Lol why do people not understand that hammers are gonna be one of main reasons this game shuts down.

    Im one if the people who can buy hammers all day without issue. Its About keeping the game alive and farming was a huge part of the game thats now gone.

    Fiesta was once a great place the servers were full the community was active and vocal we had dream and motivations friends and guildies we cared for. We worked together and enjoyed a booming in game economy that was steady and allowed anyone to do well if they just provided the effort. But we lost it all are servers have turned into ghost towns the single remaining server has a broken economy new players are almost unheard of. Can this be fixed can the game ever grow back to what it once was yes but Gamigo/staff needs to do a 180 and needs guidance. The direction should be fiesta first and all of its citizens it can be fixed we can get back on track. Every single item of new content provided has had one greedy direction that has done nothing but drain the pockets and life of the community.

    Money can be made for Gamigo and the game can be saved but well planed and well directed actions need to be taken.

    All the game needs is pay vs play balance

    Hammers should be removed 100%

    Solo farming needs to return the last solo farming was the 105 cap

    Single none expo farming needs to return TOG isnt bad but the system is flawed and the gear is 2+ years old

    GT need a massive revamp

    SC items need a massive overhaul/nerf

    Items like skins should be in store to buy not as an item to gamble on.

    In game cheats should be taken much more serious by gamigo the game is still being hacked and exploited to this day even after the massive amounts of fixes done 3-5 months after the issues were brought up to gamigo

    A real world boss such as Karen during the 105/110 cap (pre nerf 115 cap) She required multiple guilds and effort to be killed.


    I would like to see this map available as a normal map with mobs for all levels. Mobs don't attack unless attacked, are hard to kill, and give a lot of exp. Or just a place for people to hang out or vend, thus clearing out town maps for those doing quests and such.

    Personally, I like the hammer try reset. I'd rather buy them than do a KQ though. I have wanted an item like that for a very long time. Was hoping they would do a free hammer reset on all items once a year or something.

    I doubt hammers would kill the game. Not with the high chance of ugly stats after 10 tries. A lot of gear had to be NPC'd after using hammers due to this. I see a lot of +10 gear going for almost nothing because 10 hammers didn't help

    are you dense ? Hammers have already killed farming as a whole lol. Why do you think hammers were changed from unlimited trys to 10 think before you make silly statements


    Ill defend HoneyTeddy slightly she made that thread to kinda give us a place to vent most of the time post are just delete. I know my post get delete all the time I am sure she was just trying to give us breathing room.

    Now I just need her to send me her address and I can send her a new pc and she can come to another game and play with me and the other OG's who quit this Honorable game

    You guys know this game is on the edge right almost zero incoming new players and a massive number of ppl quitting.

    Gamigo is gonna take every last dime they can get until the game has nothing left. If Gamigo wanted to turn things around they would have pulled members of the community long ago and made a think tank and fixed the game. myself and others have laid out the guide to what needs to be done and it has been ignored.

    No ETA but its on table good to know

    I have made multiple post on why this game has gone down hill and why players lost faith but you honestly don't care or cant do anything to make a change for multiple reasons Staff/cost/understanding of a code that was not written by gamigo

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH patches are not hard for other company's I play a game that has 100% more content then this game and every patch they put out is spot on quality of game play is amazing. just be real gamigo doesnt care about this game stop trying to milk the community for what money you can. you say apply to be a bug tester abd bla bla you guys don't want vocal ppl on staff you want drones.

    I have offered multiple times to explain issues to you guys and you have delete my post when servers were being reset every hour I could have gave you the info on what was doing it. The text glitch was such a basic way it took you guys over 3 weeks to figure out how the servers were being reset remote by a single person without the text glich.