things are going to be transparent from now, and that is how it should be.

    All you told us here is that you are keeping your in game name as a GM. Transparency is what they will do with the game, its not to have GM interviews with a crowd.

    I'm Blue.

    They have reached an agreement ladies and gentlemen. Well done

    imagine that all their effort is wasted and non of this is considered or implemented. That would be pretty funny

    What made you think it was over? lol
    I know most and probably all of this is gonna go wasted in Gamigo, but it is always fun to spread the ideas.

    I lile it