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    I honestly wouldn't mind the revival of abyss. Abyss sould be given exp as well as item drop boosts imo. Not make it overpowered to the point where it's better than single quests but make it so with a pt it's better and faster than reps. That'll push grind sessions as well as making single or duo pvp persons of your level struggle to actually beat a team of 4/5. I think making abyss active would help in Fiesta's revival tbh. Just my 2 cents

    Absolutely abysmal what's currently going on in-game. I disconnect anywhere between 5-20 minutes. My guild members are having the same problem. My academy members. Did a KQ.. disconnect 4 times, nearly cost me my quest in the KQ. This is making the game unplayable. I've been playing for 8 years with long breaks in between, but it seems the next time I break might be permanent. Please don'y let this be the reason.

    I was long upset with the normal binning and occasional dcs. But it's now become laughable. This has to be fixed TODAY. Have the GMs attempt to play the game for an hour. <X