organise us. I’m being serious I’d actually waste charms etc to try and get it down for the kicks

    I mean I dont personally wanna do the whole server thing you could come cuz you fam but I don't much wanna invite a a guild of ppl who are crying about a boss being hard on the discord cuz they want a tank and spank.

    This needs to be hotfixed. Ok, maybe the problem is number of people at world bosses, but you have to consider lag and bins that go along with more and more people, especially the knockback and aoe mechanics from SK. This seems like another idea that was quite there but was ruined by poor execution/finalization.

    no this should be left alone its a challenge its what this game needs.

    It can 100% be done

    your test group was to small you also tested baseline wrong

    Dont farm condors, because license doesnt add global +5%. Its a crit bonus which works only vs mob. Was tested by me, and later confirmed by GM team. So its a scam, meant to fool ignorants who not aware.

    Trust me as someone who has more exp with fiesta and its code then any member of the staff that crit is global you ever notice the staff has never posted how they came to there findings. I have hours and hours of testing done and I am telling you it works.

    Thats all you fiesta doent use GPU its all CPU

    why would I type a book only for you to miss understand the plot.