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    Very situational but I still agree with you

    For PvE, you don't really run around chasing mobs all the time other than mostly KQs. Everything else in the game however has less mobility than my grandma.

    Just sit still and smash keys. Very exciting

    As for PvP..Well it is extremely annoying. For a spectre especially is almost impossible to catch a mage or archer.

    Not to mention the pointless long animation on some skills that ironically drop your DPS

    That is certainly the better move. The game actually has some decent content but it is often forgotten or just flat out a waste of time to do.

    Some classes are currently useless (Knights topping the list for years).

    There is in my opinion far too many quests and the whole leveling system need a rework. It is one of the most boring aspect of the game.

    Can't understand why one needs to do many quests and spam repeats to level up. I see no harm in making it easier.

    It is much better to make the leveling fast so you get to know the class faster and potentially level up to cap then start a new character with a different class.

    I always believed that quests should be used to show the players what the game has to offer, not shove it in their faces and force them to go through it countless times for hours.

    I rather have quests with a different purpose than experience. For example. If you have done 10 quests in roumen, then you get access to a new NPC which wasn't available at the beginning of the game. And that new NPC could for example give you accessibility to the next town via the Towns Portal else you have to walk to the town or use Town scrolls.

    Things like that which gives meaning to quests other than exp and level up are far better in my opinion.

    That will simply shift the players from Isya to Pagel and result in them losing money. Nobody in their right mind is willing to do that.

    NPC selling SC items is not a solution and probably will never be without having a major impact on the game overall.

    Also, there are 2 other servers that are considered dead, not just Pagel.

    The solution must encourage players to move to these servers without affecting the overall sale. If you can come up with such solution there is no reason for Gamigo to not implement it.

    What I suggested doesn't effect sales majorly. I probably will still pick up a rant because 300% is better than 200% drop rate.

    As for charms, people will still buy them because it saves time. Weaker mobs will save time but using charms against weaker mobs is even better.

    KQ requirements has no impact what so ever. it is just annoying to have these requirements to begin with. It isn't an important change but will put KQs as a leveling option for these dead servers.

    As I said before, Pagel holds no attractive advantages right now.

    For returning players or new ones, Isya is the place to go. Simply hiding the population status of course won't solve the issue. Logging to a dead server is kinda obvious and hard to hide.

    Originally from Pagel but playing on Isya right now says it all.

    No reason for me to go back to Pagel and suffer with non existing market, solo'ing quests, giving up on kingdom quests, unable to farm or do dungeon because of their difficulty/Party requirement and maybe not being able to complete a raid.

    Non of that sounds exciting really. Something that could make me go back is a big advantage.

    150 or even 200% permanent EXP and drop rate boost, not sure if this is possible but maybe a server-specific mob strength reduction, and remove kingdom quests' requirements.

    Easier mobs and better drop rate will definitely make me play there as soon as such things implemented.

    Actually being rich isn't even the issue here. I got more than enough to gear a whole account from 1 to cap.

    The problem is drop rate as mentioned.

    I'm inactive for about half a year now, but when I was playing I would just farm every time I got the chance to.
    Because of that I ended up with ton of gears for many different levels. I had to make many accounts just to use as a storage.

    Now that sounds. Well it isn't actually. This is the result of months of farming for hours nonstop.

    Here is where the problem scales up.

    The stats make 80% of the drops undesirable. Nobody wants to buy a piece of gear with terrible stats let alone enhance one. They rather be gearless than buy that terrible piece.

    Which means, I would make a lot of money for a single piece of gear with amazing stats but all the other gear with terrible stats just sit and collect dust in my storage.

    So, not only the gear are hard to obtain but it is very likely that you end up with something terrible once you actually get a drop.

    This makes farming feel unrewarding. It is no longer rewarding when you see something drop because you are most likely expecting something that won't sell.

    Also, the way the game is heading is driving players away. No one wants to invest money to farm something in a group and wait forever to get what they want.

    Not to mention that there is always the possibility that the person incharge would just walk away with all the drops which happens more than one would think.

    Surely I wasn't online during the whole past 10 years of the game's life but I was around to see the changes that took place.

    The market was at its best when dungeons were doable by a single person. Level 20 to 90 dungeons are my favorite.

    I don't have a proof of this but I would bet that the game popularity started to drop ever since gears became farm-able only by parties, groups or guilds only.

    Foundation is flawed but that isn't a reason for the poor popularity.

    Isya is doing just fine with the same foundation.

    The main reason is that when a new player (If any) tries the game, they probably wouldn't choose a low population server.

    What's the point of playing MMO if you're playing on a dead server?

    Like I said, there is nothing to gain by playing on Pagel.

    The least they can do is make something special on the server to pull people in. What can you possibly do other than that which would revive the server?

    Starting fresh will just turn it to Enid and we can see how that one turned out.

    Pagel died because pvp focused players choose to go there and so the economy started to die since nobody wanted to farm.

    "Why farm when I have money and drop rate is so bad?" Mentality. Justifiable. Nobody wants to waste their time for little to no reward at the end. Everyone was rich but they couldn't use their money.

    They went for pvp but because most people were in one of two sides, once a side isn't there then the other is just sitting there bored which killed the pvp as well.

    Lack of competition in raids and having what you needed out of it meant that it is just a waste of time and money for you to keep on doing it.

    Then cap raise happened and many players came back for a while. But once again quitted after they have gotten to max level and the gear they needed.

    They rushed it thinking there would be a competition over the new raid but there wasn't really.

    It is not entirely the players's fault. There was no progress in term of content for months if not years.

    Once you have reached the maximum level and geared up your character there wasn't much to do after that.

    Not to mention everything required a team. A solo player can literally do nothing. Dungeons were impossible to solo and there was no an alternative to be productive. Power-leveling used to be a popular choice but once it got flooded it lost its value.

    It can be fun to play in a party but if everyone joined for profit then it probably isn't there. Even if something valuable dropped which is extremely rare, spiting the profit left you with very little to use in an overpriced market.

    To save people's time if they choose to not read this wall of text.

    Main causes of this problem

    1.Drop rate

    2.Everything requires a party

    3.No competition

    4.slow release of content

    The problem is that some things are designed to be done with plenty of people which isn't weird considering this is an MMO.

    For example. Doing raids. Even if I managed to gather the left over population of Pagel it probably won't be enough to get things done.

    Players getting treated equally across servers even though the servers aren't equally healthy is weird however.

    It is extremely common to see new/dead servers getting some advantages just to pull in players until its population is healthy again.

    Asking what these advantages are? Well, you experiment. There is no answer for this.

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