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    Because unlike other MMOs where blue is the same for everyone, it is more about the stats on that piece of gear than its grade.

    Some archers tend to use lv58 green pants for example.

    I'm not sure if there is a mechanic behind it but the green drop often has better average stats than the blue one.

    So with 2 to 3 drops in 10mins that's just for the dice roll of getting a blue, you still have the second stage of RNG which is the stats.

    Also, the fact that the base stats (def, m.def, evasion) for blue gears is the same even on a different blue set of the same level is strange to me. Why isn't one evasion favored while other is def, m.def? It sounds simple but that literally allows player to choose what build they want to make just like an action RPG game. That also puts a different values on these blues of the same level

    When I started farming DDF, it was exciting to get a drop whatever it was. Now, not so much. Because I know that it will most likely have stats that aren't desirable.

    Which makes blue gear not really that special.

    4 hours is a short session? Can't imagine the long one then.

    While drop rate is a problem it isn't the main reason behind the game's declining population.

    In my opinion, it is the lack of fun activities.

    What do you do when you get bored of "Combat" activity? You either setup a vendor or afk. There is nothing else do.

    Crafting system is meaningless as you can get all items through other easier methods. Also, the activity of collecting the material needed to craft something as brain dead as it might seems could be fun for only a couple of hours. After that it gets boring quickly as there is no reward for doing it. You could get a "rare" jewels drop which are very bad honestly.

    Working on cards collection is fun initially but then you give up because it just takes way too long to get the card you need. I don't personally think these should be considered to be rare. Why? The simple fact that you went out of your way (stopped questing) to do a raid or kill an elite mob to get the card. Raiding isn't mandatory and cards system should be a way to make the player experience what the game has to offer that isn't tied to the main storyline.

    Farming dungeons to work on your perfect set of gears is just a mindless activity and you only get a kick out of it when you get something that is better than what you already have. Not to mention that when you finally get the gear you always wanted, there isn't much left to do. PvP is unbalanced and end-game content is rather easy to do even without these gears.

    Finally, players suggestions and feedback are often looks to be ignored even if it isn't really the case. I have reported many different bugs and glitches which are being abused and the way to do these bugs in hope that it will get patched quickly.

    Well first it doesn't get patched quickly and second, I don't get a feedback on my report. Yes I'm aware that you read my report and will be considered in future patches but I never get any update on it.

    You just hope to see it in the patch notes one day. I no longer have faith when reporting such things, as many are forgotten and that made me quit doing it which isn't really my loss but the game's developers but they seems to not notice that.

    I reported a simple typo months ago, was told to provide unedited full screen shot (I provided a screenshot of the quest log highlighting the typo) but nevertheless was told that this will be forwarded to the developers. How hard is it to fix a typo?!

    There have been countless ideas and suggestions to make the game better. The possibility to see SC items bar like scrolls and buffs is one of these ideas.

    Despite a heavy community agreement of implementing such function, it took so long to do it and they didn't even do it right.

    Last thing I want to say is that Players are more passionate about making the game better than the developers are. We have nothing to lose but despite that some stick around hoping that you will listen and start communicating. Developers only want the game to do better ultimately for their pay checks even if they said they love the game.


    That wasn't what I meant. PvE can be just doing kingdom quests, dungeons, or raids. It doesn't have to involve levelling up.

    While there are many players who are cap at the moment, I cannot say the majority are capped as I know quite few people that are struggling to even hit 120.

    Also, some choose to stick to some levels like 120 because there are more dungeons to farm compared to being cap.

    The majority are doing PvE in terms of raids, dungeons, KQs,..etc

    Just simply compare the number of players in battle zone with the number of people you see in towns, and combination of the other maps. Not many players interested in PvP.

    Which is why I focused on balance issues related to PvE.

    I encourage you to make a poll to see which aspect of the game does the community rather see get the focus of the development.

    Better drop rate, easier questing and levelling on some classes, putting some classes on the map like knights and tricksters, and dungeons balance.


    PvP balance for all classes.

    I can make it myself but from experience people tend to dismiss such results because it wasn't done by a member of the staff

    Zao The reason I mentioned PvE balance is because that is the main activity for the majority of population. I know many players that don't PvP at all but I have yet to meet someone that doesn't do any PvE. They at least do raids, or setup a vendor in most cases.

    A balance between both PvE and PvP at the same time is quite difficult thing to do. I personally rather get PvE balance over PvP.

    For example. If I played a knight, I couldn't careless about not dealing damage to other players. However, I would care about other classes taking my role as a tank or not being able to hold aggro.

    While you might think fixing the PvP balance is more important but the result of a dual is usually the same over time. Then the player that is losing might realise that he needs gear with better stats and that's when he hits the PvE wall.

    Drop rate is terrible and dungeons are poorly balanced and many classes loses their value.

    Zao My experience about the game balance which I believe should be relevant to you and this topic.

    A wall of text. Proceed at your own risk!

    To simplify it for you.

    Have your spectre and glad do ToG or OC.

    Best dungeon for most accurate testing.

    Then tell me if the spectre still OD the glads when you finish the dungeon by comparing the total damage values at the end.

    Also, lookout for who holds the aggro the most.

    It might not be written but I have done my part and tested

    Once you have done that, come and tell me the name of the game again lol.

    But of course you won't bother so may as well keep it entertaining here and keep posting


    Pretty sure the same moron from 2010 that spread that PvP skill turn into PvE is doing it again lmao

    Just ask your glads if they know the attack patterns of any boss and see what they say.

    Many people don't even know such things because they think just because you cannot dodge then its pointless info.

    You saying they are top on the server? Then they're probably bad

    You don't need high damage to hold aggro.

    The fact that you don't even know and trying to argue about that speaks to how little you actually know.

    All skills have aggro, it's just not written on it because it doesn't add much for people that play reaper or any class that doesn't benefit from holding aggro

    A cleric's heal has aggro, and it doesn't deal any damage.

    There is your answer.

    Now my question is. What makes the glads you speak of any special?

    Winning PvP doesn't mean you will do well in PvE. Works other way around too.

    Spec cannot OD a gladiator. I have no idea who even think they can. Have you tested it? Do you even have a spectre?

    Gladiator is king and nothing can outdamage it right now.

    Simply buffing world bosses to deal more damage still isn't enough for knights to be relevant. They cannot keep aggro, therefore can't even tank even if they wanted to.

    That will also create imbalance between free players and paying players. Currently the game is do-able from start to finish with just enhanced gears.

    Charms, extenders and all that fancy stuff aren't needed.

    To make knight viable, you either nerf damage-dealers classes defence, or slowly remove charms and extenders or at least weaken them till gladiators can no longer tank.

    I don't believe there is a "short period" after a skill finishes..

    It's more that the skill itself has some pointless empty time at the end so it creates this clunky feeling.

    A good way to come around this, is to shorten the duration of the skill while maintaining the same animation speed.. basically hiding the emptiness in the animation.

    However, a shortcoming of this is that the impact timing won't match the visuals. This could be a temporary solution while they work on other things or maybe rework the animation from scratch


    As I mentioned, it helps when you list your reasoning and I do understand and agree that security is a higher priority.

    Now what happens when you decrease the cast time? Does it revert back to normal while keeping the animation check system in place or it messes up the system?

    Does the system apply to mobs as well? Because they will keep their regular DPS while player loses theirs which is a problem.

    On the point of getting more damage so enhance your weapon.

    Enhance your armor and your HP will be more effective which means needing less heals.

    Kinda shot yourself with that one but anyway.. everything is doable without a cleric so doesn't really concern me when it comes to balance.

    Before I make any suggestion or give feedback on the new system, I would love to know the reasons behind the system.

    Why is making the game more static is the better move? Once your side of the story is revealed we will either be more understanding or will add fuel to the fire by making it sound you don't even play the game and it was just a shot in the dark.

    Animation doesn't change much in term of balance. Players will just feel more tanky because there is less DPS overall.

    Now all stuns are less efficient too. There will be 0.5 second between any skill.

    I wonder if this is the part that is basically forcing every class to wait till the end of the skill animation in order to cast the next skill (?)

    I haven't had the chance to test yet but so far the complaints I've read do not make me very confident about this new system

    I wouldn't say wait until animation is done. More like animation is done + 0.5 sec

    Feels so static and awful but all classes are effected.

    When someone consider themselves the best. Good to know.

    The game has no dodge mechanics to justify "use everything at the right time". May as well use it since you will get hit regardless.

    When it comes to pvp, it's all about who lands their stun. If you managed to use your ice on them you will be dancing around for 2 secs while they're iced until you can start collecting souls.

    No they can't kill mass mob. You just pull and kill one by one. Not really complaining about that, some classes just don't have AoEs.

    Also, tricksters can't kite. If you consider getting the enemy aggro and having it chase you until all your cooldowns are up then all classes can kite which is wrong.

    >> Glad: No nerfs

    >>Knight: No buffs

    >>Cleric: Good stuff. Hopefully dmg is just as good.

    >>Archer: Don't think they need more buffs?

    >>Mage: About time.

    >>Crusader: Buff other supportive skills too

    >>Trickster: ???

    How about you start with glad next part? Fixing that class alone would literally make other classes relevant.

    You're right I was being aggressive I'll give you that.

    Results are based on the only populated server.

    You're more than welcome to back up my claim with an actual browser-based survey if you believe that is more validated.

    If I was part of gamigo then I wouldn't trust these most of the time as I didn't make them myself. But the voices of players within the game is an undeniable result.

    Also, Are you new to the game? Have you done any group farming before?

    Because a player would have an opinion on this matter in an instant since it is pretty much how the content is formed post-gamigo.

    Don't claim that you know the majority before you made surveys on all severs with a certain result.

    Plenty of roars and over 100 replies all recorded..

    I did share that on discord for a while until it was deleted by the modes.

    You done?

    Unless of course you disagree and you actually enjoy playing with full expo and waiting in line for ages to get a single drop.

    Which by all means you're free to do so

    Here's another way of looking at it..

    How many players actually uses crafting? Not many.

    It is a waste of time I can tell you that. You're better off grinding mobs, pick up the green drops and NPC them then head to lucky house.

    There is also friends points which scales up the issue.

    These make crafting system useless. Also, It takes 3 years to craft a single item and nobody want to buy alchemy book to craft faster. (Ironically you can get from LH)

    EXP is too much it removes 1-60 leveling? Not suggesting to give 90% EXP with every crafted item.

    Also, even if it removes 1-60 leveling here is something that benefits us all.. GOLD SINK

    Players will either grind up mobs and pick up the drops (More Iron Case sales for gamigo) OR buy the materials from NPC (Gold Sink)

    Either ways it's a win-win situation.

    and we'd still buy the iron case because there's THAT many different items we like to carry with us at all times. Plus alot of us have a bunch of perm stuff or at least sc items that we always have on us from vaults/lh/attendance/etc. We'd still need the room, not asking for 1000 but I'd be happy with an increase. When they upped scrolls and pots that was the most exciting maint in a long time..

    Just that alone lol..

    I stopped buying perm items just because my inventory can't handle it even with all bags unlocked.