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    " --- i honestly thought there was some sort of code on the game screen that was supposed to help you track the game xD

    Welcome back. I too had been gone for years and just came back a few months ago. Sorry to hear that you can’t recover your EU acct :(

    I have a 9x fighter and cleric if You need help.

    A few more things to look out for in the CS shop are the Tradable enhancement items/extenders/rants/mounts they can help you get Gems since most gear cost gems now 😭

    (Remembering the days when having 1Gem made you feel rich hahaha )

    BOGO mounts for enhancing/multi character players

    UNBIND for perm outfits. Doesn’t have to be tradable, at least able to put into storage for character transfer

    BOGO beauty shop (all 3)

    BOGO quest boost cards

    Permanent dance. Not packs

    Weapon Skin durability increase. (For the people who got weapon skins when they first came out with only 3k durab 😩)

    SC SALE please. Holding off on buying SC till sale comes out 😖

    Perm black swim suit

    Perm summer boop set

    perm tribal swim suit

    im currently out of pocket for a while, but when i get back i’d love to take you up on that offer. I want to make farmer chars on 3clients to try to get the economy going.

    Would you happen to know what best lvls to stop at for good farming?

    Im down to join :) i totally agree. I have a lvl 3x fighter There and thinking of making an archer/mage if this becomes possible.

    But vending has to change too. Too many things overpriced cause of supply/demand being so low

    I'd be willing to roll a new character or two on Pagel if I knew I'd have an active guild of some sort. (: Would anyone be able to help me out if I rolled a cleric there? I'm on Isya now, but I can't stand the thought of paying for dungeon runs when party play in dungeons is the main premise of a MMO. 😂 All this talk about Pagel's community makes me want to try it out. Thoughts? 😊

    Found the info. No missing sc (whew) thank you guys :)

    As for the gifted items... it doesnt show up anywhere. Or i might just be overlooking it

    I believe I have lost some SC, but since i do not log in to the item shop a lot i do not know if or when it happened.

    is there a way to see the most recent SC/Item Shop purchases/giftings to verify if i did end up spending all my sc or not? or if i got hacked and someone gifted themselves?

    i just want to verify the numbers to be sure.

    side note: would be a great thing if there was a "purchase history" page we can just go to and check

    1. if we are eligible to gift yet(bought $100sc in 3 months) or not

    2. what we bought in the sc shop and who we gifted it to.

    ----it would just make things easier to check and track, and also prove if ever someone loses sc/gets scammed/hacked