Lol I feel like most of people on this forum think it you dont agree with then its cuz you hate idea.

    I play game that have working good system and 10’s of thousands of active players vs fiesta that has 200-300 max.

    This game is barely floating and you guys wanna add something that would kill it.

    you have zero understanding of the game lolol

    Hmm if it's solely because of money why not just don't allow it to be moved back at all? That would be best.

    I'm not going to sugarcoat the fact Gamigo is a business, has working staff and needs money to survive as a business, pay its staff and fund its game servers (among other expenses). But that's only part of the reason.

    I will ask and see if this is possible.

    LOLcuz if you guys didnt allow it you would risk losing more ppl and income so ya it is all about money

    You dont even play the game enough to understand the market lol no one farming vs say 2007/08 hammers 100000% have hurt this game (not profit for gamigo)

    Actually its because of how much people claim to spend on this item to acquire it that it was given an exception. Some spend more some spend less but we've all heard the horror stories.

    I have not heard of cases of moving this cross account. I will check with our CM about that and this issue.

    No the reason this item is even given an option to move back into prem inv is cuz it offer gamigo a sale other wise items like the Onyx crown would be allowed to be moved back into prem. be real with them repair kits gen income for gamigo thats the only reason other wise you guys would allow more items

    LOLOL you just dont get it go back to school you need it

    It seems that YOU didn't understand what Sephiroth wants to say. If you buy a cheap bad-statted gear, hammering and reselling, YOU ARE NOT this? Means that even the bad-statted ones will turn into good ones, and that's why people will eventually stop farming, because there will be an easy way to have more godly items. Got this at least? If farming was the only way to get really nice (or even godly) gears, then EVERYONE would farm for those. Hammers provide a really passive gameplay, that makes many people to avoid the farm and to simply try their luck, just by paying for sc. Sephiroth wants to clarify the meaning of hard work and hard grinding JUST to have high chances of a really nice weapon/gear. Did you understand that now?


    Also understand I am not saying this cuz I farm all day I myself have zero issue spending money I just dont think its the way this game should be and it effects the game negatively

    A new all-inclusive KQ was a nice idea, but please do not release new content without giving serious considerations to possible exploits like rangers' hide. Also, I think KQs for higher levels (Bijou/Collisio) being revamped/adjusted should have been prioritized. There are too many capped players who are sick of raids that came out years ago. A quick scan of prices of capped items and comparing them to even 3-4 months ago should tell you something, and there are literally people who log just for 5-10 minutes of SK and log off.

    I play 2-4 mins a day max