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    Im not agree, it'll be like buying experience, we have enough with plvlers...

    You know what also is the difference between plvling and this?

    They are forced to start making low tier items which you can't find in the market right now and sometimes not even in the academy rewards.

    This will indirectly help newcomers


    Not to mention that people will start to actually pick the random monster drops which will lead to stacked inventories and higher sale for Iron case

    Not that odd. It helps with the playability of the character. Tricksters only have a few of these skills and it hurts the playability, makes it feel clunky and slow.

    Speaking of ODing or not. I think Spectres should be buffed to give them even more damage then they already have. If they are supposed to be a PvE glass cannon and straight up suck in PvP, they should at least easily be the best single target damage dealer in the game.

    jaewaie for president?

    Couldn't agree more on this

    I'd like to suggest that when you successfully make something, let's say tier 1 elrue, you get some exp as well.

    E.g, tier 1 elrue would give 35 exp for each successful attempt. If you make 10 elrues then you get 350 exp.

    The only reason DT was "challenging" back in the day is the same reason why some might consider DDT to be challenging now

    The level limit is reasonable and people attempt it with no charms.

    If DT is actually done by lv8x now then you will find out that the drop rate isn't so bad either.

    Also, if you were to charm back then, DT would've been a joke too then we're back to square one.

    You cannot possibly expect a challenge while using charms without making it unfair to people that cannot use them or spam them everytime they do the dungeon.

    Well if you can explain to me the reason behind gamigo making charm one purchase per week then I'll gladly accept your claim of taking out the charms being stupid. Sure you cannot completely take them out suddenly that's why they thought of taking them out gradually.

    Actually.. the game is balanced around enhanced gears not charms.. But you wouldn't know that of course since you don't wanna bother trying things without using charms.

    All raid bosses can easily be done with a single party and no charms what so ever. This includes SK the most recent.

    It does take time but isn't that what challenge entitles? Or do you want a challenging dungeon that ends in 2mins?

    People want things to be challenging but refuses to stop using charms and when things get too difficult they complain about it being unfair and charm-dependent. Just like how ToG and majority of 13x content was upon release.

    Try SC with a single party and no charms. 1 party dungeon that is challenging and I'll gladly give you a drop for every run you finish where you don't get drops.

    Though you don't want to stop using charms so that's on you.

    I'm thinking more SC/OC levels of difficulty or slightly easier

    55/75/85 etc were quite abundant in their day despite not being instanced and having a terrible drop rate (it's still terrible with 100% rants let alone 50%). I'd rather having content that is rewarding and challenging being gated by its difficulty than being less rewarding and being gated by its drop rate.

    Of course, having both is best and having either is far better than how it is now where content is gated by needing 8-10 players and not being rewarding at all

    So what happened to these sets? Magically disappeared after flooding the servers as you claim?

    Also the drop rate was actually decent ages ago before even 100% rant was a thing which adds even more towards what I said

    I like SC and that's because I can solo it from start to finish.

    OC? Not really.

    While I love the fact that it has 100% drop rate I just don't enjoy the dungeon itself.

    If you want challenge then try the game without charms.. It really is do'able and challenging.

    What you're asking for is a more charm hungry dungeons where you need to waste 10 to 20 people's time and money for low possibly of a single drop.

    I can tell you with all the confidence in the world that the majority hates that.

    The problem is far beyond buying SC.

    Even buying regular items. You put in the item and they put the money, both sides lock the trade so you're sure of how much he's paying and he's sure of what item he's getting.

    However, it is possible that he remove the money even after the trade been locked.

    That's the problem I'm referring to. Can't expect everyone to be aware of this problem and the ways to avoid it.

    How about you guys suggest ideas for future KQs

    Saying they don't care doesn't help even if it's true.

    "They don't listen" Well they surely won't if that's all people say.

    Personally I don't have any idea for KQ and nor do I plan on doing this one.

    I do like the drop rate and exp boost. I only wish it was higher.

    It's much better to make solo'able content and work on rebalance so clerics, knights and other classes with terrible dmg can solo.

    Also it is actually statistically better for pve content to be easy than hard. I would gladly provide at least 7 popular mmo games which has this but that's not allowed on forum but you can do that yourself, not hard to find.

    The server will not get flooded with gear. I've been playing on and off since 2007 and despite dungeons being solo'able at that time, gears weren't really flooding the server.

    Just look at lv55, 75, 85, 95 gears. Why isn't the server flooded with them? They didn't get any less only more and less people are using them.

    12 years not enough to flood the server with these gears? Or do you want it to be rare like cards? Where only handful of people collected all of them and majority gave up because of how impossible it is to get some cards despite the content being released years ago.

    You know what's flooding the server? 135 gear. Have you ever thought why that is?

    Being easy to get doesn't mean it will flood the server, far from it. That's a naive way to look at things.

    There are many things effecting this.


    You could even re-use recoloured/larger mobs from lower level content and add slightly different mechanics to them. There's a lot of good content already in the game that nobody is playing because it isn't relevant anymore. Just make it relevant and keep the game moving.

    "The players don't care in principle that you've reused content they expect it, but they care if they can notice it". Magical quote of Chris Wilson

    Actually the system is flawed. Yes you can avoid being scammed by not trading and just using vendors but you can't possibly expect people who don't know about this scam to do that.

    Trading should be secure. Once you put in the money you cannot take it out but that isn't the case.

    You cannot blame someone for not knowing all the methods of scams on a game. Even devs don't know half of these methods.

    I have a giant list of bugs and prepared to report as soon as the 5 I reported gets fixed which they seems to have a hard time doing.

    Victims are innocent and they are excused.

    However if they knew such scam is going on and still fell for it then they have only themselves to blame.

    First word of that says "Depends"

    Not sure how you missed that one

    and I listed the conditions on which a spectre fail to od a glad. Also not sure how you missed that part.

    Not to mention that I said it is NOT a reliable and accurate test.

    Not all glads are equal but I am equal to myself. Some glads are better than others that's a fact.

    I did od some glads and failed to so do against others as well.

    You can call me out if I boldly said spec can od glads.

    If you wanna generalize then Spec cannot od glad. That simple.

    I still do believe Trix OD any class. PVE wise my 60T can OD any class in md hc. My spec can OD at DQ and COC. I did ML normal last week and a spec OD 4 glads. Others kqs, Trix would be more of a support class just to help stun/ice the mobs like HRW kq.

    Animations. I don't see a problem with animations. First off y'all complained about harsh blow and soul trap doing m.dmg now y'all saying animations too long. I think they're fine as is. I collect souls just fine w.o harsh blow

    I would love to see what kind of tests these were that you can come out and say it with confident that spec can od glads.

    How many runs? How did the glads play? (A glad that doesn't know how to play the class and constantly full hp or not) and did they have the same SC?

    Probably one of my most accurate tests were in OC since it's just bosses, done it many times with different glads, and I can tell you that spec comes nowhere near a good glad.

    As for DQ, I mentioned that spec get aggro easily (And if you think not then you are just talking nonsense) and then you get spam stun by karen, can't possibly see any spec OD'ing a glad at DQ not a chance.

    Don't see a problem with the animations? You really have a spec lol? or you just borrowed your friend's for 10mins?

    They have one of the longest animations out of all classes. Your dps straight up drops when you use some skills so you're better off spaming skills with quick animations.

    The sets effects need to be looked into. So many weird and useless effects that makes no sense.

    Also, about the buffs. I really don't think their buffs do anything really. I think one of them makes you take slightly less DOT damage which is barely noticeable really.

    Solo farming at high lvls needs to return this game worked best during the 105 cap event he 110 cap mal and lab were a very good balance but that was the end of solo farming. and lets be honest solo farming reduces SC spending that's why larger expos have become a thing

    Said this many times and I still stand by it. Solo'able content needs to return.

    Can't force players to play with others even if its an MMO.

    You collect souls on a target, but once you switch to other targets before the original target dies and you try to collect souls on it. You will lose whatever you had on the first target.

    And no I don't find it ironic that fighters get attack speed buff while tricksters don't.

    Tricksters don't need attack speed, they need shorter animations and being able to cast skills while moving.


    I build my spectre to maximize damage. Full str, full dmg/crit suits (Just like glads) skin and whatever else you can think of I have done.

    It would take me like few hits to take aggro and never lose it.

    In DQ for example, karen would spam stun. If it was a glad then you could do 2 or 3 skills between stuns. As a spectre you can only get 1 or 2 skills off because of the long animation. Then naturally glad od spectre

    If it's in ToG, where mobs don't stun even if i get aggro then I usually od glads

    Not a reliable test however. As it is a small sample and no big variety