I dont think a single of of you in this post know about OS days lol

    GM's worked for OS at the time we didnt have Volunteers

    Skins were in cash shop every month a dif skin

    No boxes for skins

    Enhancement rate was so so (we didnt have braces)

    SC items were not over powered like they are now.

    Hammers did not exist (Hammers ruined game)

    Farming was a huge thing and OS made sure to keep farming s a key point in game. Gamigo killed farming with hammers and forces you to charm to farm at high lvls. you cant gear at 135 without ether selling SC buying gems (black market) or farming on low lvl alts.

    I have offered multiple times and so have other players who have played this game since the start to give gamigo insight into how to fix the state of the game. gamgio does nothing but ban us and limit what we can say. you guys have a max of a year before uruga is a ghost town on isya even less if one of the current raiding guilds quit and moves to another games.

    Server: Isya

    Character name: SEPHIR0TH

    Map: SK

    What is / was your problem: Missing stone vender and random Bin during Aoe's

    Info: The NPC at SK is missing she is needed to restone so I dont need to leave SK also SK still Bins players during AOE's and other attacks.

    Also I would like for hidden mine to be removed from the game so I dont have to do it anymore

    The workload 100% is being shifted the person who responded to my question wasn't even a staff member and had no clue about the Item/Issue I was having.

    I should not have to msg a CM to get an issue fixed when a ticket system is in place this statement alone shows that you have zero faith in your support team.

    The new people fielding the tickets send the same responses to everyone almost like they are scripted. And with the hacking issue everyone has gotten the same answer. So sell that lie to someone else. You guys are using this new system to shift the workload and its hurting the community. It was bad before due to staff bias but its worst now.

    U are kidding right Honey its 100% clear Gamigo doesn't care its clear based on new ticket system you guys dont care.

    also if someone losses all there stuff and really wants to play enough they will re gear and re spend money to do so. I have seen it happen multiple time.


    Okay, if that's what you want...may I ask why you are still playing then? Why is it that you have capped another character on Isya whereas you were capped and had a well stacked account on Pagel if you don't mind me asking? Just following your logic here, but pot calling the kettle black or Foot to Mouth as it were.

    Gamigo has their own agenda as does every business in this world. Gamigo can choose to listen or ignore us, regardless if we feed them currencies. Calm down a smidge and gain a bit of a level head, then feel free to carry on a conversation with us.

    LOL are you high lol you think I am worked up over a forum post lol.

    I came back just to help the guild I play 3 mins a day


    Shoosh! I doubt that, you've been a popular forum dweller longer than I have thanks to the Artist Corner. I'm just "infamous" because I usually end up attracting the Unwanted Attention from the senior staff and SOMETIMES getting the answers to our long stated questions. Plus, I'm a bit of a thorn in the side to a few staff members and quite a bit of the "elitist's". It's a gift...what can I say? I deal with people WAY worse than what is here on these forums, daily in real-time. Try settling a huge corporate agreement between two big-wigs and getting the deal of a's not easy, especially when one's a straight up cut-throat <insert your idea here> of a human oriented, but none-the-less.

    When I approach the staff, I approach them in a "novice" sense, to get them to understand what it is that's on the table, my proposal, and findings that would benefit BOTH or ALL parties involved. There is NO middle ground, just one flat plain of existence when I speak to the Senior Staff. They either approach the field, or keep on going and ignore what is on the table. That's pretty much how it is in the business world. If you don't have something to offer that will make better sense and profits, you're non-existent.

    LOL the staff doesn't care about you or any of us if you think a word of what you say even stirs so much of as a small convo with the volunteer staff you are crazy. these GM's have little to no input in anything.

    I mean you guys talk about perm stated items that would hurt profits for Gamigo I think the last perm stated item was the bronze crown if I recall lol.

    best thing you and everyone could do is dont post on forums and stop buying SC and let them shut this game down