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    Well, as Rei said, use SC and you wont have any problem getting money. If you dont want to use SC then maybe ddf and cap farm, cause everything else is hard to sell and really cheap. You can stop at 105 for a while and try to sell LN maybe.

    I agree, Wizards really need an improvement on their aoe capabilities. It's ridiculous the fact that the single-target class makes the same dmg as the multi-target class.

    It's pretty sad that Wizards are useless, and I don't know whose brilliant idea was to nerf meteor, now the best skill Wizards had is useless. That skill helped wiz have a little more control over mobs. In fact, why nerf the class that is the less useful in the game? Where is the so called balance in here?

    Wizards urgently need to get better, and starting with their passive that only looks like a joke an does NOTHING!! If it was more strong it would definitely make a difference between lock and wiz. Right now, people only have a wiz cause of love to class, Warlocks do everything better, what other reason anyone will choose a Wiz for?

    Make wiz passive better and stronger, make aoe dmg a lot better for them or reduce cd (that's a pretty nice idea), give wizard more critical rate, give them back old meteor or at least the slow down buff back (OMG Idk why someone thought of nerfing it in the first place, it's so silly), give wiz more aoes, make wiz good and better for what they are intended for!!

    We are not asking to make them the best class in the game (like someone says we asks for), we are asking to be useful and balanced, to do what they should do better than Warlocks. Someone tell me why you, Gamigo, can't see that?

    Ive asked for tradable anything over and over again and still no tradables or a tradable page in store [duh] so its obviuos nobodys cares about what the buyers want ive seen things i bought on a regular basis just disapear from store? I highly recommend the people in charge of the items for sale in store take a 101 jr college class in business for starters and please no one under 25 years old thank you...

    Tbh, you don't really need to take a business class to have the "brilliant" idea of selling what people ask to make some money. But, idk, this thread it's pretty useless, no one ever gets what they ask for. They should close this and it will make no difference.

    Each passing day they are just making people get more tired of this game.

    Agree on both. Old Sand Hill mobs were best, now there are some quests that take a lot to complete. We had a map full of Marlone mobs, now we have two, why? There was no need for that.

    Thanks Gamigo, you turned Meteor Summon (an almost useless skill) into a more useless skill, more than before. The new animation is so ugly and lame, the slow down is like it's not there, you totaly ruined the skill. I hope, i really really hope you get back the old meteor summon, cause new one is the worst you could do to Wizards.

    The Power Shot new cd kills Sharpshooters, for them not everything is damage. The Power shot gave them the ability to stay alive for a little longer, cause they lack damage for kiting or killing fast. Also in PVP, this gave them the ability to defend them againts every class, more againts glads. Now with the new cd they lack a lot of defense, the new cd is a lot, and the other SS skills are useles, so even power shot having more dmg makes them so vulnerable now. It would be nice if you make the other SS skills more useful, or get back the power shot cd back to normal only for SS(after lvl 100). This is amaing the SS a lot worse than before, every class got better except SS with this rebalance….


    Have been waiting so long for any of these ítems....

    Actually a lot of good ideas, but Gamigo being Gamigo won't use or listen to any of them. Everyone wish there was a way to Exchange unused skins for the ones we are looking for, and people had wish for this for a really looooooooooooong time. But i don't think this will ever happen.