GT/World boss instants

    · GT relics should be nerfed to improve overall experience of GT

    · GT should have 1st-3rd place offering tiered rewards.

    · Rewards should include a tradeable gold key (7day) silver key (3day) bronze key (1day)

    · The keys will provide access to world boss instances and will allow access unlimited times for a party/expo during the keys effect time 7-1 day.

    · A warp gate should be made to host all areas required for boss raids to be used with keys won from GT.

    · Drops from these bosses will be the same as the standard raid.

    · Guilds who win 1st place will not be allowed to enter the following week after winning.

    · Guilds who win 2ed-3rd will be allowed to enter the following week.

    · Guilds players who win 1st-3rd place will be locked into guild until after signups for following GT are complete.

    Solo Farming/Single party

    · A single player/single party instance should be made to host monsters that will drop gear that is equal to larger scale expos.

    · Example Tears Marsh during 105 cap this area held 95 blues that were the best at that cap pre t5 enhancement. This area was farmable for a single player or party. Another example is Land of trial.

    · Making a new map like this for the current 135 lvl range as an instance would greatly increases quality of game play for players who do not fit into major guilds and might not be allowed into these guilds due to personal conflicts.

    · These would also allow Gamigo the opportunity of an SC sale to players who would not normally buy SC due to not needing the bonuses.

    · Example of a 135 instance could be tears marsh recolored with a recolored hell dragon as the elite monster spawn that would provide gear/acc/wep.

    · Gear dropped from this instance should be the same as the current 135 blue sets maybe rename like how the blues were in pvp KQ.

    In game currency sold in SC store

    · Gem/gold should be sold like SC in the cash shop.

    · This would provide players who cannot farm and vend to earn in game currency to buy gear.

    · This would benefit both Gamigo and players.

    · Gamigo is losing potential income to 3rd party gem dealers this is a massively common event even though it is against TOS.

    · Players have been scammed by some 3rd party gem dealers and have left the game effecting sales in the cash shop.

    · Players who are willing to spend money on in game currency are 10x more likely to be repeat sc buyers.

    · This would also stabilize the gifting rates in game by making them equal to the rate of the cash shops gem price.

    · Stability of the gifting price would keep server volumes up and limit players from swapping servers due to high gifting rates.

    · Example of this issue is Pagel server due to the increased rates of gifting and ability of players to keep up many players left the server.