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    As a native English person, nope, I don't want this! I was on the "NA" version before there was such as thing as an "EU" version. All my friends etc are on the NA version, and some NA people actually have Pagel characters....does that means that NA should move to EU servers?

    Also, and I know this has been said before, but it wouldn't be possible as NA and EU had different items and/or different names/coding for the same items. So that wouldn't work either.

    i second this, was on NA before EU existed, if i wanted to be on EU i'd make an account for that.

    Server merging for a better population im ok with, however we'll end up going through all that "who keeps the names" crap again for people with matching names

    I did buy a few

    But I thought they were 30 days not 7

    So by time I got round to using them they didn’t last long enough

    Then they vanished from the store

    Just don’t understand why items aren’t always in there

    And when they are they are at a “discount”

    So why aren’t they always in there at full price?

    Is it possible to have the quest exp booster available in the store all the time please?

    When i got mine for repeats to make them quicker i didn't realise it was only 7 days, and now i'm in need of another but waiting for the sales is just as boring as spending a week on a repeat, due to having limited time because of work lol

    There was also spendid radiant stones in the store the other day, which is another item that only appears in "sales" at a "discount"

    Can't items like these stay in store at full price so we have the option to buy when we are desperate for them?

    Enhanced 2 t3 bracelets over the weekend

    Guess I was fortunate it took 5 stacks for 1 and 5 for the other

    However I did start mine from +8

    ive not included the free in game stacks to get to +8

    T5 I heard got a boost years ago

    So it’s actually harder to enhance t3

    I remember trying to +12 a 70 wand and it took forever to get from +11

    T5 much easier, and the rest should be the same

    with the splendid stones they do say adds 30% success rate

    So you’d expect at least a 1 in 3 chance of success

    I know it doesn’t work like that since it’s only probably adding 30% of the low rate and not adding an actual fixed 30%

    my best advice to you is to go archer :)

    at level 20 they get an aoe skill that you can move with, put full cooldown and power into that and you'll kill more monsters with ease and quicker than other classes solo.

    you'll get better aoe skills from the 50 range to aid you better, but for the lower levels that 20 skill works well.

    Mages get an aoe too in the 20s but they dont have as much def and evasion, and unable to keep moving when using it

    farming gears can be hard, as the level range of the armor you need is usually in a dungeon you're not yet equipped for. Gears can be quite expensive too from other players. Getting in a good academy and speaking to your guildies, they may help you farm for some or even give you some they have spare.

    level 121 at the moment and the repeat you have to do 4 times for 1%. I look at anyone higher than me and wonder how the heck did they do it because i really dont feel like collecting 20 drops for that pitiful exp lol

    Yet the quest on the levels before gave 1% for 30 kills

    Angry hayreddin drops all gear pieces, top, helmet, pants, boots and jewelry

    Freloan is just weapons so your best one to farm is hayreddin

    West gate takes you to the pants boss and the store

    East gate to the helmet boss and Top boss

    Middle and both other routes take you to Hayreddin/Angry Hayreddin

    Hayreddin will always run away at about 40% hp

    I don’t want a transfer as I’m quite happy on pagel lol

    But I do have a follow up question

    if someone has 3 characters and their gems on pagel

    And say 1 high level on isya

    Are you saying there may be an exception for a transfer from isya to pagel

    But not pagel to isya?

    was just curious to ask since your post seemed to aim more towards not overcrowding isya and killing other servers

    I think pagel has got more active lately, so many shops this week

    I went on isya to check it out and it’s so crowded for my taste anyway lol

    if you enhance a +0 mount with a +3 mount (because you prefer the +0 mount design), the enhancement is carried over too

    If you have a +5 mount but prefer a new mount thats just been released, you can fuse your +5 with it to pass over the enhancement

    The unicorn mount has the same description of all other +5 mounts, but the cooldown and cast time is practically 0

    you can mount and unmount pretty much straight away

    Wizards have the aoe upgrades but warlock have the raw damage from wands

    Staff have better aim but warlock passive and aim scroll sort that

    Pretty even if you ask me

    Meteor crushes enemies before they can reach you if they are affected by novas slow travel speed so just based on that I’d lean towards wizard

    But again they are fairly close

    sharpshooter is all about speed on single target

    The dots do the main damage on aoe kiting

    Rangers have better raw damage due to crossbows so do more damage when kiting due to it just being skill spams, not auto attacking

    They are pretty slow at single targets, as they don’t get upgrades for aim shot and power shot either.

    So I’d lean towards ranger for solo kiting

    But having a sharpshooter in dungeons are dynamite with nature’s speed

    They just cut down bosses health lol

    Like carrying a mini Gatling gun

    alternative to gifting and getting scammed. Buy tradable items when they are on sale. 1 day war rants can go for like 3-4G each on pagel, depends on the demand at the time. HP extenders, charms also good, and you wont get scammed as its in game vendor.

    if you farm hardcore versions of dungeons, you get enhanced armor, which can be dismantled to Karis, which also sell for like 2 gold each. In Sirens castle for example, you can farm for 2 hours, and have about 30-40 karis at the end of it from greens that drop.

    not sure if a bug or glitch, but gods benevolence isnt showing to anyone but the caster since maintenance

    my party cant see the circle on the floor, they do get the buff and heal from it.

    on my HK i can see everything as normal, but nobody else can


    seems like all aoes affected, i cant see a mages aoe from my cleric, we cant see archers aoes from those characters.

    can all be seen by the user however


    Ok so seems you can't see anyones animations other than your own...

    After this patch, not sure if its a new bug but I died on my archer fully buffed and scrolled, so to save my scrolls I used a tear.

    However after reviving all my buffs and scrolls were gone, im sure the tear is meant to save them?

    cant bring myself to start over on isya

    Duo with my partner on Pagel xD

    feels empty most the time but I only need her with me anyway