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    Thats fine, I believe all players loves free stuff, and after reviewing the thread i still think Gamigo could have done so much more for all the players than what they have done so far.

    As i said before......hope you get your gems/stones, have fun farming for them :)

    If you reduce the amount of those enchantment stones I don't believe that all is affected, espesially if you increase another drop. It is all in the coding. You can increase the T6 potions, scrolls even, because that is something that we still can not make. They could even increas some of the rare stones, not all because they whould not be rare anymore.

    I am sure if Gamigo/developers really put their mind to it they could come up with a solution that would not damage any droprate of other drops, but that means they have to work.

    And for the record... I am sorry for beeing not nice to you earlier. Sometimes the frustration takes over too much. Hope you will find those stones that you are farming for.

    That is fine, i am not after anyone take my side anyway. What i have been saying all along is that those 3 types of enchantment/enhancement/socket or what ever you would like to call it is a common one that you can buy from the NPC. I have never mentioned any other enchantment/enhancment/sockets/gems or what ever you want to call them. Why pin this one on me when others is the one draging other enchantment/enhancment/sockets/gems or what ever you what to call them in to this i don't get. I am not the only one that has been misunderstanding here. And when it comes to toxicity you can keep your own.

    It's amazing. All i started saying was that the shinys is dropping shitty drops... like those 3 common enchantments/enhancments/sockets/gems and that Gamigo should do something else, something better for all the players than dropping stacks of those. Players don't need those.. unless Gamigo thinks it's a good idea making players start buying loads of T4/T5 enhancement "weapon socket gem reset".

    T5 enhancements are rare to find and can be quite annoying to attain at times. They also sell at the npc for a gold + left overs so is a decent item to collect. Player usually buy for around 5g?

    This does not explain what enchantmen/enhancment/socket/gems you was talking about, just saying that T5 are rare, which i said it was not, because as it turnes out much later - we were talking about 2 different things. If it helps - I am so sorry that you have misunderstood me, that was not my intention. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for the mistake. Although that is not my fault, and i am not the only one that can not explain myself well. If you read my post you should be able to see that i have explained my self well enough:

    The enchantmens they are dropping like this is: Increase magical attack, increas physical attack, increased attack speed T4 and T5.

    How much clearer do you need for it to be so you don't misunderstand it?

    Hope you will find the rare gems/sockets and have fun with them, as you said - enjoy your sockets.

    Congratulation to you for finding one that i have NEVER talked about. Well done and good job. Also - I said that the T5 enchantment items i was talking about was not rare... let me remind you of what I am talking about:

    The enchantmens they are dropping like this is: Increase magical attack, increas physical attack, increased attack speed T4 and T5.

    These sockets is not rare, they can all be bought from the NPC. I have never mentioned any other enchantment items what so ever.

    Ok. Then they could increase the amount of T6 HP/SP potions/regen. potions because they drop in the number of only 1 - ONE - every time so they could replace the enchantment items T4 (which we can buy from the NPC anyway) to the T6 pots which we can not make at this point anyway, also more T6 scrolls maybe. Then the droprate would be fine. They could also add the T6 recipe for scrolls/potions which should have been done years ago (it was, but for only a brief "second" lasting for a few days and then removed). This has been talked about for so many years, now it has started to grow mould on it because of lack of initiative from Gamigo. They could even include T5 enhancment stones if they wanted, but knowing Gamigo... they are screaming "I don't wannaaa".

    Also you sound fairly angry for like the smallest reason I suggest you wind your neck in

    Well, maybe i do sound fairly angry, but i will keep my neck right where it is. Just so it is said.... i was not angry, just frustrated, those items should never been put in the drops from a shiny in the first place. Also... I have never refered anything to enhancement.... as you say that is for when you use stones to enhance your gear/weapons, so where the confusion comes from from what i have been writing/saying i have no clue.

    When it comes to the droprate i guess it all depends on how it's all coded. Removing something does not mean that something else will increase in droprate. As someone in another post said... Gamigo do the best they probably can....which is not much when thinking of all the they have managed to do over the years, i guess this one will prevail too...

    Ok.. so you see as well as i that the increase magical attack, increase physical attack and increase attack speed is something that you have no problems getting from the NPC, in which i have been saying all this time, IT IS NOT RARE. So what are you talking about? What you are saying is that these enchantment is stones and i guess that is where the misunderstanding kicks in. It says clearly that it is ENCHANTMENT ITEMS, not STONES. I have said all this time that these items is dropping from the Vale shella/beaks.. in big numbers... like from 3-10. And what i have been saying is... WHY? Because these are items that can be bought from the NPC in AR. I have never said anything else... others have, like you, not me. And i am saying that these enchantment items is not rare. Why other have said they are, like you, i have no idea. By the looks of things... i think someone need to learn to read what i am typing... I don't know how more clearly i can explain things. Am i really that difficult to understand?? I guess i am, and I am sorry about that.

    Ok. What is the ENCHANTMENT STONES? And what is the ENCHANTMENT ITEM (which I am talking about)? For some weird reason someone started talking about ENHANCMENT STONES. I have never mentioned anything about enhancment stones, where that came from i have no idea. When you go to the Item Merchant Geric in Alberstol Ruins they sell ALL T4 AND T5 ENCHANTMENT ITEMS. I am not talking about any STONES. The enchantment items T4 and T5 is dropping from shinys in stack upto 10. The enchantment items I am talking about is only these 3: Increase physical attack, Increase magical attack and Increase attack speed both T4 and T5. Am i really that difficult to understand?? Do you really believe that players will buy several "weapon socket gem reset" just so they can juggle between the enchantment items? Really??!!?? I have a feeling that you do not understand what i am talking about, and i know i have no clue of what you are talking about.

    What I don't see at the NPC is the PVP enchantment items to put into weapons, but that is something else and I don't care about that since i don't play pvp.

    Yeah... start counting too soon.. with 1... and that is a baaaad way of counting seconds lol

    T5 enhancements are rare to find

    I never said anything about enhancements T5, I am talking about the enchantment items where you put them in the free socket on the weapon. No shiny is dropping any enhancements what so ever at any T-level. It is the learning scrolls of stone making, potions and scrolls T5 that you have to farm for, and that i know. And yes - you can buy the enchantment items at the NPC Item Merchant in Alberstol Ruins, both T4 and T5, so no way - they are not rare. Also selling those enchantment items to the NPC does not give you more than a few silver at the most, no way do you get a gold per item.

    I have checked the exp from shiny shella/beak and normal shella/beak. Even when not showing as a shiny the mob still have the exp as one. So per say... it is a shiny. Normal shella have 19.267 exp, shiny shella have 192.677 exp. Normal beak have 23.592, shiny beak have 235.921 exp.

    The shiny do dropp charms, I have been doing for 3 days now the beak/shella rep at lvl 121. I have been 100 % ranted (without the rant the drops of scrolls/pots has been the same) and i have over those days gotten 4 charms, 2 the first day (1 from shella and 1 from beaks), 1 the second day from shella and 1 today from shella.

    Ok, so it was only me... too eager so started to count too early.. It is 2 seconds to cast the skill "facepalm". There is nothting wrong with my internet or the speed of it. If anything it is on the server side because a lot of times when trying to log on to the server i get that i have to try agin, i get the "Authentication timed out. Please try to log in again". This is ALL at Gamigos end, not mine, and i am not the only one that have this message popping up very often when trying to log on to the game.

    The other thing here was the drops from the shinys.. and that really stinks to high heaven. T4 and T5 enchantment items.... really?!? As said earlier... that is not a hard thing to get hold of... how about T5 stones? I see that sometimes the beaks drops T5 HP/SP potions, but that in it self is not a rare item to get hold of since we can make them ourselves. Why can't the amount of T6 potions be more than 1 - ONE ?? That way atleast it is possible to get some T6 potions.

    I am doing the Vale shella/beak repeatable and for some annoying reason the beak shinys is dropping T4 enchantments... not only one, but a stack of up to 10. What on earth is that kind of drop to give when killing a shiny? They hardly drop any Rama's potions at all. Why?? And why put T4 items on a high level mob, these enchantments we can buy from NPC in Alberstol Ruins anyway. Do Gamigo really think we need that amount of enchantments?? Also... it is not often that I can see it is a shiny i kill, I only see that on the exp I get from killing one, and it does not always show when clicking on the mob that it is a shiny. Why is that? I just killed one beak shiny and it gave me "Increase magical attack enchantment T5" 10 of them. For crying out loud... i don't need those, i can buy them at the NPC in AR. The enchantmens they are dropping like this is: Increase magical attack, increas physical attack, increased attack speed T4 and T5.

    Also.... why is the T6 potions only dropping 1...... the regeneration potion and normal potion T6....ALL drops only 1 - ONE every time, never 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 10, only 1. What is that? Why not increase the amount? After all... we are not able to make any T6 scrolls/potions.

    Another thing: When casting a nova or inferno it say on the skill "cast time: 2 seconds", but it takes from when you start casting the skill 4 seconds, except if I start counting slowly 1.........2.......landing skill, but it is not so. The skill takes more than 2 seconds before it lands.

    I really don't understand what Gamigo is thinking when doing stupid things like this. It doesn't benefit any players in any way.

    Well, yes i meant the 110 guardian bubble and at some point they/Gamigo/developers did manage to fix the bubble bug for a guardian and by a "miracle" they manage to get that bug back again... The same applies for the invigorate.

    Another thing that has been going on for quite a while is when checking the quest list a lot of times it is impossible to scroll down to see the rewards. That is very old bug, but still that should be taken a look at too......

    After the last maintenance the mounts are being bugged. When cleric is using the bubble I find my mount (the tradable malmy) it walks like it had ran out of energy.... Same is when I was putting myself on follow on a character that was using the hell rider mount I could not stay on follow, when ever that character was moving I could not follow. This is getting very annoying.

    Also - when ever I close a client I always get the "sorry, an unexpected error har occurred"..... That is EVERY TIME I close a client, with either close game or the X.

    This is weird. SuperVision says he/she has played for many, many years, helping other characters/players which is well and good, but yet have not done anything to prevent from levelling. Like.....GO DIE......, like....USE EXP.FREEZE.....Another thing.... Pagel will for sure not die because of SuperVision's stupidity. The player can make another character and level that to 76. He/she is a master in playing, according to him/her self, as such.... SuperVision should know for SURE... YOU CAN NOT DELEVEL ANY CHARACTER. Just make a new one and get that to level 76. So much faster and simpler than waiting for a deleveling that will never happen. :D

    According to the alchemy list for scrolls/potions T6 says we only need the highest materials, but it want more of the same materials as for T5 scrolls/potions. So yes, it want the same materials as for T5 scrolls/potions, but there is nothing wrong with that. We don't need to go to some higher maps for anything, only to get more of the same materials as we already are collecting for the T5 scrolls/potions. That should be a good thing, right? What you do need is to be able to produce the scrolls/potions T6 in which we have not been able to.... for a long time. They implemented the T6 in alchemy, but took out the learning scrolls not long after first having them in the game, and then "forgot" about them. Insted they have certain levels of shiny dropping the T6 scrolls/potions, but not all of them. And they keep dropping the T5 stone production learning scrolls for elrue, lix and xir. Why not add the learning scrolls for T6 scrolls/potions instead? Would benefit much more all the players.

    The alchemy have it that we can make T6 potions and scrolls, but there is still no sign of any recipe to make that possible to do. Here is a suggestion.

    With the new implemented scheme with the shiny mobs, how about they dropping those recipes insted of the T5 elrue, lix and xir recipes. That way we players can finally get our recipe T6. How long are we suppose to wait for those recipes? This is ridiculous. Why couldn't Gamigo think of this solution? Those minions are so right....There are stupid people everywhere.

    I still believe that Gamigo can improve the EPIC raid pack.

    Today 01.04.20 when playing I had problems picking up a lvl 90 quest "Crystal Guardian's Eye 2". The weird part is that a friend of mine did not have any problems with picking up that quest. I have taken a screen shot where it shows the quest in the list, but when looking at the NPC there is no quest to pick up. I have relogged 2 times and still no quest to pick up. Why does this happen?

    Yet again the server is messed up, to put it lightly. Again the list of friends is bugged, can not see some classes, the level on some characters is wrong. Having problems trading, taking things out or put into the inventory/storage. Trading other chars fails most of the time. Picking up drops gets me kicked out of game. Changing between characters get me kicked out of game, I am getting "the map is under maintenance, please try again later" all the time and every time I try to change character. I get the Xigncode3 error 106 a lot of times. How long are we going to wait for the server restart this time. Last time it took about 2-3 days before something was done. I noticed this bug starting yesterday. Why is it so hard to have things working properly? Why is it so difficult to hire people that knows how to do things? How Gamigo actually manage to screw things up so completely is unbelievable, and if someone is saying that it is not the server, but it is me... they need their head checked.